Rumor: Nikon D800 instead of D700s/x

PhotographyBay received a tip that Nikon will not be updating the D700, but instead will release a completely new model - Nikon D800 with the following specs:

  • Video mode 1080p video recording (full HD)
  • High resolution 24.5 MP
  • High frame rate: 7 fps without battery grip (similar to D300s)
  • 51-area Nikon Multi-CAM 3500FX (same technology as D3X)
  • Expected to be released before the end of the year

At that point I do not have any reliable info on that rumor. All sources point that D700 will not be updated anytime soon. Maybe this really means a new D800 that could coexists with the  D700.

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  • gncl

    Sounds great. Hopefully not too good to be true.

    • DK Holland

      have said it before what is being stated here, but not this year, believe me. Q2.

      • Manolito

        Will a cmera like this kill D3X sales? Well, that’s what people said when the D700 was announced: who is going to buy the D3 now? Same sensor, same AF, almost same speed… it can even use the same batteries with the optional grip!

        But… there are still some differences (like the dual CF slots), and the D3 is selling well (for a camera like it), so I guess the same will happen again if a D800 comes: the D3X will still have its market.

      • DK Holland

        And the D3s does not compete with the Mark IV, that will be reserved for the D4 in Q2 or Q3. Cheers.

        • Chris B.

          This is a prime example of a very confused individual…

          • f/2.8

            borderline ignorant.

        • anon

          +10 lol.

        • BusinessProfessional

          Enjoy your 1D crop sensor IQ & all of your noise sir… Ha I love you folks!!!

  • WoutK89

    It is what I have been hearing/thinking of most! D700x, forget about it, they will add so much new features (the 3500FX was already in the D700, right?), they could as well name it D800. And like someone pointed out, there has never been a Dx00 with an X-version.
    D700s would be weird as well, since the D3s has been announced just a week ago, and if that features the same specs, that would kill sales of the larger body. 2010 is the year of bottom to top (D90 and up I suppose) renewal.

    Just curious, what are the rumors on a D90 successor so far?

    • no rumors for a D90 successor – probably in late 2010

      • Anonymous

        They probably won’t update the D90 until the D400 comes out (there’s no reason to have a D90s). So if the D400 comes out say late 2010, it’ll be mid-late 2011 before the D90 successor comes out.

        • mike

          I think he was asking about a D90 update, not successor; that is, a ‘D90s’. If it took more than a year from now, it would be pointless.

          • PHB

            Since the D90 has video already, the only reason to do a D90s would be to use the improved microlenses and get the ISO boost.

            It is really simple, if there is another run of D90 bodies before the line is replaced then there will be a D90s, otherwise there won’t. My guess is that there will be a D90s because there really isn’t that much else to update.

            I can’t see any point to adding 2MP to a 12MP camera, it is 10% extra on the linear resolution. For that Nikon would have to dump $1million minimum into a new set of sensor masks. And why introduce the D300s with the 12MP sensor and then a D8000 with 14?

      • catastrophile

        admin wrote : “no rumors for a D90 successor – probably in late 2010”

        there is never a shortage of rumors, here you are, D90 successor:
        D8000, late 2010, 14.* MP, no AF motor, swivel screen like D5000,only 720p but manual controls added to video, lighter and smaller than D90, hopefully by then Canon & Nikon will have realized that not having in-body IS is just too stupid.

        • Anonymous

          To hell these 14 MP! Not more than 12, I hope. I hope, Nikon has brain. And I think it has one. Because D3s also 12 MP. Very wise decision. And Canon doesn’t have brain. 🙂

        • Manny

          Doesn’t in body IS not work all that well with larger zooms? That’s what I’ve seen with the brands that offer it.

    • Don’t you think a D800 with 24mp and HD movie won’t kill sales of the D3s?

      • Bob Howland

        I doubt that the D800 will have the incredible low light capabilities of the D3s. I DO think that the D3x sales will be seriously injured, but then I’ve always thought that a high-resolution studio version of the D700 made more sense than a similar version of the D3.

        • D3x sales will not be hurt because there are not many in the first place.

          • Tony M

            My thoughts exactly. D3X has been slated as ‘overpriced’. Rather than drop pricing my guess is that Nikon would ‘reinvent’ it as a lower priced alternative – D800

          • PHB

            I don’t think the D3x is the camera that Nikon wanted to make. It is just the camera they had to come out with to stay in the game. The D3x price says ‘yeah we can make a 24MP camera that is as good as a Canon, but don’t buy it yet’.

            The D3x sensor is only ISO 1600, the D300 has the same sensor pitch but delivers ISO 3200, the D300s delivers ISO 6400.

            Now let us imagine that Nikon had a new sensor package that made a 24MP D800 possible all ready to launch. Why on earth would they then bring out a revision of the D3 instead of a D4? It makes no sense at all. Even if they were desperate to hit the Xmas market with the D800, it would surely launch with the D4.

            i guess it is possible that Nikon might do that, but I doubt they have the production line capacity to support making a D3s and D4 at the same time. Equally, the D300s has only just launched, I think it will be a while until they have a D800 production slot.

            Now what might be a small nugget of truth to this is that Nikon might commit its next Dx00 slot to the D800 rather than the D700s. But the D700 has been selling reasonably well and it is pretty clear that there will be demand for a D700s even with a D800 on the block. So a D800 does not necessarily mean no D700s.

            If they had the sensors available, Nikon would surely have launched the D4 and the D700s rather than a D3s and a D800. That way the D700s is the insanely high ISO body for specialist use, just like the D300s is the macro photography body for specialist use, and the D4 is the flagship camera with best of class performance.

          • Actually, the d3x has the same pixel pitch as the d60 and other 10mp sensors. Which is why the 1.5 crop mode is 10mp. A 1.5 crop sensor is slightly smaller than 50% the surface area of FX. Think about it this way, two 12mp dx sensors stuck together would have a higher pixel pitch (more dense pixels) than the 24 mp sensor.

            Based on pixel pitch alone, the D3x ought to have better sensitivity than the d300. However a bigger sensor also means more resistance which means heat, which means noise. Of course that’s if both parts were designed the same…which I’m sure they aren’t.

      • Dale

        The D800 wouldnt hurt sales of the D3s, because it wouldnt have the same super low light capabilities of the d3s sensor which puts the D3s in a catagory on its own with the mk4. it would basically be a 5Dii killer. because its does all the same things but with a few better specs like 51 point af and better build.

        • it will have, even better low light capabilities, same as D3x have but there are more important things for many photogs and resolution is only just one variable.
          Many photogs will prefer D3’s 11fps against 24Mpix, beside other things. Dual card support, viewfinder, available crop modes, no separate grip, etc etc.

      • Anonymous

        the D700 never killed sales of the D3. that’s 1980’s thinking. companies routinely upgrade models even if it eats some sales from an upper model. that or you go out of business.

    • fotosniper

      “there has never been a DX00 in a x version”

      and there has never been a dx00 in a “s” version either, untill now. D300s

  • Adam

    hmm, well maybe there is a first for everything? D700x and D700 to live together, D800 and D700 just sounds weird together, its like if you buy D700 you are getting an older camera. But with the D700x it sort of like, oh you get it cuz you want the higher res.

    • WoutK89

      Look at what Sony does, a850 is newer than the a900, ok they differ a bit, but still get what I mean? 😉

      • lifelion

        Sony a850 is cheaper than the D700 and feature image stabilisation. The D700 should not be more expensive than the a850. A better D800 with top features like 51-area AF or 1080p video could justify a higher price tag.

        • WoutK89

          Look around a bit more please, the 51-point autofocus is not new, already available in D700, D3(x+s)

    • f/2.8

      What’s weird about it? According to this rumor, the D800 is 24.5MP and with video. It is a different camera for a different market segment than the D700.

      The 5D2’s strong points are cheap MP and video. The D800 rumored here will more than match it except in the price category.

      • Adam

        and whats wrong with just naming it the D700x since it will just be another higher MP count and perhaps better IQ then the D3x.

        Now I dun think just adding video and little improvements makes it worth to be called the D800. The D800 should be something groundbreaking like how the D300 and D3 was 😀

    • Theodore Paradise

      It’s why the posting site version of the rumor doesn’t ring true to me. The posting site says that the D800 will “replace” the D700 according to their source. The camera described is not a replacement for the D700, no more than a D3x replaces a D3 – they’re very different cameras because of the sensor. Now, that could be sloppy paraphrasing on their part, but the way it’s been recast here is that the two will “co-exist” more believable, but that doesn’t help the Photography Bay version.

  • Adam

    And isn’t the D3x features the same AF system as D3 and D700?

    • Weston

      yes, and D300 I believe

      • WoutK89

        Nope, the D300(s) uses the 3500DX module, not the 3500FX 😉

  • Hor

    Sound good, so that i can expect 2nd hand cheaper D700 in the market. 😛

    • Weston

      Nikon refurbs occasionally come into Adorama for $2169

      • Anon

        What a rip-off, I got mine new for $2400. Thanks but $230 less to get someone else’s problem camera sounds bad.

        • Weston

          Yea, what a rip off, especially since they keep selling out and they have a warranty. Refurbs are always because its defective, riiiiiight.

          • Anony

            Maybe you’re a gull but don’t make this a rule for everybody. 9.6% off is hardly worth getting a used a camera for.

  • If this is true, this is exactly what I’ve been waiting/hoping for. I’ll love to see any other rumors as they roll in!

    • I hope they keep it w/ a Compact Flash card though

      • WoutK89

        I guess same as the D300s has, dual card slots, CF + SD 🙂

  • alex

    very unlikely.
    there’s no economic reason to do so.

    • gncl

      Yeah sure, no economic reason at all.

      Obviously nobody would buy a single one. This ‘D800’ with 1080p, 24.5 MP and 7 fps would be a total flop. Nikon would lose a fortune. Much wiser to hold back from that market sector, and watch Canon lose all that money on the D5 MkII.

      • Anon

        When Nikon wants to release D800, people complain. When they don’t, people complain.

        Bottom line: people suck.

  • Michael

    That would fill a hole in Nikon’s lineup. This would go head to head with the 5D Mark II. If it is priced competitively the sales should be good. A lot of folks want this.

    • KT

      If such a camera is released, fingers crossed, it most certainly won’t be priced competitively. Otherwise, who’s going to buy a D3x when an identical camera with the same set of features, probably with 1080 video as well, is out there for a third of the D3x price. Canon can afford to do this with their 1Ds mark III but I don’t see Nikon killing their cash-cow, the D3x in less than a year from its release. I’m almost certain it won’t sell for anything less than 5K

      • BillyBobJohnson

        The D3x isn’t a cash cow. The sales of it are minimal. It’s value lies more in terms of it’s status as the flagship.

  • shivas

    game changing!!

    But it’ll be steep. . . in between the D700 and D3s? So $2500 and 5000. . .priced around $3799??

    The D3x sales would get killed though. . .I think fps will be slower to allow the D3x to continue to hold “reign”

    • mike

      I think the admin’s reply below is on the money. It’ll be much closer to $5k. If the framerate were 3-5fps, I would believe $4k; 7fps@24Mp is a higher data rate than even the 1DIV, which is already substantially higher than anything Nikon makes.

  • Zenndott

    Price? That is a major question for me. Around $3500 and I would consider it, provided it also had good high ISO

    • Probably more than $3500 – otherwise they will cannibalize D3s/D3x sales (D3s for video, D3x for 24MP). I would not be surprised if they price right below $5000 and justify it by saying that this is a new line of DSLR. I am just guessing of course.

      • Pat

        I guess it will fall in a range of US$3999 to $4499. should cost slightly less than a D3, and 60% of what a D3X ask for.

      • Anon

        Another new line? Sound confusing and crazy to me. Busted.

      • GlobalGuy

        If it was more than $3,500 there is no way I would buy it.

        We know the price of a Canon 5D, we know Sony’s prices. We know what the other guys can do at what prices. And Nikon showed their hand with the D700 — which was widely popular by the way and very profitable — so we know what Nikon can do as well.

        NR Admin, you are in a position to help leverage influence for us — the consumer — please do not push prices upwards. Please be on our side and help to pull prices down. $3,500 is quite enough for a D300/D700 style camera!!

        • another anonymous

          nice from you, i also will like lower prices, but cannot agree that 24mpx d800 can be d300/d700 style camera even if i would enjoy such pricing

      • catastrophile

        my guess is that this D800 rumor is a false rumor expressing the wishful list of some nikon disappointee

      • Gérard Menthor

        How many D3x are sold???
        What is to cannibalize?
        If Nikon wants to cannibalize Canon 5d & Sony a900, guess the good D800 price ???

        • catastrophile

          Gérard Menthor wrote:”If Nikon wants to cannibalize Canon 5d & Sony a900, guess the good D800 price ???”

          there is a kind of balance between the current budget full frame cameras, each one of them misses one or two features deemed important by some. Sony’s lack LV , D700 is low res, 5D II’s autofocus leaves a lot to be desired. so in a way nikon doesn’t need to care about the lo res of D700 until sony and canon fix their own imperfections. and if a D800 as descibed materializes it is likely to be priced considerably higher than all the budget FF mentioned above, and when you think about how it will be priced compared to D3S, you find such a D800 doesn’t make sense at all, why would they upgrade D700 to 24MP if they kept the D3 @ 12?! a 24MP D4 + 12MP D700S would have made sense, not the other way round.

  • Macindows

    That doesn’t make sense! Why should Nikon release a camera which has better specs than Nikon D3x, put it into a smaller body and sell it cheaper? Nobody would buy a D3x anymore, am I right?

    • WoutK89

      You are right, but isnt that what technology is all about? Times change, and there is a need for high res high speed, with perfect timing after the announcement of the 1Dm4 being just APS-H 🙂

      • Casper

        I think it sound a bit weird too.
        Unless the D3s was really cheap to develop.
        To my knowledge: It’s the same sensor as D3 (only tweaked), it’s the same body, it’s the same video technology as the D300s – one guy at Nikon could have made this in a day (kiddin’ – it would of course take at least two days).

        So it seems like a good idea for them to release an old D3 with a shiny “s” on it, and then after everyone’s bought one they realease a cheaper, better camera that everyone also has to buy.

        Why spend too much time pushing technology, when they can milk people with minor updates?

        I might be wrong, but it wouldn’t surprise me if this was the reality.

    • jbl

      When you think about it, they did it before: D700.

      Nikon can do it because everyone who needs the D3x already bought it.

      If you think you need (note the word here: need) a D3x but you don’t already own a D3x, it means you are wrong and you don’t need (again, the word) a D3x.

      However, I agree with you, the specs are a bit excessive.

  • Exsqueeze me?

    C’mon… as much as I would love for this rumor to be true, can anyone identify a compelling reason to buy a D3s if these specs are true? I find it hard to believe that Nikon would release a camera two months from now that would render their other newly released camera obsolete. I hope I’m wrong.

    • BillyBobJohnson

      you are

      • Exsqueeze me?

        Do you have first-hand knowledge of my wrongness? Or are you just shooting from the hip blllybob? Please tell!

        • BillyBobJohnson

          Hipshot. Just doesn’t make sense. These specs are a fanboy’s wet dream.

          • Anon

            Man, the day I wet dream about a camera it will be time to think about suicide.

    • WoutK89

      Think about low light performance, there is your difference, and also, processing power and speed still differ last time I looked.
      1080p isnt the specification out there that would make pro’s consider ‘just’ a D800 instead of the D3s

    • thsi is exactly what i’ve been saying when people ask about this “camera” (really just a rumor) – nikon would basically have to do one of two things – charge 4g’s for it or make a D4s that does something so much better than any nikon currently out…

  • Michael

    Today at B&H the 5D Mark II is selling for $2700 USD, body only. It was higher when first released. I think if Nikon produces this and caps the price at $3500, it will compete with Canon and Sony. I don’t think it will hurt D3x sales, much if any. The buyers of the D3x are going to want all the Pro features, build and body that the D3x has to offer. The folks that would buy the D800/D700x would never pay $8000 for a camera anyway. This would get their purchase instead of Canon or Sony.

    Additionally, D3 / D3s shooters, just might decide that is something they can add to their kit for Hi-Res photos and not break the bank or budget for what they shoot. I really don’t think it will greatly impact D3x sales. I do think it will take some sales away from Canon and Sony though.

    Just my opinion.

    • Macindows

      Okay, but let’s say someone wants to buy a professional camera with 24.5MP. He would now have two options:

      a) Buy a Nikon D3x, 24.5MP, Weatherproof & rugged magnesium body, 5fps, No D-Movie, heavy, $8000.-

      b) Buy a Nikon D800, 24.5MP, Weatherproof & rugged magnesium body, 7fps (even more with MB-D10), 1080p D-Movie, lighter, $3500.-

      I think the decisions will tend to option b…

      • WoutK89

        I think the D3x was just to serve the crowd that needed high res and didnt bother to pay the premium at that moment!

      • jbl

        you’re right, the 7fps makes no sense, I told the guy who spammed this rumor in the forums yesterday…

        However, we can expect the viewfinder of the D800 to be inferior to the one in the D3x.

        • WoutK89

          That’s for sure, it has always been like that with little brother (or are they sisters?) cameras

        • In our NikonRumors forum? I must have missed that thread.

          • Admin, how trustworthy is this source on a scale of 1-10? Has it been correct in the past?

          • jbl

            YOU MISSED THAT THREAD ADMIN? The guy spammed SEVEN different threads with the same info (exact same info that you got in this blog entry) The threads were all old D700 upgrade conversations..

            Note: Spam is not the good word, but saying the exact same rumor copy pasted in 7 threads was a bit excessive.

            I’m actually very surprised to see this rumor here because in the forums we all thought that he was messing around.. I’m having trouble to believe the 7 fps.. I’d see more something like 4-5..

            Macindows: Good name by the way… To answer your question, I’d say this info is probably not trustworthy…. (but I actually have no idea so this is just a wild guess)

          • jbl

            His name is alan_hyatt06

            by the way admin… I think it’s time for you to refresh the forums… we need some forum tools like quoting and all you know.. These things are everywhere now so you gotta follow and add them. There’s a lot of work to do on the Nikon Forums and I’m sure your site would benefit of more traffic if you added these things.

      • Michael

        There IS a difference in the D3(x/s) class than than the D700/D300 bodies. The pro bodies are better and more weatherproof. When you add the grip, built in flash, etc. you lose some of the weatherproof abilities.

        The D3(x/s) class bodies are built like a tank, the D700/D300 bodies are well built, this is for sure, but they are Not as good as the Pro bodies for hard action, in the field type work. People seem to think so but they are not.

        No matter what a lot of people think, there is a reason that there are multiple bodies, they are for different markets. They all share a lot but they are not all the same. The D700 while it is an excellent camera and can do most of what the D3 can do is not a D3. There are reasons there is this notch in the lineup, it is not all price.

      • John

        no, you forget the 5d mkii (just looking at the specs of course not counting the factory flaws….)

  • Kay Burn Lim

    PLLLLLLLLLLLLLLeeeease let this be true!

    Given how much a D3x costs, I would be happy to pay in the high $3000 / low $4000 range for this

  • Alex

    You are kidding right ?
    I just received my D700 YESTERDAY !!!!!!!

    • Eli

      And? Did it stop working yet?

      • Anon

        I guess suddenly it started taking crap photos.

        • Alex

          Well, I did not have a chance to try it yet !

          • another anonymous

            test in piece, some rumours bring us funny long comment section only

    • Cem

      D700 is great camera. Enjoy it, dont look back. You wont need 24.MP or a video. Video is a new toy of DSLRs this year.

    • John

      its going to be a different level of a camera, not a d700 update…

  • ian

    d800, it makes sense.

    they will prob price it between 3.5 – 4k

    that way it won’t compete with the d3s or the d3x or the d700.

  • Exsqueeze me?

    Why in the world would anyone buy a D3s if this D800 rumor is true? Slightly higher frame rate? Higher ISO? As much as we love our Nikons, it’s important to keep in mind that Nikon is a business, and their ultimate goal is to make their stakeowners/shareholders rich.

    Look at the current line up– D90, D300s, D700, D3s, D3x– they all beautifully fit together without overlap or violation of the “pay more to get more” principle. Where does the hypothetical D800 fit? Of course it will be cheaper than the D3s/D3x… but with 1080p that neither has, with double the resolution of the D3s, faster frame rate of the D3x… that’s crazy.

    For those who don’t think 1080p is significantly better than 720p– keep in mind that 1920×1080 is a two megapixel image; 1280×720 is a one megapixel image. I use both formats frequently and there is a huge, obvious different that a department store $1500 TV can easily show.

    • WoutK89

      why would anyone buy a D300s if they can as well buy a D5000/D90, they have the same sensor, just lower frame rates.

      and now, tell me, why you think these two cameras compete within the brand for the same audience?

      • mike

        As you say, the framerate is slower on the D90 (also, it doesn’t meter with AI lenses, has a vastly inferior autofocus system, doesn’t have AF finetune, and isn’t weather sealed, but sure the comparison is apt). This supposed D800 shoots full frame as fast as the D3x does in crop mode. And need I remind you that neither the D700 nor D300s have as high a framerate as the D3(s)? Everything here seems kosher except the framerate, which makes me think this is just someone’s wishlist.

    • Anon

      That’s a reductive view of a business.


      Why did people keep buying the D3 when the D700 was released?

      The D700 has the same image quality as the original D3 + sensor cleaning.

      It has MORE features – yet the D3 kept selling. Why?

      • Anony

        Apparently better build and faster fps I think. Otherwise people often just want the “pro” cam because they are pros. Nikon could re-badge a D40 “pro” and pros would flock.

  • Hobbit

    Please have the same or better high iso capabilities as the d3s and I’ll be happy!

    • ian

      I think not 🙁 if it did nobody would buy a d3x

      • Anon

        Huh… D3x has crap ISO.

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely agree. I want D3s in D700 body (or even smaller) (like D3 > D700). In hell megapixels. Or give us few models with 24 MP and 12 MP. I want D3s’ amazing ISO in a smaller, lighter and cheaper body.

  • Anonymous

    sounds great, but I don’t believe it until I see it released.
    should be a C*** 5D mII competitor, espescially in price.
    shouldn’t be more than 2999.- $

    • BillyBobJohnson

      What you want it to be and what it will be are two different things.

  • dellaaa

    I don’t know haw real this rumor is, but let me echo, it’s the camera I have been waiting for for 5 years.

    As far as hurting F3 sales, there are people who will always buy Nikon pro gear. The spec comparison between pro and advanced amateur gear has always been close. Pros, the people the D3x was designed for, will still buy it.

    I just hope they price it at arount $2700. At that price I think advanced amateurs will eat it up.

    BTW I have heard from camera insiders that pricing for cameras at these prices is pretty much a “what will they pay for it” kind of thing.

    Obviously it doesnt cost 8000 to make an D3x, but thats what they can get for it.

  • I would assume it wont handle the great HIgh Iso of D3, D3s and D700…. if it really does come out, i might buy a D800 and a D700… (one for low light, one for high res). Probably cheaper than one D3s.

    • WoutK89

      mmmm, guess you are wrong, in the Netherlands the D700 goes for about 2000 euro off the shelves, and the D3s is planned for 4500, which would probably lower to 4000 within a week or two. try finding a D800 for 2000 at the release

    • John

      it wont handle good iso but will handle all the mp whore demands.

  • Gary

    Interesting rumor if true.

    As to pricing, overlap with the D3 series, etc…consider that when the D700 was introduced, many people were shocked, because in many ways it was the internals and specs of a D3 inside of a D300 type body, at far less price. So Nikon has done this before.

    I think the true professionals who use the D3 series will still buy those models as well, preferring the pro body, etc. If anything they’ll add a D800 as a second body.

    I also think any company needs to follow the Apple model, and not worry about its own products competing against themselves…as many have said, if you don’t build the product that supercedes your current models, someone else will.

    Pricing would be the key on this unit. If they really want to compete against the 5dii they need to price it in that same range. And let’s face it…this prosumer market is where a lot of the money is. I would venture Canon has made far more selling a ton of 5dii’s than they ever will selling their 1d models, because the market is so much larger.

    If Nikon really wants to get aggressive, they should price this below $3000 and lower the price of the D700 to around $2000. I don’t think they will, but it would definitely create a surge of sales.

    And let’s not forget that if you can get people to buy into your cameras, you get them to buy your lenses, etc. It’s kind of like the video game market; you get ongoing business for the entire ecosystem of products. So it may be worth it for Nikon to sacrifice a little price on these models just to get more people into the Nikon system.

  • Chris P

    A couple of thoughts on this.

    Price – At the moment here in the UK the Canon 5DII sells for about £1,850 and the D700 £1,750. Canon has rapidly dropped the price of the 5DII from £2,250 because it was hardly impacting D700 sales. I believe that this due to the following; that it was seen as being of a much lower build quality, its supposed ‘killer’ feature, video, although it caused a jump in sales when it first appeared, was of little or no interest to the majority of upgrading photographers, and when those same photographers put their medium quality range lenses on it they saw that a 20+ Mp sensor also meant that they would have to buy top quality glass to go with it. I think that if a D800 is introduced, assuming equal to or better build quality than the D700, Nikon could sell them at £2,500.

    If a D800 is introduced I will buy one in time, but not before I have bought the 24-70 & 70-200 f2.8 zooms and only then if I find that I can use my Ais manual lenses with it.

    Price relative to D3s/D3x – Despite having the 5DII at £1,850 Canon have just introduced the 1D4, at £4,500 here in the UK, with a 16 Mp sensor. They will sell them, as Nikon will continue to sell the D3s/D3x, because they are aimed at two completely different markets. In fact Nikon may well sell a lot of D800’s to PJs who already own the D3/D3s who want a back up camera for when there is a chance to get a high res shot from which they can make extra money.

  • Pretty vague.. +non-pro without a 100% viewfinder. Also: we need lighter cameras. Is this going to happen soon? I would go for the D3X if it wasn’t for the weight.

  • Antonio

    I would like (it’s not a joke, please!) someone could explain me the idea behind “movie” in a photo camera…..

    • WoutK89

      it is another feature on the list

    • Kevin

      So photographers can pretend they’re good at filmmaking because their videos have depth of field….

  • pansottin

    Who wants a D800 for 3500/4000 k with a Scarlett for the same price?
    Photographic functions?
    I think Canon and Nikon will be history in November with their bad video solutions.
    They should keep make excelent still cameras and leave the video.

    I did want a HD-dslr for more than a year but I couldn´t buy one because all are crap devices – as video cameras.

    I´m about to buy a D700, just fr my photographic work (I´m so glad ther´s a gooood stills camera available) and in an year from now I´ll buy a Scarlett just to make my films.

  • zen-tao

    I wonder if it wouldn’t be better business lowering the price of D3x . They would save a lot of money in research. Later they could improve video aspect of D3s and everybody happy. That rumor doesn’t make any sense, not reliable.

    • Gordon

      I think that would be in Nikon’s best interest too, maintaining the current price of the D3X will not maxmise their sales and they would be better off enticing more buyers with lesser price.

      Having said that, I still believe Nikon need a D700X in their line-up sooner then later. If Nikon rely on past release history and wait until the next generation of cameras (2011-2012) they will have missed the boat.

  • Clemi

    This rumor is complete nonsense. Have you forgotten, what Peter Giesen from Nikon Germany has said here in a blog on Oct. 3,2009: “the D700 has been introduced only last year, and we won’t have a successor in the near future” Anybody is producing untrue rumors without any background. The follower of the 700 will come in one year or so. It must!!! After the D3s has come instead of the D700x I have bought a D300s instead of a D700x, I would have prefered.

  • Alex

    Please be true!!!! Even if it’s not true, admin, you have made my day! 🙂

  • jbl

    I’d buy that if it offers good manual control over the video… I want it fully manual… cmon I’m ready to invest a few thousands in camera gear, it probably means that I know how to expose my stuff myself right?

  • jbl

    Pansottin said:

    Who wants a D800 for 3500/4000 k with a Scarlett for the same price?

    I suggest you go read the specs of that 3500-4000$ scarlett before you compare it to an interchangeable lens camera with full frame sensor…

    • pansottin

      My point is that as a cinema tool Scarlett will be much better, MUCH better. For stills I don´t know; 9 days more maybe and we´ll know.
      Who want´s mpeg2/720p, etc, etc; even in a full frame sensor?

      For now my kit could be D700 for stills and a Scarlett for film.
      The same Nikon or Zeiss lens for both.
      Canon 5D/7D is my compromised solution if I can´t afford Nikon+RED.
      9 days ,-)

      • Ennan

        The trouble with scarlet is that that price is just for the “Brain”. The extra bits like grips, LCD’s, viewfinders, batteries, storage modules etc re all going to drive the price up.

      • Sash

        Nine days and what will happen ?

  • Weston

    I’m way more anxious to see the D3s sensor in a cheaper body, that’d be a hit for wedding shooters on a budget.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I think the same!

    • fotosniper

      I want a d700s
      its my dream camera

  • Chris B.

    It would actually make a lot of sense for the D700X/D800 to be released in late December because if you look at Nikon’s release history, the D3 & the D300 were released in mid 2007, the D700 was released a year later in mid 2008. Then in late December of 2008 came the D3X. This year mid 2009 the D300 & D3 receive their “S” upgrades leaving room for the D700 to receive its “X”/D800 upgrade in December. Hence the D700S should come mid 2010 etc. In my opinion this is 60% likely to happen based on history though I doubt the specs will be as great as the rumors imply simply because they never are… But it will be very interesting to see what Nikon does if they are producing such a model.

  • WoutK89

    Next year the line up of Nikon?
    D3000, D5000, D7000? (D90 successor), D8000/9000? (D90 with FX), D300s/D400, D700(s?), D800, D3s, D3x, D4?

    Man, that would be the perfect line up to work on for Nikon

  • pp

    … “Why would they do that it will kill the D3s sales… blah blah blah.” If it does Nikon will just slow production on the D3s. As long as cash is flowing into their pocket and not Canon/Sony’s they are happy. It also help the sales of lens and other accessories.

    There are many other reasons that I could think of…..

    • Chris B.

      A D700X/D800 would not slow down the sales of the D3s because they are made for two different purposes. a D800 in reality would be about 3.5fps/5fps with grip, 720p, 12800iso maybe, & 24mp mainly meant for studio shooters as is the D3X. I happen to be buying a D3s & the possibility of a D800 does not effect my decision in this at all simply because i am not a studio photographer & i don’t need 24mp.

  • JR

    Keep in mind that this camera will probably be eventualy sold alongside the D4, D4x and D400. The specs might seem crazy now, but the D4 will be even better.

  • Pat

    I am sick of all this D700x/D800 rumors/speculations, and decided to spend more time shooting with my D700 instead. 24MP at 7fps that’s even faster than D3X frame rate? not a chance….not even at $5000.

    Maybe all that would happen is a D700s next summer, pretty much like the D3->D700 transition.

    Somehow I began to realize this whole D700X/D800 thing might never happen. There were so many things rumored for years that never showed up.

  • grumps

    I’m in tears….. good times! 🙂

    Good rumor… I’m on the order list if this is true, but what will the D4 be if this is already so …. let’s say “AMAZING!”

    • WoutK89

      The long awaited 14 fps? 😛

      • Blah-blah

        This is crazy. In 5 years’ time people will be asking for 24 fps at some 35MP resolution, so that they can effectively have huge reolution video and still be able to print every single frame as a normal high-res. photo. Come to think of it, this would probably be better than trying to imitate video cameras…

  • albert

    I’ll definitely buy one for sure, maybe even 2 units if the price is around $3K – $3.5K.

    I need a different setup/body to my D3, hi res & video are most welcomed.

    Hopefully it will hit the store by end of this year.

  • Kuri

    I don’t buy it…

    The D3x does 4.5fps but this can do 7?
    Unless it has a new processor too I don’t see it happening…
    And it will steal D3x market share.

    IF there is a D800 I’d suspect Nikon to release it with something like 16-18mp.
    There’s a reason why the D700 only has 12…
    Unless it will be announced alongside a D4(x) with a silly megapixel increase.

    • Alex

      Could be dual processors?

      • WoutK89

        In a D700/D300 kind of body, keep on dreaming 😉

    • mike

      The D700 has 12Mp because it uses the same sensor as the D3. That’s why anyone suggesting a high-res FX in D700 body with anything but 24.5Mp is being silly.

  • Anonymous

    Won’t happen.
    If nikon had 1080 they would have put it in the d3s

    • WoutK89

      And why is that, update versus upgrade, upgrades need to bring something totally new to make it attractive for the masses, update is just for the people that are new to the higher level market or people that are gadget freaks

  • morphez

    YES Please…also don’t forget to release AF-S 16-35/4 too.

  • Steven

    Cmon, that sounds absolutly unrealistic! A D800 with almost the speed of the D3 faster then the D3x but same sensor plus 1080p video wich is not even integrated into the just released D3 update? Usually you give some kind of rating to the rumors you post and this one is clearly a stupid wishlist.

    • WoutK89

      can you proof what you just said? 😛 And I am not talking about no 1080p in the D3s

      D800 needs to bring specs that make it very attractive to buy over anything in its own part of the market (D700/5DmII/a850 and such)

      • mike

        Listed specs with 4fps continuous and a $4k pricetag, I think, would be sufficient to make people buy one. Maybe not everyone here, but enough people for Nikon to make money off of the endeavor. That said, I wonder if they would really put in 1080p, since they don’t seem to think it’s very important. 720p seems more likely just on historical grounds.


    • WoutK89

      they are still available 😉

  • meh

    The prosumer model will have higher frame rate than the pro D3x (7 vs. 5 fps)? Higher frame rate than the D700? Higner pixel throughput than any Nikon ever made?

    • WoutK89

      Yep, and that’s why it is an upgrade and not an updated D700x. Possibly we will see a new EXPEED processor next year.

      • mike

        Bullshit. I would believe specs like that in the D4 series, but not yet, and not in a prosumer body.

        • fotosniper

          this is a point no one has made, the d700 came out AFTER the d3.
          i think we will see a d4 befor a d800

  • Nigel

    Great to hear this and wish this is going to come truth. Looking forward if this can have a price tag similar to 5DII.

  • Nikon fan

    How come they would release a 1080p when the recently announced D3s could only manage 720p!? Sounds strange. I assume ‘flagship ‘ will still be D3s and D3x.

  • soap

    I want whatever they’re smoking.

    • NikoDoby

      Come talk to me soap and I’ll hook you up

    • Chris B.


  • mattiask

    My guess is that the next in line would be a D400 with the same rebuild style as they did with the D3 to s, if the managed to squeeze 1,3 f-stop och iso quality from that already excellent sensor they problably will do the same to the DX sensor. That will be the base for the D400 and then add som video crap as a bonus.

    I thin the D800 and D4 will be released close in time. That would make most sense. Or a D700x and the D4.

    These specs above just sounds like a complete mock up of some dreamer. No sense what so ever.

  • Brian

    If this rumor is true, the 7fps will likely be in dx crop mode just like the d3x has.

    If the D3x had been like the F6 I probably would have found a way to buy it by now. ie.- Just as robust feeling as the d3/d3x are, 100%finder, no pop up flash, add a grip if you need it.

    • albert

      I didn’t know that there’s someone like me, doesn’t like the built-in flash.


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