FX format Q660?

Update: Just received that - Nikon product names start with the quarter in which they are/will be released (Q1-Q4) followed by a sequence number counting all Nikon DSLR starting from the D1. For the D3s I came up with Q242. Nikon have confirmed in an email to a reader that this was the code name for the D3s.

NPS members in the UK have received the following email:

"....We'll email you more details about booking your place, and NPS member preferential allocation of the new FX format Q660 soon..."

Is Q660 the code name for the new Nikon D3s?

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  • Chris P

    Could it be the new 70-200 f2.8?

  • babawha


    • zzddrr

      Your CAPS lock is on

  • Kimaze

    D700X please!

    • Alex

      Sure…I ordered my D700 yesterday, I can’t wait any longer for the D700x, my kids are growing so fast !

      • Mark

        For kids D3000 + kit zoom will be sufficient…

        • Segura

          Sorry, D700 is the way to go. Capturing available light pictures of the kids beats needing a flash . . .

        • Anon

          You give your kids a d3000, I know it’s a toy camera but you take it quite literally!

      • nimda

        Seriously. Who needs 24mp resolution to snap photos of poopy diapers. I get it, its a messy diaper, I don’t need to crop it 100% to be sure.

        • Anon

          You forget cats & dogs photography…

          • yrsued

            Don’t forget that you need 1080P Video for Poopy Diapers and your cat photography.

          • Tabitha Green

            Snobby much? 😛

          • Ennan

            I love my cat. I take photos of her all the time with my D3. I named her Niko after Nikon… sad part is all of that is true… :-S

      • Anonymous

        Hi Alex,

        I switched to canon 5D MKII after a long wait for d700x. U will not regret. You can shoota lot of HD videos of your kids . I now have 7D. I am not supporting any brand but with manual control, it is simply amzing to shoot video.



        • After a 5DmkII you get a 7D? What’s that good for?

          • Bubba Satori

            Sports, birding…

        • jb

          anyone has D300s and 7D? any comparison?

          • iamlucky13

            I could make a suggestion where, at least eventually, you’ll find a comparison of the two, but I’m somewhat hesitant to recommend reading Ken Rockwell around here. 😉

        • nimda

          Considering its been a year since the D700 and less than a year since the D3x you didn’t wait that “long”

        • Alex

          I have been with Nikon for more than 20 years and I never used a Canon camera, I have 4 excellent lenses that I don’t want to sell.
          The D700 is a great camera, I sure would be more happy with a 16-18MP but it’s better to have a camera than nothing

  • Joshua

    I guess it may be something between D300s and D3s.

    I could be a D400 (would be great, but 0%) or a D700s (50%).

    If it should be a new body it will be probably a D700s.
    – D3s
    – D300s
    – D700s

    sssssssssssssssssssssss………….. =)

    • Nikkorian

      D700s next summer

      • STJ

        or a 700x – who knows?

        • Alex


  • albert

    Let’s begin yet another new/hot rumor topic, admin! I’m scare of bore!

    He…he…he… CHEERS !

  • Mo

    D700S or D700X is sure to be next? the camera is a year old now? D3 now has both S and X versions!! Can’t wait.

  • Loyola

    NPS is the Nikon Professional Service, so this should be related to a profesional product.

    After the introduction of the D3s i will be really surprised if this is not a code name for something already public.

  • Michael

    I read the other day that NPS members were getting the first of the 70-200VRII lenses. Do you think that this may be NPS members getting their D3s bodies before others? Just a thought…

    • Roger

      Michael, you’re probably right. When the D3 was announced, in many locales, the first shipments were restricted to NPS members only. I know Nikon Canada did that – in order to get on a list at a store you had to be an NPS member.

      Canon got some heat for not doing that with the 1DMkIII, but we know how well that turned out.

    • zzddrr

      it’s like the Goldmember from Austin Powers……

      Or my second guess is that the full grown species, called NPS members are unique creature of the Nikon race. Most can be recognized by their 12MPs. However, rare members of the population stand out with 24MP. Mostly they are the dominant males and they well protect their expensive territory.


  • Pat

    I somehow feel there will be another annoucement before the end of the year.

    the delayed lenses (16-35/4 , 24/1.4, 85/.14, 80-400 replacement) most likely. the surprise could be a 700X/700S. if not, 700X in PMA or 700S next July…

    • STJ

      If that happends I would be surprised, but happy…

      • another anonymous

        +1 😉 but very surprised and very happy

    • zzddrr

      I feel that maybe we should visit the bloody liqouer store and once we got stoned we may have double vision. This will equal with exactly 24MP.

    • Highlight

      New fullframe mirrorless camera, Nikon gonna show a (working) prototype in limited edition..

      • zzddrr

        2 years from today…

  • Acend

    Q660…? Please let it be D700s, but I’m guessing Q2/Q3 2010 for that one. My freelancing income will vanish in Swedish taxes at newyear, I have to invest now… Perhaps a D300s while waiting.

    • zzddrr

      Hey guys, hasn’t Nikon throw enough crap at us this year?

      How pathetic this company is? Releases a camera with a lens that doesn’t really designed for. Also, try to imagine a Ferrari with a Yugo engine. (720p)

      • Nikon is not saying you should buy this lens with the camera. To assume that’s why the released them on the same day means something is ludicrous. The 70-200 2.8VR II was released with a DX body. What Nikon telling us something then too?

        • zzddrr

          My only guess is that they are stoned. Nikon will suffer for big time next Tuesday. If the gossip is true (why not, it’s a big day for) Canon will come out something really good camera.

          And we Nikon users can wait another 6 months to get some plastic crap and perhaps an “s” version. I start considering to look into other makers offerings because I refuse to pay 8k for the D3x.

  • steve

    I don’t know, I’d be surprised if we saw another body from Nikon this year.

    I think the next fx cam we’ll see is a D700s. Makes the most sense. I know there are a lot clamoring for a D700x, but I think there’s a price problem there for Nikon – too cheap and no one buys a D3x anymore, too expensive, no one buys a D700x.

    So, stop gap with a D700s, let D3x prices drop – or even wait for a D4 – then maybe do a D700x. Or, maybe there will never be a D700x – the D800 might replace the D700 with whatever sensor the D4 gets.

  • Kev

    The Q660 it’s the D3s’s code name

    • zzddrr

      there must be a typo … it supposed to be 666 (the number of the beast)

  • getanalogue

    where do you know that from?

  • Mar

    Id like to see or a 16-35 or a 70-400 vr ; but are they going to release some new fx lenses or not?

  • Mike

    Its the D3XS, that’s my guess anyway.

    • neoxnai

      No speculation at all that this could be related to the mirrorless camera patent? Nikon M9 killer? Seems odd to explicitly say “FX Format” about anything on a pro mailing list.

  • Could be a new stronger battery?

  • Tim

    Well Nikon UK’s product code for their pro camras are:

    D3 is a VBA180AB
    D3x is a VBA190AB
    D700 is a VBA 220AB
    D90 is a VBA230AB
    D5000 is a VBA240AB
    D3000 is a VBA250AB
    D300s is a VBA 260AB

    So the D3s would be a …Q660. Don’t think so. In fact no product has a “Q” in its code. Guess the D3s will be a VBA270AB, or one of the ‘missing codes – perhaps a VBA200AB?? Otherwise, what would these cameras have been? Strange the D3 and D3x share adjacent codes, despit the release of other models in between.

    Go figure.

    • NotNikon

      In fact, ALL Nikon camera products start with “Q” internally before they have “official” public release names. Lenses begin with “R” 😉

  • Not every NPS member has received this email, so I’m assuming it’s an alphabetical order thing

    • Daf

      It may be a priority thing.

      I didn’t get it but only have a D200 + couple of pro lenses registered on the Nikon site. They might have a preferred list.
      Got a mail, but a different one.

      • I’m assuming you may be NPU registered, rather than NPS

  • Johnny

    I was told by a Nikon rep it was the code name for the new D400. The D300s will have a very short half life.

    • M

      @Johnny, so what r u saying? The d400 is FX? I don’t see how this will be something NPS tries to promote .

  • Bryan

    I wonder if could have something to do with the processor in the camera. There is an Intel Core 2 Duo Q660 processor out.

    • Jane

      It’s actually called Q6600, a quad core processor with a TDP of (up to) 105W which will definitely never find a home in a camera. 🙂

    • Halogenic

      No please, no intel processors inside my Nikon camera.

      • Astrophotographer

        Don’t ask, don’t tell!

  • Daf

    Can we see the rest of the mail ?

    I received a different one (NPS mail).

  • Now that D3s is out, Nikon could invest some time in LENSES.

    • Daf

      From the polls here I think it can be seen that plenty of people would like the 700x / 800 if there ever is one. Myself included.

      THEN lenses ;o)

  • Halogenic

    I think D700s if release it has to be this year or begining 2010, by the end of next year I think it would be more worthy a D800 or whatever the name would be with a 15-16MP sensor (12-14mp 1.2crop DX) and that would be a great camera.

  • john

    well im happy i just bought a d700. theres no use chasing a mid-cycle product anyway. the update will be a much more significant update to chase since it will be a true update. D800 FTW!!!!!! Plus cameras usually last for a good 2 product cycles for regular use. I had my D80 for 3 years and I just upgraded to the D700…. now thats a significant upgrade…..

  • JasonH

    Might have nothing to do with this code number, but there was an interesting line in the Letsgodigital review that NR linked to the other day. The author was at the St. Andrews Scotland press preview of the D3s and presumably heard a lot of comments from official Nikon staff that made their way into his article. At the end of the second paragraph talking about the range of FX bodies he says:

    “the Nikon D700, a compact version of the Nikon D3 which will be discontinued as soon as the Nikon D3s becomes available. ”

    I’m surprised at that and haven’t heard it picked up by any other media, so is it a mistake or something that he wasn’t supposed to say yet? I can’t believe Nikon would really kill the compact FX body and leave the only choices to be double and triple the price pro bodies. Or is there still a D700s/D700x out there waiting for the launch of the D3s and the initial wave of orders for it to be fulfilled before it’s announced? NR can you find out a little more about this D700 “discontinuation”?

    • you understood it wrong, D3 is discontinued, not D700

      • JasonH

        That’s not really clear or the article is badly written, in going over the FX range there is a sentence each about the D3x, the new D3s and the D700. Here is that whole excerpt:

        ” The Nikon D3x, a 24 Megapixel DSLR camera aimed at the studio photographer, holds the top position when it comes to resolution. The new Nikon D3s is ranked right below, being a 12 Megapixel digital SLR for the photo journalist, sports and nature photographer. Followed by the Nikon D700, a compact version of the Nikon D3 which will be discontinued as soon as the Nikon D3s becomes available. ”

        If the writer clearly meant to indicate it was the D3 being discontinued why did the second sentence just read “The new Nikon D3s [which replaces the D3 model] is ranked right below, being a 12 Megapixel digital SLR for the photo journalist, sports and nature photographer.”? There is a lot of ambiguity there that could be a dropped hint, or just poor journalism writing.

        • Astrophotographer

          I think this is a case of a bad or missing copy editor.

        • M!

          @JasonH, you read it wrong. the D3 is, and HAS been discontinued. not the D700. please let this go.

        • Looks like a poor choice in grammar. I’d hazard a guess that he meant the D3 is being discontinued upon the release of the D3s.

    • john

      are you imagining things???????

    • Tim

      Actually it was picked up on by a couple of people in the comments on the initial release. ‘We’ decided it refers to the end of the D3 (replaced by the ‘s’) and not the D700. It’s just a bit ambiguous the way they wrote it.

  • Alex

    D700x!!! And please make the 14-24 with a filter thread.

    • john

      just use whatever you have now… the d700 is already a very capable camera……

      • Alex

        I don’t have a D700. I had a D300, but sold it. I have a D90, great camera. I want to go FF, but don’t want to buy a D700 and have the D700x released soon after, because I would like that.

  • jorgen

    what if they sent a different code to every nps-member?
    then “q660” would tell nikon which person leaked the info.

    or did at least 2 people get an email with this “q660”-code?

    • WoutK89

      lol 😀 that would be something, free publicitity, and then punish the people who ‘leaked’

    • I received multiple emails with the same code – the same code is also online – see the update to the post

  • Dan

    “Nikon product names start with the quarter in which they are/will be released”

    So, all we have to do is wait for the 6th quarter of this fiscal year… :p

    • or we have to wait for the 60th DSLR after the D1 (we are at 24 now, I think)

      • NotNikon

        Numbers do not correspond with quarters of the year…

  • I think a d700s would be by far the best camera ever(for me). I would give my left arm for it. fingers crossed.

    • Acend

      You and me both, I’d chop off any limb it’d take 😛

      • jim

        +1 The D3S sounds great for high ISO (important to me), but I would like a smaller body – D700s.

    • Jane

      After the D3s, the D700s really does appear to be the FX body most likely to be released next, but I don’t think it will happen this year, more likely Q1 of next year.

  • john

    no such thing as Q6 in a year…

  • Tim

    Looking forwards then to the sixth quarter of this year. So the UK product name will be something like a VBA200AB, but the product code is a Q660. No wonder Nikon confused themselves and released the wrong lens yesterday!

    • Tim

      Oh, and NO Nikon UK product names start with a ‘Q.’ I’ll send a full list on to NR for what it’s worth. So don’t know where that idea comes from.

  • M!

    if you read that whole NPS email, the entire context is the D3S. nothing else.
    so the Q660 is the D3S. this is kind of a waste of everyone’s time.

    • john


      • I did not have all the information as I posted that for the first time… the updates came later on

  • Tim Catchall

    Has anyone commented on the details of the new sensor? They claim the internal structure has been completely re-designed. What I read from that is that it is an Exmor-R type design (backlit). Is that correct?

    • WoutK89

      But backlit was only sufficient for small (compact/P&S) camera sensors.

  • nora

    should i assume that a D700s upgrade would be close to what the D3s upgrade is?

    • john

      yes. but not enough of an upgrade to disrupt d3s sales.

      • john

        basically dont expect much….

    • Assume nothing.

  • Matthias

    Well… at least it shows how much people are dreaming of some competitor to the Canon 5D MK 2…. seriously… not some far too expensive and big 3Ds with not even proper video!!! I mean look at that http://www.vimeo.com/5410762 … those 2 3ds videos posted previously here are “cheap” compared to that!!!

    • low

      perhaps you should read the commentary on the d3S movie. the producer mentioned what he didnt see the camera picked up.

  • this is on Nikon’s site – I have no control over it

    • Segura

      Don’t link to it and just post a picture of said article without the person’s email address . . . unless they are cool with it . . .

      • this is on a Nikon’s site, opened to the public – the link has been posted as a comment already

      • ok, took the link out, I hope Nikon does the same

  • nimda

    This post doesn’t make any sense to me

  • Nathan Shane

    I would say that Q660 is Nikon’s internal name for the product and the D3s is the public name. I say this because the company I work for uses code names for their products when we are developing them that are completely different from the public names of the products when they are released. And I think that it is simply an oversight on whoever created the email, that they included both the internal and public names for this camera.

    I’d like to point out the same wording from the email:

    “Redraw the boundaries of professional photography
    with the new FX-format D3S.”

    “We’ll email you more details about booking your place, and NPS member preferential allocation of the new FX format Q660 soon.”

    Notice the wording…”the new FX-format D3s”
    Notice the wording…”the new FX format Q660″

    Seems logical to me that the wording is talking about the same camera…the D3s

  • john

    … lol

  • Ramsay

    Epson is “volume manufacturing” evf displays. who is buying them?

  • Dreen

    Could it be the P version of the D3’s? Look here for a D3p example:D3p

    • john

      wow! never realized that existed!!

      • Jim

        Did you look at the date of the d3p article?

        • Dreen

          Yeah I did. Maybe it’s the updated version for the D3Ps?

    • pabs

      That is bullshit,
      No PC botton: amateur+ photoshop added (identical botton as the one bellow slightly modified).
      Tripod socket amateur- photoshop removed. looks like crap.
      who the hell buys that story on customs and who the hell says D3 users don´t use a tripod! hahaaaa!

  • B.Danny

    A 700xsE? I love the smell of espresso in the morning.

  • Bubba Satori

    Pretty soon Nikon will have around 7, 12mp DSLRs.

  • barold

    uhh… when is does the 6th quarter come around?

  • Father Merrin

    I generally like your work Admin, but you’re really reachin’ here. 🙂

  • Father Merrin

    I hope I don’t have to perform another Excorism!

  • Zoetmb

    If the Q# = quarter of the year, how can there be a Q6? And even if it’s fiscal year and not calendar year, the D3s can’t be Q2 as we’re in fiscal Q3 and calendar Q4. So it must mean something else. Furthermore, if the D3s is Q242, then how can they be announcing a Q660? You think Nikon has 18 more DSLRs in the pipeline?

    In addition, I don’t count 42 Nikon DSLRs from the D1. I count 35 as follows including kit lens variations, so it’s really only 25 different bodies:
    1999-2004: D1, D1x, D1H, D100, D2H, D70
    2005: D2X, D2Hs, D70s, D50, D200
    2006: D2Xs, D80, D40 w/ 18-55 lens
    2007: D40x w/ 18-55 lens, D40x body, D300, D3
    2008: D60, D60w/ 18-55 lens, D60 w/ 18-55 VR, D60 w/ 18-55VR + 55-200VR, D700, D700 w/24-120, D90, D90 w/18-105, D60SE, D60SE w/18-55VR lens, D3x.
    2009: D5000, D5000 w/ 18-55VR, D5000 w/18-55VR & 55-200VR, D300s, D3000 w/18-55VR, D3s.

    • john

      exactly what i have been thinking.

    • there were D40 and D40x with 55-200 too, besides other packs (like D300 with 18-70)

  • Chris B.

    Just curious to why so many people prefer the D700 over the D3. I just honestly want to know from a D700 users perspective. I know a lot of people say because its a smaller body, but do none of the people who say that use the optional MB-D10 grip. Because when attached to the D700 it is actually a little bigger than the D3 & weighs more. Also the considerable price difference might draw a lot of people. But performance wise i want to know why some people say the D700 replaces the D3 for portraiture & landscapes. These are not rhetorical or sarcastic questions… I just want to know as a D3 user from a D700 users perspective. Thanks.

    • Gordon

      As a landscape shooter, all I need is the smaller body in the D700, the vertical grip is hardly needed especially when you have an L-bracket and use a tripod 99% of the time. Also I shoot only at the base ISO, so the High ISO performance never really comes into it unless I want to do some night photography.

      • Segura

        I shoot a D700 and can answer about the grip. When I use my 50mm 1.4G lens, I shoot with the body only. When I drop on a heavy lens, like my 14-24, 24-70, or 70-200, the grip balances the weight better, and makes it easier to hold. So better “grip” with the grip. Shooting vertical is much better as well.
        As for the D3, I had the option to upgrade (trade) my D700 for a D3 recently, but did not because I like the sensor cleaning and the built in flash. Granted the built in flash would only give coverage with my 50mm 1.4G lens, but I use it mainly as a CLS trigger for my SB-900. Without the built in, I would need to pony up another $450.
        Finally to keep it more compact. On a recent photo trip to El Salvador, I had to pack light, so I left the MB-10 at home, and just took my body, 14-24, anad 24-70. I brought an SB-400 as well and left my SB-900 at home.

    • john

      the d700 is more of an “on the go camera” not some brick used for special occasions…

    • Chris B.

      Thank you. All of your answers were very informative.

    • I have my MD-D10 grip leftover from my D300 days and I think the only time I ever stuck it on was to verify that it worked when I first bought the D700. I spied an opportunity to pick up a D3 used once for US$2500. Was highly tempted to jump on it. Instead, I waited and picked up a used D700 several months later. Couldn’t be happier.

  • getanalogue

    Q660 = D95 FX at EUR 998.-

  • Admin,

    is there a chance that you implement some kind of comments rating system? I would really like to see sensible visitors give bonuses to those comments full of information or clarifications and maluses to all those DAMN crypto-Canon-lovers who whine all the time about how Nikon is not keeping up to their hopes.

    Jesus Christ, this is a Rumor site, not the Nikon Wishlist channel…

    Sorry for the OT, but I wish I could turn off the whining with some kind of semantic web mechanism… 🙁

    • nimda

      Yeah I think everyones opinion should matter on everything. Lets not leave anyone out. And everyones wishlist should get a chance to be heard.

      • Hey, if you want to read all comments you will still be able to do it. I would like to read comments that have much positive feedback. It’s really a waste of time reading all that uncalled for whining I’m seeing lately.

        And I CAN’T avoid it if there is no comment rating mechanism.

        Last but not least, not every whining is bad. Perhaps some whining with arguments might get positive feedback and have many +++ ratings.

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