Nikon press conference in Denmark on October 14th

denmark-flagThe Danish magazine Zoom just reported that Nikon's press conference in Denmark will be held on October 14th, 2009. This means that we may see the goodies on the US website as early as Tuesday (October 13th) at midnight.

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  • I’m so impatient!

    Can’t wait to see what the new toys are going to be 🙂

  • Andy

    How do they usually do it? Post the webpage at midnight before the press conference, or wait till it is over?


    • Usually all websites get updated at the same time around midnight in the US Eastern Time (early morning in Europe, etc) and then they start the press conferences.

  • Alex

    That’s maybe a stupid question, but how can Nikon keep secret new lenses or cameras until the day they annouce it ?
    Making a lens or a camera involve thousands people, design, manufacture, commercial fliers, manuals, and product distribution.
    I am just wondering how Nikon keep it secret when I can’t hide anything from my wife !

    • people who have access to the new product must sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

      • Mikael

        Damn those NDAs! Although they’re probably a good thing, as then Canon don’t know what Nikon’s up to, and vice versa. Although they seem to have a pretty good hunch of things anyway.

        Nikon rushed the D90 to be “first DSLR with HD-video” just before 5D mkII.
        Nikon rushed the D300s to have a true pro AF DX-body just before the 7D.

        • WoutK89

          Pro AF DX with Video you mean?

    • Roger Moore

      In case you hadn’t noticed, they don’t always succeed! That’s how a site like Nikon Rumors can survive. There are some people who work in assembly, or marketing, or something who leak out information ahead of the actual release. They try to keep it under control with NDAs and such, but there are often leaks. I sometimes wonder if Nikon doesn’t feed a few false rumors just to keep people guessing.

  • Looking forward to this announcement. I’m still slightly reluctant to believe the specs being knocked around the net…but if they are true (and especially if the frame rate relates to FX mode and not DX) my D3 may well be retired. Not long to go now…!

    • Andy

      If many people think like you, I might end up buying a cheap used D3. 🙂


      • lol, I think there will be quite a few IF the specs are good enough. I’ve got the itch because a D4 will still be a way off yet, so it will be nice to fill the gap in the meantime. I’ll make no firm decision until the announcement though.

  • low

    it has begun

  • cenkog

    D3 still remains an really excellent camera even though D3s comes

    • Alex

      There is something that I don’t understand, the D3 is professional camera and professionals need efficient tools, they don’t care about video because they will not use it. So why Nikon put the video on the D3s ? Integred GPS or be able to transfer the pictures wireless directly to the internet would be more usefull for professional use.
      I don’t get it.

      • Roger Moore

        It may not be helpful to you, but I’m sure that there are some professionals who can make good use of video. The best example would be news photographers. Now that most newspapers have a significant web presence, they want to have video as well as stills. Being able to get it by sending out one photographer who has a HD video mode in his camera instead of a still photographer and a videographer could make a big difference in a newspaper’s bottom line- easily enough to justify replacing their existing cameras.

        • Mox Factor

          exactly. and one of them i’m sure many of you have already seen his work on Youtube. Chase Jarvis. if this pro records video while he works, who are we to whine about video, as long as it doesn’t diminish the quality of still coming out of this camera?

      • Gary

        I agree w/ Roger Moore; many pro photographers are beginning to realize the value of having video integrated into their dslr and working it into their projects.

        Read online and you can find many pro photogs who are finding new and creative ways to use video alongside stills.

        Video on dslrs is here to stay and will only become more of a prominent feature going forward.

    • Zorro

      The performance and image quality of the D3 will degrade, and many of its features will disappear when the D3s is announced.

      • Anonymous

        I would suggest buying a replacement shutter button from ebay ASAP

  • Sandra

    The suspense is KILLING me!!!!!

  • eddie

    i am sad…. there goes my D700X/s dream…. but am happy that something really good is coming from Nikon.

    • Andy

      Remember, it is not that long since the last announcement (D300s). There could very well be a D700s in the end of November as previously posted.


      • If the D3s will be available in stores (as rumored) before on November 3rd, we may get something earliest in December – right in time for the shopping season.

        • gncl

          I really hope so. And that it’s an ‘x’ type upgrade. I’d hate to have to leave Nikon, but can’t wait indefinitely… 😮

  • John

    Doesnt seem like there will be another d700, but oh well right on time for my bday !

  • Indah

    please, hopefully afs 16-35 among the lens announced. And hopefully it’s performance close enough to 14-24.

    • WoutK89

      If Nikon makes it Pro, then yes, if Nikon wants it to be a prosumer/consumer lens, then probably no.

  • 2beers

    the right time to buy any of the new soon-to-be-announced-cameras will not be before february or march 2010. As usual, it will take a few months – at least! – before the extra high introduction prices come down. In its first 6 months from August 2008 to January 2009 the price for the D700 body dropped from the level of Euro 2600 to 1900. And its still selling for about 1900 Euro in Germany.

    • Jay

      I dunno…I bought (OK, ordered) my D700 the day they were introduced, and got it for $150 less than retail, from an established brick and mortar. The biggies, B&H, Adorama, etc. generally keep the retail prices up as long as they can.

      So, depending on your relationship with a stocking dealer, you may not have to wait to buy 🙂

      • 2beers

        Depending on your haggling skills, there’s always a chance to pay less than average price. But as introduction prices fall, you will pay even less. And this is a recurring pattern.

        Waiting 5 months before buying the D700 would have made the difference between 2600 EUR and 1900 EUR – which is 1000 US$ less.

  • Alex

    I just sold my D5000 (piece of crap) that I bought waiting for the D700x, I want to use my FX lenses (20mm to 300mm).
    So now, I don’t have any camera !
    Should I buy a D90 (much better than the D5000 and able to focus with my D lenses) or buy a D700 ????
    I’m sure I will be able to sell back the D90 for a good price, but I don’t know about the D700.
    Any sugestion ? (I can’t afford the D3x)

    • Gary

      Both the D700 and D90 are great cams, but It depends on what you want and what you are willing to spend.

      The D700 is an amazing camera and I would imagine would hold its value just as well as a D90 if not better.

      However, the D700 is far more expensive and also a far more serious photographic tool than the D90.

    • Ubiquitous

      How can the D90 be a far superior camera to the D5000? They have the same sensor, same Xpeed chip, same Cam 1000 AF system, and same 3-D matrix 420 points “zone recognition system.” Even DXO Mark, a division of DXO Labs, rate the D90 as 15th overall and the D5000 16th.

    • zeeGerman

      If you think the reason you can’t take good photos because you “only” have a D5000, then you’re in for a rude awakening if you ever pick up something more expensive.

  • Gordon

    Next weeks announcements are going to be largely underwhelming I feel. 🙁

    • Rangefinder Bob

      NIkon will announce yet another Blues Traveler Concert. Whoopee!

  • Gary

    I would think most companies welcome a certain amount of leaks for a new product, and even leak it themselves.

    That’s why I expect a flood of leaked info by the end of this weekend.

  • Anonymous

    expect to see some fast primes to compete with canons 50 1.2 and 85 1.2…..

    • Andy

      Should that be concidered a leak or a personal wish? 🙂


  • Alex

    Wake me up when the D700x comes!

    • WoutK89

      see you in the year …., oh wait, it will never come, sweet dreams

  • svennebanan

    Confirmed for Sweden too: Press meeting on Wed 14. at 9 AM CET.

  • Svennebanan

    Sorry, CEST that is.

  • Anonymous

    i am new to nikon product launches. is this a normal pre-release situation? or is there more hype than normal. could we expect something new or “only” some updates.

    comparing to apple rumors before keynotes, what is the situation?

    • Svennebanan

      This is perfectly normal. 🙂

    • Actually there has been less leaks for this release than usual – we still have to clue what will be the second camera, if there is one.

  • Tim

    Just got back from a small convention. Nikon was there in a small booth. I asked about the 85mm, and he smiled and told me he knew something, but he couldn’t say. But I shouldn’t buy any lenses until after wednesday 🙂

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