Nikon Rumors giveaway #2

The giveaway is now closed. The winners will be announced later today. Thanks for participating.

I have two books to give away - Nikon D90 and Nikon D5000:

nikon-d90-book nikon-d5000-book

Both are written by David Busch (web sitebibliography). His Nikon D300s book is coming up at the end of the month. Click on the above images to take a sneak peak inside the books on Amazon.

This time the rules will be different than the first NR giveaway: you will just have to leave a comment to this post with the camera model you have/are interested in - for example "D90" or "D5000". You can pick only one model and win only one book. One entry per person. You can leave other comments if you wish, but for the drawing I will consider only comments that have one of the two keywords ("D90" or "D5000"). I will close all comments in 24 hours and will randomly pick one winner for each book. Of course I don't believe in "US only" giveaways and I will ship those books anywhere in the world.

Fine print: The contest is void where prohibited by law. If you are not old enough to be eligible to win a free photography book, go live someplace else. All taxes are the responsibility of the winner. is not responsible for anything.
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  • Mikael


  • Zorro

    I hope the winners are pleased with their prizes.

  • vetguy

    I love my D90. I take her everywhere I go. Don’t tell anyone but I keep her next to my bed in case I get inspired while I’m sleeping. NR site is great, and I follow your tweets as well. Keep up the excellent work.

  • Bibz


  • Brass Shadow


  • Will


    Hope I get one!

  • David


  • Anonymous

    D90 would be swell.

  • d5000 is a thumbs up!

  • Craig


  • Heck

    D90 please! =o

  • D90!

  • Apoc93

    D90 ! Final answer.

  • Gordon

    D5000 all the way!

  • Ville


  • Lucas C

    D90, if i win it, i give my d80 to somebody new to photography.

  • Tom Reese

    I would appreciate consideration for David Busch ‘s D90 book, Thank You

  • Val

    Just got it 2 mths ago, this will be useful.

  • Warren


  • Zaki

    Casual D90 user from Brunei, ~3 months usage and counting 🙂

  • Chris

    The D-90 is cool. Anyword about Nikon introducing a mid range megapixel DSLR? Say 14 to 18 mega pixels.

  • Don Charlton


  • Addison Dent


  • Matt

    Nikon D90!! Thanks

  • D90

  • Ross Finlayson

    D5000 please

  • Flarij


  • Nikon D90

  • Joel


    …which my wife is getting more jealous of.

  • Andrewq


  • lakaym

    I have a Nikon D90 – it’s great but a bit large for me.

  • Donald


  • Rick

    D90 please 🙂

  • D90

  • ecm

    Nikon D90. Pleeease!

  • manny

    Nikon D90

  • sagadaboy

    I looooove the S90 – ooops, I meant the D90

  • Michael

    Nikon D90

  • ovi one



  • CH


  • D90 please!

  • Jo

    D90, Yeah baby !!

  • Brian


  • Royalan


  • Carl


  • enesunkie


  • Dan

    D90. Thank you -))

  • James

    D90 – so I can figure out how to do the things I used to do with my D200

  • GraffitiKnight

    D90. Thank you for all the effort. I really enjoy the site.

  • Stuffed

    D90! Thanks!

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