Nikon shooting a new commercial in LA

UPDATE#2: it seems that they are shooting a commercial for the Nikon Coolpix S70.

UPDATE: I got some unconfirmed reports that the shooting is still going on today (Wednesday) and Ashton Kutcher is part of this commercial.

A reader just sent me this: it seems that Smuggler Inc. was shooting/is still shooting a new commercial for Nikon (here is the link to the original article):


Anybody in that area - have you seen something? Can you drive by tomorrow (or now) and look for Ashton Kutcher with a small Nikon camera with a CMOS sensor in his hands? Any pictures, security videos? Anything?

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  • Alex

    What about a spy satelite ?

  • Gra

    Very cool new aspect for Nikon Rumors…

    Live rumor cam lol…

  • KT

    why don’t we just call Ashton and see what he has to say, I think I got his number on my speed dial.

    • Chris

      just twitter him…

      • I will right now..

        • NikoDoby

          No don’t do that. He’s just gonna send you a photo of Demi’s butt in her underwear….

          • lox

            Could be worse… (his own) 😉

  • Zoetmb

    It’s hard to tell from the map, but it looks like it’s shooting somewhere near Wilshire Blvd. But it could also be at CBS Television City.

  • Mexecutioner

    My GF was at that shoot today. I will get a hold of her tomorrow and report back.

    • Bral

      Tomorrow? Now? 🙂

    • thanks – let me know (use the “send tips” link on the top menu)

  • Thuan Nguyen

    whhhaaah !! a commercial shooting for a new ground breaking cheap plastic fullframe Nikon D 95

  • iHateCanon

    I actually live up in the LA area and just to see what is up on my way to McDonalds I wanted to stop and look about what NikonRumors was looking at and right in the area, they have it blocked off… I absolutely could not see anything … all I could see was a big RED camera swinging on a camera dolly in the air … that is all…

    • WoutK89

      But you did reach the big YELLOW M? 😛

    • so, it was a movie ad, thanks

  • My buddy works at Smuggler(production company listed in the lower left hand corner)Ill get the scoop

    • thanks – let me know if you hear something (use the send tips link on the top menu)

  • wingka

    dunno what the hell those people who clicked “dislike” are thinking…
    the admin is just tryin’ to make this public so as to gather more info for us, and you people freakin’ DISLIKE this?!
    why the hell do you people even come here anyways?

    • good question. but if you will find answer to that, you will find answer also to why naked woman is porn, and why dumbness beats common sense, and then i guarantee you Nobel Price.

      • fry26

        Gustave Le Bon already found out why “dumbness [is] beating common sense”, so this is not going to guarantee a Nobel Price 😉

      • John Dosy-Doe

        “Common Sense is not so Common” – Albert Einstein

        • Anon

          Stop with the fake Albert Einstein quotes, damn!!! He didn’t crack any of what you people are constantly trying to put in his mouth. HE WAS A DAMN SCIENTIST NOT A STAND UP COMEDY.

          I’m going to start a blog about this.

          • Anon

            Well, he was a philosopher too. I’m not quite sure about what he said and didn’t say, though – but then again, neither are you. None of us ever met him.

  • Mexecutioner

    My GF confirmed it´s a commercial with Ashton Kutcher. They shoot again today. She is going to try to find out the specific camera model(s). I will know by the end of today. I don’t anticipate anything big.

  • 2beers

    Has Nikon done commercials before? I’ve never seen one on tv here in germany. But i’ve never seen a canon or sony camera commercial as well. My guess is camera companies will use their advertising budgets on tv commercials only if they can present something that looks like a new type of camera to the public. Rather than presenting to an technically uninformed audience something that has just a bigger sensor than last years model.

    • Erik S

      Lets hope so!

    • I saw a Nikon TV commercial yesterday, here in the UK, for the Coolpix range. I can’t remember seeing one for a long time though. Maybe they’re doing bit of a marketing push before Chrismas / the October events

  • shivas

    goddammit, I hope it’s not another Kutcher ad. . .

    oh crap, just read, it is. . .

    A D90 level body (or less) is coming out, or they are pushing the D5k with him since it’s doing really poorly considering the recalls. . .

    My vote is for an updated D90 since the price is dropping rapidly, it targets a great pro-consumer/ semi-pro / parent who wants video audience. . .

  • Pat

    when Ashton Kutcher is involved, you know it won’t be D700s / D700x / D800…. 🙁

    Maybe the X1 clone?? =D

  • Mexecutioner

    The commercial being shot is for the S70, just got that info now.

    • Gordon

      Ashton strikes me as a “Champagne and Light Brown” sort of guy.

    • nikkor_2

      S70? What is the S70?

  • ZoetMB
  • Bral
    • Zoetmb

      Oops!!! I missed it when I looked at the site.

  • 2beers

    aah S70 makes sense to me. The S70 has a big touchscreen, and can be operated by finger gestures – so its sort of an iphone camera, but without the iphone. Thats sort of new and something you can can show (and maybe sell) to an technically uninformed audience. And it’s even smaller than an fullformat x1-clone. sigh.

  • Thomas

    Why would a 2009 article come up on the front page of this site?

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