Unconfirmed rumor: Nikon D3s in October

I received some reports that Nikon D3s model may be released in the first or second week of October. I still need another confirmation to feel comfortable with that rumor.

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  • VST&Co.

    D3 + video ?

    • jeff

      and self cleaning sensor, updated hdmi out (the small attachment as opposed to the normal size they have now)

  • Lenny

    Just a I predicted. And a D700s in December/January.

    • Bibi

      Along with D3XS in November

  • Sweet !!!

    • remember: this could be one of those “smoke without fire” cases

      • Alex

        I hope so… Pretty boring year for Nikon if all we get is a D300s, D3s, D700s – meaning the updates are just video added. No thanks! It seems like 2009 is a pretty boring year for anything – not just cameras. Maybe manufacturers want fresh things for the new decade. Not like – Oh that came out last decade! Just a theory.

        • yeah true!

        • Artem

          Technically, the new decade doesn’t begin until 2011

          • Alex

            I know, but people associate 1960 with the 60’s (not the 50’s), and 1990 with the 90s etc.

          • Nikkorian

            how that? I thought things start at zero, and once the digit turn to one, it says one year is over. the millennium also started at 2000 and the 19th century goes from 1800 to 1899, while the 20th starts exactly at 1900. so why should a decade start only at ‘1’?

          • Alex

            The Millennium actually started 2001. But the number change from 1999-2000 is more exciting than 2000-2001. It works like this: The day you are born, you are in your 1st year. You do not wait till you are 1, to commence your first year, by then you are in your second year.
            There was no year 0, it just went from 1BC to 1AD (even though 1BC didn’t exist until 1AD). The 2nd century doesn’t BEGIN until the first one (100 years) has ended. Which would make it 101AD. Same thing for the millennium. 1000 years ends at the END of the year 1000AD or beginning of the year 1001AD.
            Same with the next millennium…. Doesn’t technically change over until the END of 2000/beginning of 2001.

            But when people divide eras by decades, they associate 1960 with the 1960’s. The number just belongs in that group.

            Hope this helps, sorry for getting this off-topic

          • Anon

            Well I thought people knew by now that there was no “year 0”.

        • Istvan

          is I were Nikon, I would first of all stop producing 4.5-5.6f lenses(!!!!!). Quite horrible to see the bunch of new lenses coming out with such stone age speeds. Nikon surely could do 2.8 or max 4f lenses for any focal length.
          Secondly I would start producing physically shorter (more compact) lenses. At this moment they are defintely the world champions when it comes to who has the longest 70-200mm zoom and probably the same for the 200-400mm and 24-70mm.
          Thirdly I would start building a nice, clear RANGE of lenses, with slightly overlapping focal lengths, so one can use them more universally.
          Fourthly I would finally launch a DX sensor with the same or better noice level then the D3/D700 has today.
          I am not sure why they care so much about the video capabilities. There are plenty of other video gadgets around.
          And finally, I woudl dearly like to see a 18-200/2.8 pro lens (a´la 70-200, may be to replace just that one…)

  • jbl

    I don’t care for the D3s because I’ll probably not be able to afford it (even if I really want that 100% viewfinder) but I’m waiting for that D700s.

    I hope Nikon only updates their line with video but that they are getting ready for 2010-2011 with new toys.

    • Nikkorian

      are you saying “probably” because you have stakes in a lottery?

  • c0heed

    omg what is that hype about video support??? who the hell needs video in d3? i mean a d3 is a camera for pro-photographers and i don’t think they need video…

    nikon should better release a d700x or d800 that is what we need!

    • mape2k


      If i am wrong, correct me but it dont think a D3 user really needs video. Then again, i dont have a D3 and (probably) never will, so i could be wrong!

    • Anonymous

      Many photojournalists would use the D3/D700, and they would appreciate video.

      • Zoetmb

        Not just PJs. Also wedding and event photographers. And artists. The D3x doesn’t need video because it’s primarily a studio camera, but I see no reason why the D3 shouldn’t have video except for the snobbery of photographers who don’t think video has anything to do with photography. Of course, many of these are the same people who basically hold their finger on the exposure button and shoot 10,000 images a day and are proud of it. To me, that’s shooting video.

        I will admit that when Nikon and other DSLR manufacturers first announced they were including video, I also thought it was ridiculous. But when I began to see the results, while there are artifacts such as jello effect, the fact that you have a large sensor and able to use full size Nikon glass and control the DOF is a huge advantage and I have photographed a number of events in the last months where i would have loved to have video capability, although I don’t use a D3.

        Of course if they do put video in the D3, it must support full 1080i or p, 24/30 or even 60 frames, have external stereo mic input and line input (from a mixer). And if they really want to do it right, there should be support for SMPTE time code with a drop-frame option.

        • I create thousands of images a day when I shoot, use video on DSLR’s (D300s), and I don’t shoot weddings (anymore) OR PJ work. I’m a commercial photographer that specializes more in marketing than advertising, and I’m very focused in my intent when creating marketing media. Be careful when you glob the “10k shooters” in the video hater bucket, or worse, the crappy shooter bucket. I create a library of images when I shoot, but in certain applications, that can be a VERY valuable asset to a client.

          I sense that most (not all) of those that say there is no need for video lack either skill, confidence, or vision. Of course, there are those that don’t need video. But the presence of video isn’t going to make you a worse photographer. It can only make you better. At the very least, you will simply ignore the feature, and continue striving to best yourself every day.

          I think those crying and whining are doing just that. They are missing the point of this groundbreaking new marriage of stills and motion, and in 30 years they will be nothing more than a flutter in the winds of time.

          Regardless of what the whiners say, the ability to shoot 24p digital video on a camera with a film-sized sensor, AND without anything between the lens and the sensor (such as a 35mm adapter), this is a huge boon to people serious about capturing high end digital video. If produced properly, it can even compare to film. Sure, there are limitations, but by and large, it’s the closest thing under $3k we’ve seen yet to put real film-quality tools in anybody’s hands. And it’s just going to get better.

    • Twoomy

      I love how so many people are guessing what pros need!!! Thanks for the help guys, I thought video in a D3 would be an interesting possibility, but now that c0heed and mape2k told me I don’t need it, I guess I’ll just drop the idea.

      • c0heed

        I’m sorry mr. Pro…

        • Ennan

          I use a D3 at the moment and I really wish it had (decent) video. Would solve a lot of problems for me.

          Oh and before anyone says it I have a high end camcorder but it has certain limitations that a video ready D3 could easily overcome.

      • mape2k

        Thats why I explicitly said I might be wrong, and that its just a guess!

    • Sorry, but most of us DON’T NEED a 24mp compact. Would I buy it if it were released at a price that was within my budget? Sure. I’d welcome it. But just tonight I saw more clearly the wisdom of Nikon’s decision with the D3/D700 vs. playing the MP game. My buddy was shooting in a dark convention hall tonight with the D700, and he said there was no way he could have gotten a single shot with his D200. He was shooting mostly 2000 ISO or higher. Would he need 20+mp for that? Probably not even 6mp. But to capture images that even film couldn’t get – that’s worth it’s weight in gold. When it comes to better low light performance vs. more MP’s, I would bet 9 out of 10 photographers would choose the first. I know I certainly would.

      Next, who is it hurting if Nikon refreshes a pro camera (eg. D3) to include video? It enables photographers who could make use of it, and doesn’t hinder existing quality to still images. It’s kind of a no brainer for Nikon. I take that back. It’s a very serious mistake to NOT include it. Just because the Renault was the first car to employ keyless entry, does that mean higher end vehicles such as a Ferrari should go without it? And I’d argue that video in DSLR’s is much more valuable than a remote control for your car.

      Let me put it another way: why should a pro shooter be required to buy TWO cameras to receive a valuable feature that consumers get for free? That reasoning is just downright silly. If for you, buying and enjoying a D700s, a D3s, or a D3xs depends on not having a valuable feature such as video, then you have bigger issues than your camera needs.

    • Anon

      Actually there was a point being made elsewhere about how video might be detrimental for pros. For example you have a lot of events (mainly sports) where video has separate licensing rights, and photogs must only take photos, not video. If ever someone decides to shoot video with their DSLR and release it, chances are, the photogs will all be denied access at the next event and instead an exclusive contract will be granted to only one photog, because it’s easier to control. Therefore all other photogs lose their jobs.

      A bit far fetched I know.

    • Istvan

      Agree! They should speed up the D700 focus. They should speed up focusing with extender to a reasonable level. Today it is no good for any sort of moving target. And they should finally build a really WORKING 3D focus tracking!!! (I am speaking about tracking racing cars, fliying birds, etc…..

  • Anonymous

    Does this mean ‘released’ or ‘announced’ (with a later release)?

  • Anonymous

    Several people are speculating on the D3s as well as a D700s later in the year (December).

    As I recall reading on this webiste earlier in the year Nikon planned on 4 dslr releases in 2009. To date we have had the D5000, D3000 and D300s. That leave only one more release for this year. Should be in stores for the holiday shopping period.

  • Andi

    Nikon may indeed release the D3s before the D700s. Just look at the D300->D300s transition: if you add a second memory card slot and a faster frame rate (and video) to the D700 who would still buy a D3?

  • Phil

    I don’t care what the next camera is. I am just waiting for my next Nikon to be something with 18-24 MP to justify an upgrade from my D200. Video would be nice, but definately not necessary.

    • M35

      I too have a D200 and waiting for the next generation of equipment. Video, I really don’t care about at all. Bring on better noise reduction and resolution.

      • M35 – compared to your D200 isnlt the D3 noise performance good enough already??

        • Tomaocron

          I laugh when people keep asking for more pixels. I say give me 6 megapixels with creamy ISO 25600!!!

          • Marc W.

            How many MP my camera has, not sure, but is 6400 ISO clean, OH HELL YEAH!

          • ERic

            Oh, and make it 12 fps

      • Magnus

        D200 owner waiting for the D400
        Mainly shooting action sports indoors
        (wish list: higher ISO/lower noise, 8-10fps, 12-14Mp and DX)

        D300s is OK – but only a stop gap release – hopefully the D400 will bring new technology.
        Buying an FX would mean I would have to invest in new glass.
        Video or not is of little importance to me (when shooting events/sports a video sequence equals missed stills..).

    • merkuree

      Yep, same situation, I am a D200 driver waiting to upgrade.
      I have been tempted by the D3 and D700 but was hopeful that a new
      D700x or D3s release would provide some deals on existing D700 or D3 equipment.

      I don’t really want or need video. I would also prefer high ISO/low noise over 18-24 MPix for my type of shooting.

      I just think that the price point for the D3 and D700 is still far too high for what you get. No doubt, both are terrific cameras but I would only consider buying into them if the D700 drops below $2000 and the D3 drops to under $2800.

      Hopefully, Nikon will realize that a new D700 and D3 release will also drive sales for other Nikon equipment by D200 and D300 owners waiting to upgrade.

      • johansson

        Yeah, right
        And I would like to buy a Porsche
        but only if the 911 drops below $10.000

        • merkuree

          There’s a 1981 Targa 911 on e-bay for $10K. Knock yourself out.

          • STJ

            And that is a never used 911 from 1981????

  • Jose Artigas

    If Nikon does not satisfy the market as soon as posssible, in my case I might switch to Canon this year! I’m so tired of waiting for a camera of this respected company. Serious amateur and professional photographers, just waiting and waiting for a normal camera comes to market. It makes no sense that Nikon put us to expect, when Canon is already selling the best cameras in good prices.

    • dhenry

      So switch. I never understood this opinion. You are not married, and if you were, you could get a divorce. If Canon suits you better, switch. They have had some good announcements lately. And then after a while, once Nikon put’s out some little dream fairy box, come on back. It can’t be the lens investment because the way prices have gone a lot of them will sell for just what you paid for them (or more). In the camera biz it is really just a game of leapfrog. One of the frogs will always be ahead. For me, I happen to really like my Nikon gear and won’t be upgrading until the D4 drops out of the sky because I don’t see another real game changer before then (I reserve the option to change that opinion if they do something amazing, but really an “S” update probably is not game changing).

      • pabs

        grrreat point.

      • zzddrr

        Try to imagine that somebody actually wants to upgrade from an older model. It is like asking you in 2015 to buy a D3. No question about it, by that time probably the D3 will have successors that outperform the current lineup.

        I feel symathy for those who purchased a camera back 3-4 yrs ago and now what they see is not really promising. Yes, we have to admit Nikon is not in the game of high res smaller and/or lower cost options.

        Ok, look at it this way. What did Nikon deliver this year?
        1) D5000 – plastic gadget filled with jello (and recalled)
        2) D3000 – is this targeted to who?
        3) D300s – now this really added to the jellow lineup. (Minor improvements)
        4) 70-200 – hmmm, announcing something 5 months ahead availability….(great strategy)

        In the meantime we have to give credit to others. For example the Micro 2/3 (Pana, Oly), Sony to give the first sub 2K full frame at 24MP, new Exmor R sensor tech. Canon for its innovation in the Video area.

        And what did Nikon users get? The above lineup. I am not sure that this will fly in a more competitive market. Slowly Nikon’s share will erode as people will start replacing some used items. The only luck Nikon has that the switching cost at the moment is relatively high for those who have quite few glasses.

        The problem is that Nikon is extremely predictable. They should come out with the D4 (this year) but that’s not going to happen.

        • Get your Sony.

          And good luck with that.

          And careful when you knock the D300s. On the surface, it looks like a minor update. I have found it’s more significant once you start shooting with it. D300s video offers a better bitrate and hence lower compression, no stair stepping, and improved chip responsiveness. It’s not perfect, just like the D90 wasn’t perfect. Yet, there are those producing GREAT looking stuff with both, and then there are those that choose to whine instead.

          You may not like it, but these “VSLR’s” have really hit a sweet spot for photographers needing video. And they can be used to produce some very nice footage, i.e.:


          • zzddrr

            Ron, you are absolutely right. Many people who love video are happy with D300s.

            But not everyone is is upto the video. Not everyone needs it especially with its infant development stage.

            Yes, there are quite few people who feel that Nikon is behind the game and when the quality difference in outcome is diminishing it is hard to justify the ignorance of Nikon. Just think about the target buyer of the M9 Leica and the D300s leaks. (I still laugh about the Star Wars kids….)

            If you put together the picture than you will figure out who has more purchasing power…..

            As I said before, you’re right about that segment of D300s users but don’t fall into the trap of generalizing. There is whole crowd out there who don’t even come to these forums but shell out thousands of dollars to buy still cameras. And guess what, for example one of my relatives bought expensive equipment (really old) and creates images than most of the young guns can just dream about it.

            So there is a whole lot going on around the DSLR and VSLRs

    • DNHJR

      Canon’s are pretty good, but I hate the set up of the bottons and menu’s of the Canon’s I have. Nikon’s layouts are so much better and the menu’s are much easier. Anyway it’s cool to have both systems.

    • Marc W.

      “…normal camera comes to market. It makes no sense that Nikon put us to expect, when Canon is already selling the best cameras in good prices.”

      Um, how are Nikons not normal? And how are Canons any better?

    • You’re funny, Jose. Have fun with Canon. See you back here when you follow the crowd on their journey to Nikon.

    • bla

      Funny my Nikon is a normal camera, is available, and I’ve never really had to wait for it? And it is a serious body, respected by serious amateurs and pro’s alike? Nikon did not make me expect anything, I just checked what was actually available….

      Enjoy your Canons. Your wise insights in Nikon as a company will not be missed.

  • Josh

    I hope this isn’t true. What’s the hurry? Implement the filming function in a future D4 instead. Canons filming capabilities are way better than Nikons at the moment and there’s no reason to release yet another “upgrade” with poor filming.

    Take a deep breath, Nikon, and go back to the drawing table…

    • WoutK89

      Nikon to date, still hasnt implemented Video in FF, so I think that is just a bit more difficult to them than on DX.

      • STJ

        What should be different?

        • Bigger chip, longer readout? Maybe it’s the components (eg processor) that take up more space with the FF? Not entirely sure, but that’s a pretty good question, one which I’ve pondered too. Why no FF video yet? Is it just Nikon hitting the DX first, then moving to FX, or is it a technical limitation?

  • Dan

    I hope this is true, I was going to buy a D3, but I will wait for this camera!

  • Dan

    I hope this is true! I was going to buy a D3, but I will wait for this camera!

    • alex

      i have an even better idea: wait for d5, it must be damn good

      • Dan

        Thats ages away, if I keep waiting I’ll never have a camera! (or upgrade I should say)

        • pabs

          hey! what about a D6? it´ll come right? eventually…

          • Alex

            nah forget the D6… it doesn’t have the built-in toaster that the D7 uses. And the D7x can do 4 slices, not just 2.

        • Nice work, Dan. Your automotive stuff looks very nice, as does your macro work. Keep it up!

  • GaryH

    How soon after an announcement does Nikon bodies become available on stock?

    I am leaving for a trip first week of January. I am trying to hold off on buying a D700.

    • DNHJR

      well if I remember right the D700 was announced and a week or so later I had the camera in my hand.

    • bla

      I’d never buy a body short before I really really need it…. If you want/need a D700, get a D700.

  • Roger

    I’m going to put this under the “No Duh” column.


    The 1DMkIV is due in the spring. The fact that the paparazzi are using the 5DMk2 means Canon will have video in the new MkIV (Reliable AF may or may not be included). The only question left is if it’s going to be FF or APS-H (I’m going to say it’ll be FF 16mp, ISO 51200).

    If Nikon is going to prevent anyone from jumping ship BACK to Canon, they have to have a PJ heavy duty camera on the market with video before the MkIV is announced, errr, “leaked”.

    • [Ô]

      You seem to forget that the 1D3 still wont AF reliably. I am seeing PJ’s moving from Canon to Nikon because the Damn AF STILL isn’t fixed.

      Video won’t sell them a MK4 without good AF proformance, Canon NEED to fix the AF in a Mk4 and they won’t get away with empty promises this time.

      D3s will be fine as long as it WORKS as well as the D3.

      just my 2c worth..

      • mike


        I switched from Canon to Nikon in December last year after 14 months of using a MKIII and binning a lot of files, and with a 20 year investment in Canon.

        Not only is the grass not as green on the other side but it isn’t in focus. Believe me when Canon release a new pro body it will probably have good AF, but there are significant issues with some of the lenses and quality control is considerably poorer than Nikons.

        Jump if you want but I can tell you from experience – many pros are coming to Nikon not the other way around.

        • Tomaocron

          “Not only is the grass not as green on the other side but it isn’t in focus.” – Hilarious!!

        • Konkel

          I made the same switch, and I agree to a certain point. There is however a risk that Nikon’s heading in the same direction. Nikon has manufactured 50 million lenses since 1959. Canon has produced 40 million since 1987. That’s a huge difference. Nikon might be facing deteriorating quality control due to increased sales. It doesn’t have to be that way, but I think there’s a risk.

        • Marc W.

          “Jump if you want but I can tell you from experience – many pros are coming to Nikon not the other way around.”

          Who says that commenter up there IS a pro?!

          • mike

            Would it make any difference to you either way ?

            I wouldn’t expect anyone to make a serious switching or staying decision based on my say-so or opinion whatever my photographic capability or that it is my profession. Just posted to say frustrating as it might be to not get a new body every 12 months – switching to get a perceived improvement in specification or some *must have* feature might not give you everything you assumed.

            I have had my D3’s for about 9-10 months now and I’d happily keep those for another 2 years and work them for the investment in them. If a D4 comes in late 2011 then so be it.

        • johansson

          a “pro” i know had a 1Ds mk3 with very good glas.
          one day he came to me and said: ” hey, i switched to D3x and now i’m feeling like a real pro.
          You know what?
          His pictures are still as shitty as they always were …
          end of story

          • L.O.Freaking.L.

            Funny how true that is. You can get great stuff (or crap, as the case may be) with either Nikon or Canon. You’re just a glutton for punishment (and buyers remorse) if you go the Canon route.

    • Chris

      LOL.. they DEFINITELY do not use the 5d mark ii. Those guys use camera that shoot AT LEAST 5 fps. Unless you’re talking about video, in which case you’re still wrong. They use cameras that can auto-focus like the Canon HF line.

  • James

    hmm SB-700 as well?

  • AS

    Nikon is playing us for fulls…They want us to upgrade our gear every generation and are not satisfied that so many are buying a new body every two generations. This is I think the main reason for the D300s existence and the next to come D3s and D700s, to force people in buying new gear now, and also next year when the good staff comes out!

    But now problem, I’m not married to Nikon and a divorced is in process…

    • Good luck with that divorce. Seems a bit silly, but good luck.

    • bla

      Yes, indeed, a Nikon rep put a gun to my head and said: “buy the latest or we’ll make you divorce us”….

      Oh wait….

      Luckily the other brands never bring new cameras with relatively minor upgrades.
      Oh wait…..

      But whatever floats your boat.

    • Anonymous

      It’ll give you some time to ‘brush’ up on your english…

  • carad

    A D3 with extented buffer ?
    A new AF module : larger and more efficient in the corners ?

  • anon

    As Long As They Don’t Charge Over $5000 I Will Definitely Get This Camera If It Comes Out!!!!

  • kuri

    D3s D3xs D700x D700xs… I’ll believe it when I see it 🙂
    D700xls (can output your files as Excel files.)
    D700pwp (outputs your holiday snaps as a PowerPoint presentation)

    Meanwhile, I just bought a F3HP with MD4 and the 28/2.0Ais this morning, stuffed it with Ilford FP4, slapped on a yellow filter and I’ve shot 9 rolls of film today and every time this thing fires I still get this massive grin on my face. Negatives are hanging to dry now in the bathroom and they look good 🙂

    Seriously, pick one up, beg, borrow, steal (ok, not steal, that’s bad..) and it is probably the next best thing to putting on the Ironman suit.

    Just buy what makes you enjoy going out and taking pictures, not what gives you more Megapiggies or Vididoos than your neighbour.

    • Marc W.

      Amen. *pulls out my Bronica SQ-A*

      • kuri

        RB67ProSD here :))

        God I wish Nikon could just stick a 16mp FF back on an F3…
        No white-balance, not 456 menu’s to dig through
        Just shoot either 16mp FF raw (negative)
        shoot 16 mp Tiffs (Like tranasparecny film)
        That’s it. No fuss. Just skill. screw histograms. Just learn your trade.

        What blew me away about my F3 combo.. The viewfinder image. All it shows is Aperture and Shutter speed and a + or -.for exposure.
        No lines, no info, no focussing points. Mine has a Nikon H1 screen, very bright but no markings whatsoever.. it is just sooo good… All you really look at is the image you compose and you can focus on ANY part of the screen perfectly. Who needs 52 focussing points?!

        • pabs

          wow, I love what you just said

          • Incognito

            Ha learn your trade by fixing color after the fact. How about you shoot jpeg and learn your trade then!

          • kuri

            Correct colour afterwards? Nah, far too mnay great shots are killed by colour correction afterwards. Either slap a filter on your lens if you know how to correct or leave it as-is 🙂

            Or shoot B&W, Like I’m doing now 😛

  • 3space

    D3s with FF video1080p @ 60fps and a decent codec would put a hurt on canon’s video exodus. I’m not sure if they should stay at 12mp or step up to a greater pixel count. I had a 5Dm2 for 8 weeks and I loved the image quality of the stills but not a great fan of the H264 compression. Can Nikon drop a bomb and release a decent codec?

    • bla

      canon’s video exodus ?

      And that is ….. ?

  • Matstar

    What does the “S” stand for anyway?? My guess is Second edition, and the “X” for Extreme edition.


    d3s fine if its true but the d3 is still the top sports camera around who needs video !! buy a video camera if you want to shot video.the only fix i will do to the d3 is as the previous post widen the fiocus points to the corners,change the liveview button to instant on as canon have no need to use the dial.larger buffer.12mp is fine if you can go high without affecting the noise preformance at 6400iso. built in harddrive 32gb/64gb and maybe wifi,i cant justify the prices for the wifi/lan adaptor for both cameras nikon and canon wake up over $1000aus robbery

  • Adam

    woot! No lens announcement? No prime announcements…..

  • John Dosy-Doe

    I remember not even 2 years ago people kept saying they would jump ship because Nikon would never come out with FF camera. When the D3 came out everyone was speechless. I am guessing that the D300s was the first phase of video in (semi)pro cameras. I am sure that Nikon would not provide any pro with less than pro desired features for video in their pro line of SLR bodies ( don’t forget that the D300, even though a a great camera, is not a pro camera).

    So sit down, shut up and hold on, because the roller coaster ride is about to get started.

    • Jurno

      I would argue with the notion that the D300s is not a pro camera. Lots of pros use the D300. I’ve seen them. It’s got a pro-level build and a pro-level set of controls. What’s not pro? The DX? Since when? Until just a few years ago, the highest most pro level of camera Nikon made was a DX.

      • pabs

        yeah, that was a few years ago. not anymore dude!

        • Anonymous

          D 300 is rated pro by nikon , they choose not you!!

    • bla

      Don’t forget that the D300, while a great camera, is definitely a pro camera.

  • Bwyan

    It always puzzels me how people in here seems to change both camera and camera brand every other week or so. Where do u guys get the money from? Am I missing something? Is there some secret way to keep this up? if so could someone pls tell me cos my trusty old D70 (jupp seven o, google it for those of you that haven’t been around that long;) needs replacement!

    • Anonymouse

      It’s called, being single, having no wife or kids, decent flexible paying job, with low apartment rent, all the while making/cooking your own meals

      • STJ

        Ok – so we agree that it’s not called “a life” 😉

        • mape2k

          “A life” does not have a definition, because everyone can live their life as they want…

    • bla

      Those claiming to switch brands must have been the owners of a single body with single lens. Even if they claim to have a D300, it’s probably with the 18-200 Ken likes so well…

      Once you get a bit serious about it, there is no more switching. Too much investments in lenses. And as you go along, you outgrow the whole idea you need a new body to improve your photography….

      Kind of useless to post this notion here between all these gearheads.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah- does anyone actually take any photos or are you all just chasing new gear every week!?

  • MentalRaymond

    A new 12mp camera with second rate video features for $5000? No thanks.
    With an S model it means that they wont be doing a full update for a minimum of 12 months, which means a D4 wouldnt even hit till maybe Jan of 2012. Canon and Sony alreadfy have a 36MP FF sensor on the way, what is Nikon playing at?

    Someone above said it was a boring year for the camera industry. Have they seen the Canon and especialy Sony releases this year?! Sony already have the second wave of affordable FF cameras with its 24mp sensor. The whole point is to make as many runs as you can to lower production costs. Nikon had the d3 sensor, the lowered the price and stuck it in a d300 body and made a killing. Same with sony with the a850 and the 24mp sensor. How many d3X does nikon hope to sell? the numbers will only be in the 100’s of 1000s.

    • bla

      Yeah, you need more megapixels! Megapixels make quality photos! Nikon doesn’t understand a thing about cameras!!


  • Fwagz


    team digital (an authorized nikon reseller here in Australia) are selling their D3 demo stock and there d300 demo stock (which we already know is discontinued). See above link.

    • I received that as a tip and it is interesting but could be a coincidence.

  • Shaw

    by definition aren’t all rumors Unconfirmed?

    • yes, but if I get it from own of my sources, I consider it confirmed – this one is from the web and I don’t know anything about the source, that’s why I also would not rate it

  • son

    No chance, Nikon would loose a lot of customers, I´m waiting for a d700x or d800 in the near future, otherwise I will change to Canon!

    • Will nikon loose their customers or lose them? It seems pertinent to ask.

    • bla

      Nikon loses customers because you are waiting for a D700x and might switch? So you are a lot of customers?

      But hey, go enjoy your Canon if you really believe you must have at least 20 megapixels. I’m sure once you’re fed up with that Canon, Canon will loose a lot of customers when you go to Sony….

  • Gordon

    I guess it was expected a D3s would be in the works too, lets just hope a D700X will be announced at the same time.

    It will be a big mistake for Nikon to delay a D700X release until next year, they’ve already lost alot of momentum due to the 5DMkII, especially in the landscape photography field. The amount of times I see a professional or amatuer landscape photographer list the 5DMkII as their camera of choice is astounding, at least 50% and I would hesitate to say it could even be higher. Now with the 7D announced, Nikon’s momentum will be hurt further.

    • Anonymous

      LOL-have you seen the files from the 7D? I don’t think nikon are worried AT ALL!

  • Ronan

    Wouldn’t we already know? October is right next door…

  • Jack

    Hey Admin, did you delete posts from this thread?

    • sometimes, often also the spam filter catches some comments and deletes them (removes them)

      • Jack

        Oh, I see, I didn’t think I said anything bad, but I don’t see my post from this afternoon. Oh well, it wasn’t important.

  • Tim

    I think the D3s is a done deal. Like the D2xs and the D300s. The timing is about right too. Aren’t we about 2 years on from the D3 release. The real question is the D700. I mean there just has to be a D700x sometime, but does it make sense to release it before a D700s? Perhaps we’ll get a D3s and D700s this time round and the D700x in a year, or at PMA, in 2010. Then in 2011 the D4 / D400 double whammy to put Nikon on top of the pile again. Nikon moves at their own speed, not that demanded by their customers!

    • WoutK89

      Remember, Next year is Photokina too again, so Nikon, bring on the announcements 😀

      • Tim

        Hmm. But what? Seems 2009 might be remembered as the year of the ‘s’. Perhaps 2010 will be remembered as the year of the lens. I hope so as Nikon realign all their out-dated AFD models as FX bodies become more mainstream. I’m thinking then that PMA will be CoolPix time (maybe a new APS-C CoolPix?), leaving Photokina for the big boys.

  • hendrik

    I just wish Nikon produces new camera with high reliability sensor (against hot pixels) and higher durability shutter for both DX and FX.

  • nonbeliever

    nobody needs that – all I want is a D700x
    If I didn´t have so much gear, I would already have switched to Canon – still looking for something comparable to 5d Mark II

    • That’s the D700. Greater detail, lower noise, and build quality blows the 5d out of the water – just hold them side by side and you’ll see there’s no comparison. If it’s video you want, sounds like you just need to wait a little bit longer.

  • No urgency for either D3s, D700s or D400. They can wait for a while. But Nikon should bring the D700x for a reasonable price, asap. What are they still waiting for? Maybe the R&D dept. is still trying to master the video on D3x sensor.

  • Anonymous

    Nikon is going to come out with a D3xs ; I hope it will film 1080p and have the 24 mpx sensor of the D3X with autocleaning capability !! It would be great ,easy to make and will brake the Canon’s aera !

  • Anonymous

    …and after with a D700 xs !!

  • Anonymous

    If they come out with a D3S they re goin to loose the market big time and price will go down 2 ,kind o cool 2!!

    • bla

      Explain, why will they loose the market?

  • funny

    the d300s was a dissapointment and so will a d3s. sorry but nikon should just get over it and release the d400 and d4. Unless they include great video unlike the crappy motion jpeg that not even point and shoots use these days because it is old. get on the h264 wagon nikon. even the ipod nano can shoot h264.

    • You were disappointed? I was pleased. Hmm…

  • roro

    Nobody speaks about improved AF efficience.
    Do you think we can expect a real jump about it?
    Maybe it’s a criteria for Christian Fletcher to say Nikon is going to do good.
    it’s just my intuition (so their are rumors, fakes, whishlists and.. intuitions 😉

    from me there is still a lot to do about AF

  • shivas

    the “s” versions are for Nikon financial reasons alone:
    -They get to eliminate the aging models that have decreased price points
    -they put VERY little into “redoing” the new sensors
    -they get to bring the original price point back up!!

    The D300s was a pretty insignificant upgrade on paper, but the processing speed, higher fps, and video upgrades were pretty substantial->a lot of people needed that (I would’ve loved it!)

    The D3s will probably be the same, fill in gaps they should’ve ages ago: self-cleaning sensor (how many pro’s complain about dust on the D3!!), even HIGHER buffer and fps rate, and probably the addition of a video + a third SD slot so movies could be captured?

    The D700s won’t be out until next year, it was only released LAST year people!

    • Tim

      Totally cool points. Except I don’t think the sensors get any work done on them? The D300 sensor goes into the ‘s’ and backs down into the D90 and down. Same with the D3’s sensor into the D700. We all know the D3x’s will end up in a D700x. Just a question of timing.The D2xs ended up with the same sensor / AF combo as the D2x. I can’t see any sensor updates, or AF updates (apart from some software / buffer stuff / perhaps video) until the D4 / D400 come out.

  • GT

    I hope the next “D3″ has a 13” MacBook Pro built in to it!!!!

    Yeah Baby!!

  • Anon

    It has begun.

  • The next-gen cameras will likely have their OS like we see on smart phones. Maybe new cameras will have an integrated GPS, modem & Photoshop :)) You may even check your mails, or live chat from the screen. No sci-fi 🙂

  • Jose

    been serious boys that sony is working hard with excelent pices and good lens

  • Jose


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