Hot Nikon news that might have lots of Canon gear going cheap (Nikon D700x)

Christian Fletcher is a well known professional photographer from Western Australia and has been a Canon fan for many years - his camera is a Canon 5D MKII. He shoots mainly landscape / panorama. This is what he wrote on his blog a week ago (direct post link):


Note that his post is labeled with the "Nikon D700x", "New Nikon camera release" and "Nikon Rumours" tags.

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  • Spotpuff

    And I just got the 10-24 DX too… Blah.

    A cheap full frame (<$2k) would be great, D90 quality level for D300 price would be fine.

    • Well, I guess the 10-24 DX is really only a bad purchase if they make it’s equivalent in FX terms as well, no? They’d need to make a pro-grade 16-35mm f/4 (FX) for me to start getting interested in FX for landscape photography. Just my personal opinion and preference of course.

      And BTW, if it’s the D3X sensor we’re hoping it is, chances are it won’t be <$2000. Unfortnately…


      • WTH

        totally agree with you on the 16-35 range for fx and price range on a potential 700x.

      • LNDSHRK

        They make a 17-35 f2.8 lens – have for years.

        Fully “FX” (and 35mm) compatible ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • zeeGerman

          but unfortunately it’s quite soft other than the center, even at f/4. And they proofed that they can do much better with the 14-24mm. Though I also hope for a 16-35mm f/4.

          • Chrissy

            Not sure how it would matter if it is soft in the corners at f/2.8 or 4. I certainly don’t shoot landscapes wide/near wide open.

          • zeeGerman

            @Chrissy: Mainly for indoor photography in available light.

          • Chrissy

            True. Though any available light shots where I need maximum sharpness in the corners (and overall for that matter) I would use a tripod.

            I hope you do not take offense to this as I am not trying to argue so much as talk about gear as I am bored atm.

          • zeeGerman

            hahaha, no offense taken, mate. Tripods, more often monopods are an option. But if you have to move through a reception or banquet, this might be critical.
            I’m not a corner sharpness fetishist, but even with a 24mm at 2.8, the depth of field isn’t that sallow, unless you’re focusing distance is really short.
            For example, I don’t mind the 85mm f/1.4 being soft at the corners at 1.4, because the everything else but the main subject disappears in a creamy bokeh, therefor shaprness doesn’t matter all that much.

          • jbl

            You guys are puzzled over nothing!

            There’s this AWESOME 14-24 ฦ’/2.8 that is the widest wide angle zoom for DSLR and also the sharpest, even wide open.

            the 14-24 is one of the reason I wanna stick with Nikon once I upgrade to FX with (hopefully) the D700x or D700s!

            14-24 is gonna be my main lens.

          • zeeGerman

            No one said that it isn’t a great lens. but some, including me, prefer a range of the older 17-35mm over the 14-24mm.
            And the point is that the old 17-35mm isn’t as sharp as the 14-24mm.

          • jbl

            Yes, that’s true.. the 14-24’s range is a bit short… personally I don’t really mind for the 35mm… but I wish it was a 14-28mm.

            I’m probably going to get the 14-24 + sigma 28mm ฦ’/1.8… I need a fast wide angle anyway.

            Right now I use the 20mm ฦ’/1.8 and I love it… but I would find it redundant to keep it with the 14-24.

            Unless I skip the 14-24 and keep my tokina 11-16 and use it at 15mm on FX… but then I’d still want that 14mm and a 24mm equivalent.. and the 28… so I’d be better with the 14-24.

          • Zograf

            Even 17-35/f4 high image quality, low vignetting would be nice. I have now the 14-24/2.8 – exceptional but rather overwhelming for everyday use.

    • Nikon makes an ok 14/2.8 and the Tokina 11-16 looks great on film at 16mm. Haven’t slapped it on a D3x yet, but I expect good things.

  • John

    Is it now official that we are really getting the D700x can anyone confirm this ?

    • Anonymous

      How did you determine this was in any way “official”?? If it was why would you need it confirmed?

      • It was two questions w/ one question mark. Think you misunderstood. He said, “Is it…” not “It is.”

  • Davey

    Digital Medium Format? D3X + Hasselblad?

    • WoutK89

      Nikon is not getting into medium format anytime soon I guess, where are the lenses for instance? First they need to get their act together in FX (lenses)

      • Hakejo


        • Anon

          Wanna vomit?

  • Bluecow

    At this point I’m more interested in new lenses coming out. Hopefully they announce some along with what appears to be the inevitable D700x.

  • I can only cross my fingers and hope for the best. The d300s’s video is no better than the D90, I understand it’s just as crippled but with a few extra features, non of which give you aperture, shutter or ISO control . Not to mention the problem with Nikon’s blue channel for video that requires a software fix called the “stair step fix” for a cleaner file in terms of pro usuage.

    With the new Canon 7d, I was debating jumping ship but I have too much invested in Nikon glass (which I feel is superior to Canon’s glass) – so I am patiently waiting, and waiting and waiting… crossing my figures but also realizing Canon just might always have the upper edge when it comes to the video/DLSR hybrid as they already produce a very successful line of dedicated video camers as well as manufacture their own sensors.


    • Hey Aaron – if you can’t wait for Nikon to bring out something with decent video just jump in and get a Canon – you can still use all your Nikon lenses – er…except the G series. Got to manual focus etc – but you pretty much have to do that anyway shooting decent footage on the DSLR – so Nikon, Canon lenses – whatever! I bought a 5d2 a few months ago and run it alongside the D700 – shots heaps of commercial video with it already – paid for itself while I would have been waiting for the ‘perfect’ solution.

      • YS

        Why not get a GH1 instead? A small second system never hurt. Especially since it does really good video, and will take Nikon lenses easily.

    • zeeGerman

      If video is critical for you, I would hold my breath a bit longer, stick with Nikon, and wait until Sony is ready to implement video into their DSLRs. My feeling is, whenever they will release a SLR with video, it will be by far the best available. They just have too good a reputation, to put something like the D90 video out there.

    • Can anyone point to stair stepping artifacts in the D300s footage – I don’t see any from my body.

      As for manual controls – it’s still not where I’d like it, but you’re partially incorrect in saying that none of the controls give you aperture, shutter or ISO control. In M and A mode (manual and aperture priority) you can set your aperture to anything between wide open and f/16, and the D300s will honor that aperture, then adjust the shutter speed/sensitivity likewise. Not perfect, but definitely an improvement over the full-auto crap-shoot of the D90.

      Are there enough reasons to sell the D90 and spend an extra 1k on the D300s? Probably not. But as far as new purchases go, I’m really glad I got the 300s instead of the 90.

      The video on all the latest VSLR bodies has issues, no doubt. But I’ve seen enough to know that it can look really nice with care.

      • Jurno

        I agree. I’ve seen some really nice footage from the D300s, far surpassing anything from the D90.

        • Ronan


    • Have you seen the images from the 7D on DPreview? I was a bit excited until I saw them. Flat soft, totally uninspiring imho.

  • weird. yesterday my friend from very big non gray nikon shops was saying something similar. He said FX with more then 12Mpix will “replace” D700 while cheaper FX with D700 sensor will eventually come too.

    • True or not, that sounds like the most likely path. With the Sony A850 coming, the pressure is on both Nikon and Canon to get below $2000 asap with a full-frame sensor. Of course you can always pick up a Canon 5D mk1 for well under $2000, but that camera is practically ancient, the sensor alone is what makes it desirable.

      Anyways, I’d definitely expect to see Nikon do both- More affordable 24 megapixels, and more affordable 12 megapixels. (More affordable than the D3X and D700, respectively, is what I mean…)


      • rhlpetrus

        Maybe Nikon is dropping the high-end DX line (Dx00) in favor of FX at under 2,000USD. That would be quite surpising, maybe they’ll keep keep both.

        I’d be quite suprised if Nikon did that, but, well, Nikon surprised everybody with D3, so why not again?

        • no way nikon would drop pro DX line. It is way too useful for many cases.

        • Jon Paul

          Not to mention how doubtful that sounds right after the D300s release…

    • jbl

      Interesting theory.

      Nikon could always release a D600. A D700 sensor in a cheaper body…

      I would love the D700x to be 18mp instead of 24.

  • Wow, would have to be some medium format insanity for him to say he’s ditching Canon, after all the D3x has been around for a while so if he wanted the sensor that badly he could have switched already.
    How much do we think an ‘M1’ body would cost? Surely not a nickel less than $10k.

    • regular

      What is M1? Do you mean Hasselblad H1?

  • Canon EOS 7D

    I am leaving nikon, going to canon.. buh bye pals! here comes my new ship!

    • Terry

      Ok, have fun. See you next year when ur back.

    • Jon Paul

      To paraphrase a great A Man for All Seasons quote:
      Why Richard, it profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world… but for the Canon 7D?

  • Canon EOS 7D

    I am going to say bye bye to nikon, bye pals! sayonara!

    • Zorro

      I thought you were leaving.

      • Chrissy

        He’ll be back again when Nikon releases something new.

        • Tim Catchall

          If the D700x has 1080p video @24/24/30fps he will be very sorry.

  • low

    uh oh!!!!

  • Gordon

    Very comforting news indeed, especially coming from landscape photographer who is also a Canon flag waver. All the doom lately of D700s talk or no D700x at all made me pessimistic, but reading this gives me a spark of optimism that Nikon will not neglect us landscape photographers.

  • Ennan

    He’s talking about the new SB700 with built in projector and 397×121 video at 13fps.

    • Jed

      lol’d all over myself

    • Max

      Haha lol.

    • Jon Paul

      Bravely spoken!

  • Matthias

    I hope something FXish that can compete wiith the 5D MkII is comming…some full hd video mode and some more megapixels… already thinking for a while of switching to canon but it’s still a question of the nikon lenses i already have… damn those different mounting systems…

    • D700x

      Same as you!~ lol, but I don’t like 5d2 without wireless transmit . 7D 1st canon camera got their wireless flash transmit.. I’m thinking to get 5D2 for a while too but now 7D got 60fps video and I just forget the 5d2 with only 30fps, sooner it will be outdated. We pray together nikon can introduce something special to compete with

  • Chad

    I for one don’t see any reason to ‘upgrade.’ My D700 is an amazing camera, the high iso performance is great and more megapixels is not worth the cost/noise.

    Oh… and CMOS video? Thank, but no thanks. Get your rolling shutter figured out and then we’ll talk.

    • Jon Paul

      How can you say that without knowing the difference in cost?
      I do agree with your sentiment, though. We should be out taking pictures, not posting dreams on a rumor blog. Unless we can’t be out taking pictures–then this is fine.

      • Chad

        What does cost have to do with anything?

        Even if it costs $2k, it’ll still have too much noise at iso 3200 and it’ll still shoot crappy video. No thanks.. my D700 takes photos that are plenty big and clean enough and it’s paid for.

        I’m going to go buy a new Canon SX20 tomorrow so I can have video that is worth watching and a 28-490 something telezoom.

        • Jon Paul

          Sorry, Chad. I thought you were saying that the added cost of higher resolution didn’t make sense for anybody–I misread your post and see now that you’re talking about you and anyone who’s upgrading from a D700.
          For someone considering either the D700 or its eventual replacement, that decision can’t be made before knowing the cost of the replacement. That’s all I was saying.

          PS I never thought I’d see the day when someone was calling their D700 pictures just “clean enough.” ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • steve

      I own a D90, my next body is going to have a full frame sensor. I agree that the D700 is a great camera. I want one. I hope that what ever comes out is going to but a big dent in the used prices for the D700. If so, I will pick one up.


    We’ll see. I’ll believe it when I see a Nikon press release.

  • Alex

    Will it have a “Direct Print” button? Just kidding, sorry to extend this joke to this forum. But seriously, with Sony and Canon having dual processors now, I wonder a 24.5mp FF camera can’t have resolution AND speed, if Nikon was to incorporate that also. In comparison to the 7D, a 24.5mp FF sensor is not that dense with pixels at all. A FF would have to be around 46mp, to be as dense as an APS-C sensor at 18mp. But this camera needs to happen yesterday! Make it 24.5mp, with the speed of the 7D, make it perform better than the GH1 AND 7D for video.

  • woble

    Don’t get your hopes too high guys or you will be disappointed.

  • Gordon

    If a D700x is coming with the D3X sensor, hopefully Nikon will update or replace the 17-35mm f/2.8 lens with a newer design and one which will accept filters also. As great as the 14-24mm is, it’s not of much use to us landscape photographers that use ND grads for our shots.

    • Bluecow

      Yes indeed, that is exactly the lens update I’m waiting for. Just got a D700 and I’d like a good wide angle lens that can take filters.

    • Rick

      The 17-35mm/f2.8 is already a classic lens… lives on my F6 body most of the time… I’m using filters all the time with it and don’t really see any issues? A 77mm ring adaptor and some Lee filters seem to work well…

    • Grad filters were all there was when shooting chromes – we had to use them. The D700 has rich options for easy bracketing, allowing perfect highlight exposure to be combined with perfect exposure of the rest of the scene. Combining them seamlessly is elementary and far superior to trying to hide the transition with filters. Often this does not even need a bracket, with the flexibility of 14-bit RAW, deriving both dynamic ranges from a single exposure.

      • Zograf

        Yeah, I just did my first combined sunset landscape in Photoshop from a bracketed -1/+1 exposure(in jpeg). Looks great. I can imagine doing the same but each shot taken in 14-bits raw format — the underexposed additionally post-processed for the shadows and the overexposed for the highlights before combining them. Hmm, I am going to try this today..

  • Terry

    Below is part of Christian Fletcher’s Blog on Aug 28, 2009. He say’s Canon’s 7D is on the way out (which he hints before Canon’s press release on Sept 1 2009). He knows more but is sworn the secrecy. He then say’s he thinks Nikons announcement will be more exciting. So there we have it. Nikon will be releasing something probably better/more exciting than the 7D. We can only speculate presently but it must be the D700x and will it be DX or FX. The 7D (DX) is going to retail at US$1699. Nikons announcement will probably be more expensive (given the price of the D300s) but will also probably offer much more too.

    CF’s blog below:


    haha funny posts fellas, Yeah this is all just a publicity stunt!! I wanted more hits on my blog!!!

    Actually that is a lie, Iโ€™m deadly serious, notice the word DEADLY in that sentence! I will cough all over Canon if they donโ€™t play ball, Nikon too for that matter. Swine flu is a lethal weapon and should only be used for good not evil. Were is that Tommy Putt guy need to cough on him.
    Muzz the new Canon is on the way out, what I know is it is called the 7D. I know more but have been sworn to secrecy as I am still a Canon stooge!!!
    Nikons announcement will be more exciting I think.

    Christian said this on August 28, 2009 at 4:54 am | Reply

  • STJ

    Could it be that Nikon would make a DX/FX video-only camera. That way video-graphers would have the wanted shallow depth of field, much much better controls and “monster” size photo sites on the sensor due to the low resolution requirement compared with still shots. The live-view and lens control system could also be much better optimized for this task without any still-picture distractions. Even a dedicated zebra-stibe button, rec.mode res. button etc. (if needed). Also Nikon could hit Canon-camcorders hard without competing with themselves unlike if Canon did the same thing.

    And most importantly (for me) we could have still cameras that does not get more and more “record/stop” and video editing features to distract us from working with still pictures – something that I fear (not said I’m 100% agains video) will become just “more and more” and ruin the unique handling experience of Nikon cameras. Note also that video-recording-capability is not allowed for some occations (e.g. concerts) whereas still cameras are ok…

  • Peter M

    It will be the D400:
    Focus online writes:
    Einige Hersteller setzen sogar auf Full-HD-Videos: Sowohl die Canon 500 D als auch Nikons D400 bringen eine Filmauflรถsung von 1920 x 1080 Pixeln mit.

    Some vendors focus on full hd videos: as well as Canon 500d as Nikons D400 will have a resolution of 1920*1080 pixels.

    • MarkusW

      I don’t believe is a reliable source as far as photography hardware is concerned.

      • zeeGerman

        I don’t believe that Focus is a reliable source for anything… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • zeeGerman

      But frankly, even though I don’t consider Focus as a reliable source, it is interesting. I wonder what we’ll see at the IFA!
      But a D400 would CRAZY! Well Nikon manages it to easily paste 6 moths between announcement and shipping, even though it wasn’t the recent trend.

  • “My favorite comment so far on CF’s blog:

    I wonder if the white coats are reading this blog? The same white coats that sat in a dark room at Nikon and listened to the sound their shutters made, and adjusted them until they all got goosebumpsโ€ฆthe sweet, soulful sound of a nikon shutter.

    At canon, someone bent over thier grandmother and slapped them on the arse with a plastic wooden spoon, and everyone thought, โ€˜hey, that sounds like a Canon shutterโ€ฆshould we fix it?

    Nah, letโ€™s continue with the old plastic theme.โ€™ ”


    • WoutK89

      thx for posting here, saves me some time looking for the good jokes ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Tim Catchall

      That’s great and so true.

  • Jack

    Maybe Nikon has actually made a camera that will steal the soul of whomever you photograph, not just the Aborigines.

    • twoomy

      +1 for random creativity!

  • JP

    Can’t keep my fingers still – Give me the D700x!!!!=)

  • Chris P

    As usual all the speculation is about a new 700x. Perhaps we are going to get a D600, same sensor as a D700 in a lighter less well built body and a D800, 24.5 Mp sensor in the current D700 body. On the other hand it might not be a new camera at all, it might be new lenses, say some wide angle wide aperture primes or, my particular wish, 28-85 and 80-200 compact f4 zooms for my D700.

    • PHB

      And it might be a magic pony…

      Seriously, folk, there is not much to this rumor, is there?

      I somehow doubt its a lens as Nikon pretty much has lenses sewn up. They can throw in some new primes but even if they delivered every lens on everyone’s wish list, I cant think of a reason a decades long Canon shooter with a full bag of lenses is going to think people will be switching in droves. Same goes for a flash.

      Can’t see it being a video back either. That would cause a lot of people to flock to Nikon, but not just Canon users.

      So it is probably a body and given that this is a high end shooter I suspect it is a pricey one rather than a cheaper end model. It is pretty obvious that if Nikon introduces a cheap 24MP FX then Canon can respond by dropping its own prices. And in any case, camera companies loan out big name photographers cameras to test, they don’t tell them the prices, can’t in fact as they won’t be known at that point.

      I would suggest that it is not a D700x at all and that it is instead the D4. I know that the D3x has not been out very long, but it clearly wasn’t the camera Nikon hoped to make. They missed the ISO stop number for a start. The D3x was a camera for people who really really needed 24MP for magazine type work. They had to have something to compete with Canon, but I would bet that they have spent more in advertising placements with the D3x in it than they have made in revenue from it. It is a halo model.

      I can’t see a medium format camera either. It will be much easier to do 50MP in the FX format than to build a whole new format at this point. And 50MP is the key resolution for Vogue and Vanity Fair and the other big glossy fashion mags.

      The only think I would see justifying this billing is a D4. All they have to do is to make it a little faster than the D3x and get to ISO 3200 to have a great camera. If they can get up to ISO 6400 or better at 24MP then its a whole new game.

      A D700s is a no-brainer regardless of whether there is a D700x or not. But I really think that the D3x is a one-off camera built around a sensor that never quite got to where they hoped and will be made obsolete before they get to take it down the range.

  • Jay

    Rofl at the fanbois grabbing for straws.

  • EAJ

    Considering the developments of the past two weeks, Nikon had better let a few rumors leak out, true or not.

  • Dan

    The Nikon M1 50mp MX camera ape-ing Leica’s S2 MF in an SLR concept with video technology derived from RED (in exchange for the lenses) for 12,000USD

    • WoutK89

      And they will announce it BIG, rofl

      • Rangefinder Bob

        I’m first on line for my Blues Traveler tickets! I missed it the first time, I can’t wait to catch them again, I hear they are B-I-G! Nikon B-I-G!

  • Nuno

    I’m a fan for a long time of Nikon, but nikon need to do something, the d300s ddin’t bring anything new, for me nikon should recover all of the and getting her better to compete with the 7D, the price of this one is very cool, and all that fuctions in video, the images with high iso are cool,
    Nikon please with the d700x break the market with a great price and great new technology.

    • D40-owner

      D300s is a professional DX format camera with perfect control layout. It has unbeaten AF speed and accuracy, that you can’t find in any other crop sensor camera, from any brand, Canon included. Whine all you want, that’s the real value of the D300.

      • WoutK89

        although I am jealous of the statement: 8fps in 14-bit mode, though 14-bit 18MP photos will be huge in memory size, where is my 64 100MB/s card? ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Jon Paul

        Exactly. The 7D finally brings Canon closer to the autofocus, flash control, and metering that Nikon has concentrated more on over the years. And 12MP is plenty for almost everything.

  • MarkusW

    Nikon knows there are people out there how _love_ high ISO performance and prefer it over high megapixel numbers. Maybe we’ll get a new D700x (24MP) and a sort of videofied D700s with 12MP that will be based on the existing D700.

  • Frank G

    There is a dutch photographer who is also active on dpreview who was trying out the new 70-200 at a large festival here in Holland last Sunday, he said there will be no D700x with 24MP sensor but with an other one. I really hope he is wrong because I want to have a D700 with 24MP sensor

    • STJ

      If you have any news on the new 70-200 please don’t hesitate to post – a few of us are very interested in that – even more than the latest bodies!

      I guess we’ll have to face that DSLR’s are like PC’s – after 18months there’s something out with way more features, megapixels, fps, video and low iso etc. and one month Nikon will have the latest and greatest the next month it will be Canon – or even Sony – wait a few months and “your” brand will have the same…. Buy something that feels nice in the hand and makes you a happy shooter ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • WoutK89

        My PC was outdated the day it was first released :-P, so there you have it, PC’s suck more than DSLR

      • Frank G

        I only noticed that it is new model because there was a N on it, I did not know it was a 70-200 in first place. When I asked about the lens he only mentioned that it was a new lens not for sale yet and that it will be from december or january in Holland. It was here in Arnhem during living statue festival, it is large festival. He was using the lens on a d3.

        • STJ

          Thanks! At least it’s in the “wild” now ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • zeeGerman

      Fankly, I would be fine with a fast 18mp FX DX00. Low noise, very decent resolution, and it would be a lot cheaper than a 24mp D700x, because it wouldn’t compromise the D3x.

      While 24mp are very nice, the use of it is rather limited. Sure it’s stunning, but 50 or 100mp would even be more stunning… And I don’t understand all those people that claim “I NEED a 24mp d700x!”. Why didn’t you get a D3x yesterday?Or a Hasselblad the day before? Too expensive? Well, in this case you might not NEED such a camera as much as you think, or rather want to believe.

      • MarkusW


      • Mike

        Brilliantly said. If one truly “needs” it to generate income then the cost of 24 mp is earned back quickly. Just like medium format. Other than that, 24 mp is the latest “gotta have it” item than few can afford and therefore people complain about the price. If you can’t afford a Porsche don’t complain about the price. Go look at a WRX STI instead.

    • Roger

      I think he’s right….Nikon learned from Canon’s mistake. They killed the market for the 1Ds.

      What does the 1Ds have over the 5DMk2?

      -Pro AF(I say chuckling, as I used to have the 1DMk3…it creates gorgeous images…when they’re in focus)
      -Dual card slots
      -Slightly faster frame rate
      -More than twice the price
      -No video

      I’ve seen a lot of pappaz using the 5D now, esp. since it has video… the spring the 1DMkIV will come out and it’s going to be full frame I’m betting, with video, and there won’t be a 1Ds, unless it has 40mp…..

      Nikon will probably release a 12mp D700s with video for under $2k, perhaps at PMA, but after a new non-pro body FX body comes out….I’m wondering if Nikon has something up their sleeves to release a 24mp body at 3/4 fps, ISO 25,600, or you can cut it down to 12-16mp and shoot ISO 128,600 at 6/8 fps….

      • Gusto

        The 5D2 is NOWHERE near 1Ds3.

        But the D700 was a direct D3 KILLER.

        And Nikon is paying a HUGE price for that mistake. Just look at their financial reports. Canon’s profits may have dropped, but at the very least, they are not in the red.

        • Don’t know about that. I think there are a LOT of D700 owners that would be D300 owners if the D700 didn’t exist. Not everyone was willing to make the jump from the D300 level to the D3 level. Besides, the D700 @ that price point was a necessity. They needed to match the mkII’s price. The fact that the D700 was out first at a cheaper-than-D3 pricepoint is moot, I feel. The price was going to be dipping into that area regardless.

          As for the financials, one can’t expect a camera company to be drowning in money during a huge recession. And keep in mind, Canon is a HUGE company with a myriad of products. Not exactly an apples to apples comparison. Nikon is nowhere as diverse as Canon.

  • getanalogue

    STJ, totally agreed, digital cameras are marketed like consumer electronics and they are. having 18 months lifecycles. everyone knows but nikon doesn’t have the capacities and skills in this industry. and at the end of the day, they don’t even listen to their customers. and regarding M1: according to a market survey, the Global potential for such MF camera is 7.000 units (Globally!). A highly competitive market for cameras needing glass providing resolution which cannot even provided by Leice not considering someone else. That’s why I still love my Bentley F4, Contax 645 and Zeiss lenses. Quality, consistency and continuity is the key.

    • STJ

      I do not agree completely. Nikon has competition for mainly Canon and Sony. They have managed to position them well in their market space – especially with the D300 and D700 with fast AF, solid bodies and low light features that many photographerss wanted/wants. I think the D300s is a decent upgrade. Then suddenly the expensive D3X arrives and everyone cannot live without 24mpix and wants it in a D700body for less than 3000$. And then comes the Canon 7d – and now many wants video. My bet is that Nikon doesn’t have the experiense in Video to make anyting equal to the 7d right now; maybe in a year? However they just could make that 700X without it and make several people happy…. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Gordon

        I think that would be the smarter choice, releasing a D700X without video and get something to market that will appease photographers that are looking for more resolution for their style of photography, whether that be landscape photographers, studio photographers such as fashion or product shots or similar. There is a market their for high resolution digital cameras, if there weren’t we wouldn’t see medium or large format users in either medium.

        • anon

          DSLRs are predominantly still shot products, at least in my opinion should be, I’m sorry but video should be an afterthought on these cameras, not the prime focus. it seems like video is becoming just as or more important than the stills. I would hate to see the prime purpose of these cameras suffer becuase a new gimmick has come into play that everyone thinks needs to be superb. No one cared about video in DSLRs until just about a year ago. D700 was awesome when it came out, now because it doesn’t have video people want to switch to canon. Boggles my mind… Maybe i’m coming from a different, but i believe probably 90% of “photographers” will use their DSLRs for photos. They may try the video mode a couple times, then go back to what they have been doing for years. Taking stills. Just keep in mind we probably don’t have many new/update lenses because video is now taking up the development resources right now. I’d rather see lenses.

          Even though i couldn’t care a single bit less about video mode, I think you guys have to give nikon more credit than you are. They were the first to have video in a DSLR, but they have no experience with video recording whatsoever before that. However, canon has been making camcorders (plus HD models) for quite some time, consumer and pro. There is definitely some of that technology ported over from camcorder software to the DSLR software. Give Canon a big advantage in that respect. No, Camcorders are not dslrs, but it’s still a sensor, still a lens and still a video, so there must be some similarities. I give nikon props for releasing that feature first. Maybe they aren’t as good at it, yet, but they were first.

          • Adam

            yeah, Im with you all regarding the video issue, I prefer they concentrate more on cameras then video, but sadly the recent splurge of Videographer using DSLR wants it to be like a videocamera replacement ๐Ÿ™

            I’m guessing its the video camera manufacturer are to be blamed, if they released a cheaper video camera that is able to switch lenses, I bet you wont see as many videographer using DSLRs to record video these days. Part of the, I want 24 fps, 25 fps, full manual controls are all cause of videographers, consumers wont even know what is 24fps, 25fps, manual control in videos and such. They just want to click the big red button and start recording.

          • Anonymous

            Adam, thank you for bringing that up. It’s true, amateur film-makers are now all over these DSLR’s for their video functionality because there is a lack of competition in the camcorder market. Believe it or not, the 7D is now probably the best option available to film-makers underneath the RED One ($17,500).

            It’s weird that things turned out this way and I can definitely understand the frustration of some photographers out there. Let’s all hope that camcorder manufactures begin developing serious tools so that film-makers don’t have to rely on DSLRs…

          • Adam

            yeah, I guess what the cinematographers should push is for the camcorder manufactures to release a cheaper able-to-change lens camcorder rather then pushing DSLR into a camcorder :rolleyes:

          • STJ

            Agree 100% with you Adam – let Nikon make a video-only camera… (see my post higher up..)

          • Anonymous

            Well Adam, they’ve been doing that for years with no success. The only reason they’ve gotten what they want from a DSLR is because they have large sensors & an interchangeable lens system already in place…

  • Ronan


  • Chris P

    Perhaps the new camera will turn out to be based on a D700 with a full frame Fuji EXR sensor. That would ruffle a few feathers.

    • MarkusW

      I don’t believe so, but the thought is absolutely alluring ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Geoff

        I was actually going to post the same thing. Maybe Nikon will be using a sensor from a company other than Sony (eg Fuji) which will produce amazing DR and great quality pixels vs quantity. I would be excited about that. It’s also something that would be exciting to Christian, a landscape photographer.

  • dino

    honestly I miss the subtle statement he does. My background isn’t enough deep to get what’s his point.. what is he saying, exactly?

    • Gordon

      He is basically saying that there is some future announcement from Nikon that is going to make many Nikonians happy and some Canonites take notice. Him being a professional landscape photographer, one can guess from his comments and target audience that it will be a camera landscape photographers would be keen on.

      He currently uses a 5DMkII from what I can gather and he suggests Nikon’s announcement may be tempting enough to make him switch. To me this means we should be expecting a low-ISO, high megapixel camera.

      • rhlpetrus

        Exactly, I read it the same way. A change re rumors, all we’ve been hearing these days is that no D700x for now.

        • Gordon

          That’s why I think Christophers comments seems more believable then the ‘no D700X’ talk of recent weeks.

          a) because he is dedicated Canon user and promoter
          b) his typical audience is generally Canon users

          The way he made the announcement also and general tone infers that he knows something. To me it didn’t have the normal atmosphere of a rumour, especially in context of the audience it was written for. Hopefully we’ll hear more at some stage.

          • Gordon

            Sorry it is Christian and not Christopher who is the author of the blog. Apologies if he reads this ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous

    This got me excited for a few seconds, then I remembered that Nikon just released the d300s… I don’t see Nikon releasing anything too spectacular if they have the balls to release a piece of shit like the d300s.

    • STJ

      Have you used it and can prove that you cannot take good pictures with a D300s? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Anonymous

        One could take good pictures with a disposable camera, but it would be laborious… The Canon 7D trumps the d300s, especially in video. It seems unrealistic that Nikon will release some sort of “super camera” after releasing a camera made obsolete in a matter of days…

        • Jurno

          It’s this kind of nonsense that makes me tire of reading comments, despite all the other intelligent ones sprinkled through.

          • Anonymous

            If you don’t agree with something, perhaps add some informative criticism instead of just bitching…

          • Perhaps Mr./Ms./Mrs. Anonymous Coward could do a bit of the same and give us some facts on why the D300s is a PoS camera. I’d like to see a few head to head comparisons between the 7D & the D300s as well.

            Until you can fulfill some of that, perhaps you need to get off your itty bitty soapbox and, “add some informative criticism instead of just bitching.”

        • Adam

          yeah, of course Canon trumps Nikon in video and that is cause they made camcorders and such so there is this thing called experience, give Nikon a break.

          Yeah and you can whine here and there but the D300s is still a great camera nonetheless. Besides, before the D3 and D300, ppl kept on saying Nikon is generations behind blah blah blah, but when they released the D3 and D300, look what happened to those whiners.

          • Anonymous

            The people who make Canon’s camcorders actually need to take lessons from the people who create Canon’s DSLRs; otherwise, film-makers wouldn’t need the 5 & 7D…

            But seriously though, I hope you’re right. I’d be much happier knowing that Nikon is trying and failing than not trying at all.

          • Anonymous

            And I don’t mean to say ‘failing’ in a insulting sort of way, just that they’re getting there, but not there yet.

          • Adam

            yeah, but like I said, instead of people pushing DSLR manufactures to add more pro video recording features, they should instead push the freaking video camera manufactures instead! (Panasonic, Sony, Canon and etc.)

          • Anonymous

            Adam, they’ve tried that for years and camcorder manufactures haven’t budged. Besides, unless they have to, a company like Sony isn’t going to release a large sensor/interchangeable lens video camera south of $200k. It would conflict with their CineAlta line.

  • misu

    I don’t have any patience left for nikon. after releasing d300s they will not bring another camera soon. I prefer DX for video as it is same as FF35mm film (they could even mask for different formats like 16,s16, 2/3″,4/3, 1.85, 2.35, etc. if they would be smart enough), and a d3x sensor would not me suitable for me; what’s more important is that a d3x sensor camera would cost much more than a canon 7d. no matter what everybody says that canon 7d could not be to bad, and it is here and now, not some rumor.
    Nikon is disappointing. nothing to compete with m4/3, canon g11 and nothing suitable for the vDSLR market. SONY is on its way to release a professional vDSLR, canon has all the HD formats in second generation (already) cameras, and the consumers have great m4/3 all-in-one cameras (that I’ll buy as lightweight gear). So where does nikon stand?
    Oh! and I forgot to mention the recently announced glasses from canon, excellent for all around purposes, something that nikon does not even dream about in their pro line.
    I am out!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it was one thing for Nikon to not have an answer for the 5d, but now the d300s has to compete with the 7d! Unless your up to your knees in Nikon glass, why buy their bodies?

      • Bluecow

        Because I really dislike the feel of a Canon in my hand?

    • Adam

      erm, fyi, having a product in every field (like what you seem want of Nikon) is not necessarily a good thing. Look at YouTube, they are losing money but they are well the largest video sharing service. Vimeo on the other hand has a much smaller user base but at least they are making money.

      Look at Apple, they don’t have a huge user base, but they sure make a kicking ass OS. I prefer Nikon to make quality products then giving us 10 different kind crappy products.

      • Anonymous

        Well, Canon has proven that it can be done… It’s just a matter of whether or not Nikon can do it now. If Nikon had created a superior stills camera that had a sub-par video function your point might be valid, but Nikon’s d300s doesn’t even match the 7d’s specs with regards to stills. It’s a lose, lose camera compared to the 7d so It’s not as though Nikon had difficulty tackling every function, they simply weren’t ambitious enough with this model.

        • Adam

          The 7D was released AFTER the D300s, besides Nikon is clearly not yet ready for video, they dont even offer 1080p recording or even 30fps option. But nonetheless, I don’t care about video on dSLR cause what I feel is that people should be pushing real professional video camera makers to lower their price point and introduce entry level models instead (cheaper) instead of getting DSLR manufacturers to create a DSLR to replace real videocameras.

          • Anonymous

            Like a couple of weeks after the D300s… Big difference.

            You should really look at what camcorders are offering compared to these DSLRs. I think you’re under the impression that it’s comparable when it’s not. People have been begging camcorder manufactures for years to no avail. Now that DSLR manufactures are creating what film-makers want, we’re not going to say ‘no thank you’ just to please photographers like you…

        • MarkusW

          The specs? Well. If you always think greater numbers are better than smaller numbers then you might be right to say that the 7D with its 18MP is better than the D300s with its 12MP. But you have to like the 7D’s pictures’ noise, too, then. And I don’t like it. Regardless at which test pictures I looked at, I loved the 7D’s ISO 100 and ISO 200 shots, found the ISO 400s just ok, but found all pictures from ISO 800 upwards completely useless.

          Besides that, there’s a number thats missing each and every spec paper: the experience of a manufacturer concerning a certain topic. The experience in creating a reliable autofocus system is one of them. This (and the noise thing) is one of the reasons I currently switch from Canon to Nikon after years and years of being satisfied with Canon products.

          I own a Canon 20D and love its ISO performance. I missed the 30D and the 40D and thought it would be nice to wait for the 50D after many people were fascinated by the 40D. However, the 50D was already commited to Megapixel Delusion, and the 7D does not do any better.

      • LOL

        Its time for Nikon to remove the chairs for their employees ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

      • oh please apple can suck my balls, apple is making money beecause its raping its users with overpriced items because of good marketing, their computers are as crap as any other

    • MarkusW

      misu, you said “after releasing d300s they will not bring another camera soon”. I think this is complete nonsense as the current D700 is not delivered to major distributors anymore so it’s plain to see there will be a D700 successor.

  • John

    I think why companies are focusing more on the video in there R&D because it has so much room for improvement. It kind of reaches the peak or at least a stand still when it comes to stills. I don’t think the components are just not available to improve stills drastically. Basically it comes down to sensor and memory development, the rest is software base. DLSR’s are changing just like cellphones and game consoles the more a device can do the better.

    • Anonymous

      This is true. Amateur photographers have much better tools to choose from than amateur cinematographers. I mean, the hottest tool in amateur cinematography is now the 7D… How messed up is that?

      • Adam

        yeah! and how messed up is that cinematographers are now into photographers territory and wants DSLR to transform into their recording tool =.=

        So people (amateur cinematographers) time to speak up! Get those video camera manufactures to produce cheaper video cameras!

        • Anonymous

          We don’t care who provides the tools, just so long as we get them. Camcorder manufactures didn’t listen to us and now the DSLR manufactures are. It would be stupid of us to let up now simply to appease you.

          • Adam

            erm, there are some camcorder manufacturers that also manufactures dSLRS (screams Panasonic and Sony)

      • STJ

        And leave our dSLR’s for us photographers ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Adam


  • misu

    canon is producing its own sensor so they have the money to invest in research and still be first in line all the time. nikon is supposed to have all the means be first, based on their sales (just consider the position of d300 in the market until couple of days ago) and their partnership with other companies, and are not.
    I don’t think the Nikon brand values so much to just accept their failures.
    how long did we have to wait for D3x after canon Ds mk III?

  • Ricardiano

    I’m so sad, i can’t jump to canon, the reason? i have so much nikon accesories, lenses, flash, grips, but i dont know what happend with nikon, they go to the wrong way, today, he dont have a really rival to the 5d, and the D300s not is a rival for the 7D, i still wating for a nikon d400 but sure when exist, canon sell DSLRS whit 4k video

    • Sell your equipment. There’s a healthy Nikon second-hand market out there. Go. Be free. Buy Canon if that’s what will make you happy. Personally, I think it’s a silly, misguided notion for the most part, but hey, if it would make you happy, then DO it.

      Fences are for keeping cows in (or out), not for sitting.

  • low

    i think we’ll see a d700s w/video and a d750x w/o vid but with some higher MP count. I think the d3 successor will retain the 24MP sensor from the d3x, of course with nice little tweaks here and there. of course, this is what i heard from the grapevine…

    • anon

      perhaps on the d7## updates, can’t say the same about the d3 replacement. the D# is high speed lower Mpx model for sports photojournalism stuff. Don’t see that having a 24mpx unless significantly improve memory/buffering speed. I would D4 (speculated name) will be something like 9 to 10 FX Fps / 11 to 12 DX FPS maybe 16 to 20mpx. this will be on par to put the d4x to between 30 and 40 mpx somewhere. either wya, we’ll definitely see the improved menus and control layout of the newer prosumer bodies.

      If they can create the d4 like that with high dynamic range and ISO performance on par with the d3. I’ll preorder the day it’s announced.

  • VST&Co.

    the 7D will be a recall / service advisory nightmare. before you ask me to further explain, can you please try to think first. thank you

    • Anonymous

      K, thought about it.

      Now explain…

      • Ennan

        it’s a canon! ๐Ÿ˜€

        • MarkusW

          *processing your post………* result is….. ERROR 99

          • Grev

            I lol’d at that.

            I hate the Canon error 99.

  • grumps

    My only hope is that if with the inclusion of video on the D700x as in what is being suggested, the FPS can remain as 5 or higher. Right now I’m loving the Nikon line up over the Canon!

    Think whatever you will, but if Nikon can include some sort of silent shutter, that will be amazing! Something that sounds seemingly simple over complex video is a sure winner for photographers who have a purpose over just wanting gear for gear sake! (I’m talking about wedding and movie set/theatre photogs!)

    • anon

      i’m sorry but i can’t see the d700x having 5 FPS. The D3X has that. Plus it appears that the D### line will all be getting dual card slots now. Since you probably won’t be spurting off shots like you do on the d3, the double life expectancy of the d3x isn’t that much incentive over the otherwise mostly comparable d700x. I could see the the d700x shooting maybe 2 without the grip and 3 or 4 with grip.

  • mike

    I just think it’s funny that there are so many people here bitching about how Nikon doesn’t have an answer to the 5DII, when I know shooters miffed about the fact that Canon still lacks an answer to the D700. The grass is always greener on the other side …

    • Nige


      I also keep a regular eye on Canon rumors (I’m a Canon owner, but I’m impressed with what I see in Nikon’s line up). The fraction of “I’m fed up with Canon – I’m Running over to Nikon” types over there, is about the same as the fraction of “I’m fed up with Nikon; I’m off to Canon”ers over here… The grass is indeed always greener on the other side, but that’s because it’s fed with large quantities of tasty, nutritious bulls*it…

      • Anonymous

        The main complaint at Canon Rumors is the lack of an inexpensive FF.

        The response for the 7D seemed fairly positive from everyone except that crowd. The d300s certainly got a lot less love over here than the 7d did over there.

        • jbl

          I remember the day I first read about the D300s rumor, I said it was a mistake from Nikon because they had to upgrade faster to get ready against the competition, not just stick crappy 720p in the D300 body.

          But then I thought twice and came to the conclusion that I don’t care about a possible D400 as now I want to upgrade to FX and as a D300 owner, the annoncement of the D300s instead of D400 gives me a lot more resale value ๐Ÿ™‚

          Thanks Nikon. That failure of an upgrade is actually helping me… but now I want you to be very aggressive with the D700x. We need something that will make the Canon user regret their 7D

      • Adam

        yeah, one side is considering switching to each other (I’m switching cause of ergonomic, I’ll admit that the 7D has better specs then D300s but guess D400 will beat it and then 7D Mark II will beat D400 again, it will just be like that, so couldn’t care much) I prefer Nikon implementation of ways (like the 51 AF system btw).

        Yeah, Canon people complains the lack of inexpensive FF without crippled AF (screams 5D)

  • Justin

    Maybe it will have built in HDR shooting for when the camera is mounted on a tripod. Wouldn’t that be something that landscape photographers desire? HDR seems so overly popular these days.

    • STJ

      Why not use bracketing and make it even better HDR your home PC? The “in camera” HDR mplementations so far have been limited to two shots – not really impressive…

    • Char

      Well… I guess in-camera HDR will be as popular as in-camera JPEG, maybe less. Most serious shooters (and most D700x-buyers will, I guess, be serious shooters) use RAW and would not want to use in-camera HDR unless the output really is a .hdr file and not a .jpg file.

      I do shoot landscapes and I do hardly ever do HDR at all (I think it is not well suited for landscapes, and I have seen extremely few good landscape HDRs, even less than for general HDR where there are few good ones either). But if I do, I would not want it to be done in the camera.

  • NikoRyan

    Nooooo, please nooooo, D700s first, then D700x. I will be in the market for FX D700 model this fall, early winter. I want the D700s to be there when my need will surface.

    • Jurno

      I’m with you.

  • Zorro

    The world needs a D90H. Six megapixels CMOS with 15 frames per second and noise free to ISO 12800. Nikon should do this now.

    • Man

      Oh shit! I dream about that! Really.

    • Char

      Great idea, but not realistic. First of all, what is “noise-free”? The D700 does have noise even at ISO 100, albeit very little.

      Now, if we consider ISO 1600 on the D700 as noise-free, with the technology of the D700, you could get a D90H with 6MP which would be noise-free up to about 640 or 800 ISO. Yes, it would be as noise-free as the D700 at ISO 1600 on pixel level, but well, who cares about pixel level, if you bring both to the same size (either monitor or print), the D700 would be more noise-free at the same ISO.

      So even if you consider ISO 3200 on the D700 as noise-free, and even if we assume a 1.3EV jump in noise characteristic from the D700 to a hypothetical D90H, which is not very realistic, you would get noise-free images at ISO 3200, but no way at ISO 12800.

      Still, such a camera would be nice.

      • Char

        Also, as a side note, why 15FPS? I do not think the AF of the D90 is up to that, so you would need a better AF as well.

      • Man

        Oh, come on! Everybody understand it’s impossible. What I mean, when I say “I dream about that”. I dream about Nikon D90 with 6 MP and less noise, than D90 has. And generally better quality. That’s it. It’s understandable, that matrix with 6 MP will have less noise and better dynamic range, than the same sensor but with 12 MP. And generally I don’t care about megapixels. For me enough 6 MP, I just don’t need 12 MP.

        About 15 fps. โ€“ I don’t care about that. For me very enough 5 fps.

        And I need in new D90 improved video mode.

  • James

    everyone needs to stop their pms-ing over video. Nikon is trying to make the best still camera’s not an ehh still and amazing video camera. The only reason that you all give for thinking of jumping to canon is because of the video issue.

    • I say let ’em go. Then we don’t have to listen to ’em anymore!

  • Gary

    Video is important. Why? Because consumers say so.

    A company like Nikon is like all others: they exist to maximize profits.

    Right now one cannot really release a dslr, esp. a high end one, without video and hope to appeal greatly to the market.

    The dslr market is evolving, and now video is expected.

    Plus, it is a fun feature for many, and let’s face it: a lot of very creative people also love dslr video.

    Canon’s 5dii has been racking up sales, in large part due to its video, and now Canon’s 7d is poised to do the same.

    Nikon has to step up its video if it wants to compete effectively.

    • Man

      Agree with you, man

    • Gordon

      I’d rather that Nikon dedicate resources to perfecting the stills side of their cameras, such as true RAW histograms, greater dynamic range, in-camera HDR, multiple spot-meter readings with avg, mid-tones and dynamic range indicators (i.e. Sekonic L-758DR features) etc. I guess they have to go where the market pulls them though unfortunately.

      • Geoff

        I agree with Gordon. It would be interesting to see just how many “consumers say so” (That video is important). I’m certainly not saying so. I for one, could not care less about video. I will buy my next camera based entirely on its still image performance. I’m sure there are many others like me and Gordon who have no use for video. I can’t help but wonder if it is a small minority of people who NEED video that are making a lot of noise.
        There are many posts of people saying they have never even thought of using the video features of their D90.

        • Zorro

          I haven’t used the video in my D90.

        • misu

          I am film guy. I work with film and HD cameras, as well as still cameras (both film and digital, according to the requirements).
          for me it is like this: no matter how good vDSLRs are, I still rent a motion picture camera to shoot whatever I am payed to; yet I do need a motion picture camera unexpected and that is when I want my still camera to do the video job; let’s say I need it for snapshot video/ motion photography. and I want it to deliver best quality video possible, because I might use it for a project. that goes for news photography as well.
          on the other hand I have problems with nikon cameras as a set photographer / making-of guy because these cameras do not have both enough resolution and sensitivity to match low light film set-ups and because when needed to shoot video I’ll have to go grab another camera from the back of the van. canon 7d offers all these things and together with the new stabilized 18-135 all around lens it is quick enough for most of the situations.
          sometimes I do need a small, unintrusive, silent camera that is quick enough to record the action and deliver high quality prints; the answer is canon g9/g10/g11. nikon has nothing to offer in this area. and this type of a camera I need to be always in my pocket on the set, on crowded areas and in restricted areas (when doing documentary and location scouting).
          I do agree that nikon gives the best image quality but that is not the whole point. I don’t always print posters from my photos, and when I do I have everything arranged in advance.
          the main thing with photography and video is being there and then, not in a rumor.

      • Anonymous

        Just wanted to add something.

        “I guess they have to go where the market pulls them though unfortunately.”

        I don’t know if I agree with this part. I personally feel that putting video into DSLRs is forcing the market/consumer to go where the camera industry wants us to go. Just like when a new pop song is released and it’s instantly popular. It’s not popular because the market was hoping for a song like that to come along. It’s popular because it’s forced on the market and they’re ‘told’ what to like. Okay maybe not the best example, but I’m not sure how else to articulate it.

      • STJ

        And in five years when DSLR’s have 6dedicated video buttons and a video-optimized sensor etc… ๐Ÿ™

        • Adam

          oh you also forget to add, flimsy low res articulating screen and while they are at it, bulkier and less durable DSLR ๐Ÿ™

          • STJ

            Sorry that I forgot the articulating screen – that’s already a nightmare of mine… Brrrr! ๐Ÿ™

          • Adam

            yeah, mine too ๐Ÿ˜

  • Nic

    Seriously, when is Nikon going to get their #$%$ together? First the 5D mkII for $2700, then the 7D for $1700 which not only far exceed their Nikon counterparts but are actually cheaper at the same time….. Why oh why have I stuck around so long??

    • STJ

      By by!

      • Anonymous

        I think I learned about by, buy, and bye in the second grade… I’m impressed that you’re so interested in camera technology at your age!

        • STJ

          I have proven to be bad at spelling – big shame on me…
          And you have proven to be a really “nice” person… Maybe you should have learned some manners instead…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          By the way – how come you can judge age and camera skills from spelling skills? Oh sorry – my fault – I should have learned that in the third grade I guess…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Why have you stuck around for so long? Good question.

      You can always start a new future today. Have anything worth buying? I’m more than willing to help you get unstuck.

      (Hopefullee i spelt all that corektlee)

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