Nikon Rumors I didn’t post (until now that is)

Those are the Nikon rumors I did not consider to be important enough for a separate post, so lower your expectations or skip this post all together:

  • Nikon D500:

"I live in Bangkok, Thailand and while I was at my local store asking about the D300 i heard an interesting rumor.  The store owner said his friend at the Nikon factory (as you probably already know much of Nikon is manufactured in Thailand) told him Nikon is going to unveil the D500.  his friend told him to wait on getting the D300s. It's all hearsay but you never know."

Will the D500 be a cheap full frame camera (a stripped down D700)? With video? Sony is ready to release the α850 which will be full frame, below the α900. Will Nikon follow?

  • Nikon 135 DC f/2.0 rumor:

"Yesterday at my local Calumet in Escondido, CA, I asked about the 135 DC and whether it was really discontinued.  They looked it up in their inventory system and said they have a couple on order.  But they said that while most of the inventory numbers was the same there was a number 5 added at the end.  They told me this means it is a new model.  I don't know if this reflects Calumet's corporate guessing, or that they actually have inside info.  If they are right, I presume we'll get a new 135 DC with Nano coating, but likely made out of mostly plastic rather than metal, but that's just a guess."

  • From a reader: Google search for "D3xs" displayed a Nikon site. I personally did not see this search result. Of course it could mean the plural of D3x:




"ED" tag


"N" tag

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  • Zoetmb

    D3Xs: It’s hard to tell what the full URL is, but assuming it’s this:
    If you go to that page and search the source code, there is no reference to a D3XS.

  • Gary

    I can’t see Nikon coming out with a D500 model…there’s too little price between the D300s and the D700.

    If for instance, Nikon came out w/ a FF D500 at around 2000, I imagine it would do a lot to kill the D300s sales.

    • Eli

      No… it would kill D700 sales. Some D300 users need the reach.

    • The D5000 and the D90 are also very close price wise and so are the Sony a900 and the a850. I think D500 is plausible. Nikon may not have enough improvement to create a D700s, D700x or D800 – it may also be too expensive of a camera, so they may go the other way (remember the recession?). I think small FF body priced between the D700 and the D300 will sell well.

  • Dweeb

    “N” is just Marketing BS. Nano coat one element out of 20 to 40 surfaces and you’re a hero. Does anyone know which element in the 10-22 is the N-coat? With limited capacity to nano-coat Nikon are making sure for Marketing purposes that they get one and only one N-coat surface in each new lens for the fanboys and pimp-photo media. Nikon marketing can put all the alpha-numerics they want on their vanity plates and brochures but the real real scam is marketing fifty buck product from communist China for a thousand dollars.

    N-coat reminds me of an old story about Lotus sports cars. The design manager had the balls to say to the press, “Do you want four wheel disc brakes or do you want the best braking system we can produce” (meaning front disc, rear drum). Tough love.

    • Zograf

      There is a truth to what you say, but the nano- coating still helps. I should say probably helps. There are always critical reflections which is good to “estinguish” Some modern optical designs are impossible with this modern coating technique. Nikon are forced to use it, and of course marketing people pick-it up…
      I’ll give you an example – Tokina 11-16 is fantastic lens, sharpness wise as good as the Nikkor 14-24, but flare is much higher. If Tokina could only implement nano-coating as well… It is an expensive technique, but one critically reflecting surface is enough to improve considerably contrast.

    • Anonymous

      One of the more moronic comments I’ve seen posted here in quite some time. Have you ever used a lens with N-coat? It actually works, ya know…

    • Zoetmb

      >>>but the real real scam is marketing fifty buck product from communist China for a thousand dollars.

      Yes, you’re absolutely right. That’s why Nikon’s margin is a massive 6.9%. The company is just flowing with profits. (And..I believe that Nikon manufactures their own glass in Japan. If I’m correct, they ship that glass to China or Malaysia for assembling into lenses.)

  • Gary

    If Nikon were smart, they’d start leaking stuff about a new D700x model to step all over Canon and Sony’s upcoming announcements…

    • Well, I am ready!

    • Adam

      Hmm, why would they do that? Wouldn’t it be better if the suddenly announced a new model and caught Sony and Canon off guarded?

      • Gary

        Good question…but one, I believe the insiders at Sony, Canon, Nikon kind of know what their competitors are up to…they certainly are not as in the dark as we normal consumers are. Heck, I bet the head of Canon, for instance, could tell us pretty much exactly what Sony and Nikon have planned for the rest of the year, and visa versa.

        Two, so the key is not catching Sony and Canon off guard, but keeping the attention of the consumers. If Nikon starts to leak a little now, they can step on some of the buzz for the Canon and Sony announcements. Of course, Nikon should keep the leaks trickling out after those announcements as well…just a nice steady drip of juicy rumors to keep the public interested until their next announcement.

        Three, at this point, whatever each company has in its line up for fall/winter, it’s stuck with anyway. You can’t just develop a new camera on the fly if you see a competitor come up with a different idea. So it really wouldn’t matter if at this point Canon knew what Nikon was doing, etc.

        The whole key is consumer awareness. I bet that Nikon will sell a few extra D300s models just because they’ve got their announcement out there already.

        • deez

          Hopefully one day the leaders of Canon and Sony start emailing NikonRumors then so we can have more rumors to read!

  • Jamie

    The reference to the D3Xs is in fact plural. I did a search on Google for “Nikon D3XS” and the page shown above is the 4th or 5th one down. So I loaded the page up and looked at the source code for the page. The D3Xs is the ‘alt’ text for this image:

    Considering it’s a pic of 3 D3X’s, I’m sure it’s plural.

  • Personally I would love a strip down full frame, like the old FM days. I was toying with the idea of the 700, but it just has too much unnecessary crap on it for me. I shoot in manual more than half the time anyway, so all the bells and whistles pretty useless for me. But that’s just my own personal desire. The market will drive the future models, not my personal whims.

    • specs

      I’d say a stripped down D700 would be comething like a D90 with FF.
      A more simple 11 points auto focus system, only 12-bits RAW and plastic casing. Add presets for beginners, remove advanced settings for professionals.

      And it will be a hard choice between one of those and a D300(s). But if it’s released in 2010 people might buy both.
      (All just based on common sense, no sources here.)

      There are people who say, buy a FF camera before you invest in lenses. So there will be a big move to FF. Seems to me like they don’t realise that while FF is a big step the lenses need to be up to the level to make better pictures. I could buy a D700 but I can’t afford the lenses I want with it.

  • Ted

    The Nikon 135 DC is available still… I just picked one up at B&H photo.

  • Johannes

    D500 = A D90 with full frame? I would get one immediately! 😀

  • Ric

    I’m quite sure my 300 2.8 VR had the N-marking on the gold label, so maybe there has been a silent introduction of that label, and they just recently updated the photos.

  • mattiask

    It feels like the sensor technology now is getting dated. Thats why increasing the pixel count is getting harder and harder while maintaining quality. They need to get some fresh tech out there to get people switching. But I guess since the image quality already is quite good they are forced to introduce video functions and live view etc. Updating the D700 at the moment feels problematic. If they squeeze in more pixels then the awesome iso handling will suffer. I guess thats why the D400 is taking so long to appear. They simply lack the appropriate tech to do it right now.

    • Eric

      Nikon’s probably waiting for use of Sony’s new Exmor R backlit sensors to take advantage of the supposed two stops lowered noise. The current rumor is of a 14MP version showing up in the new a750.

      A D400 with the same noise levels as the D700? A D800 with clean ISO 6400? DO WANT.

  • Dan

    My Nikon D500 wish

    12.3 MP FX sensor
    5 fps
    Multicam 1000 AF & 11 point AF sensor will do nicely
    Stainless steel, reinforced body & smaller than D700 (similar to K200D)
    New optional grip (doesn’t have to increase FPS)
    3″ 920k dot LCD
    95-98% coverage

    • alex

      “K200D”…. :))))))))))))))))))))))

      then get a Hoyax dude and live happy

  • Mark

    I think there will be a higher end D700, odd are, it will mimick what we witness in the D300 line. A D700s will come out with video added and some other bells and whistles added. — In that case, I would most likely spend less and get the D700.

    If the higher end D700 (a D800?) came out with more MP and still under 3k….. lets say about $2,800 (US) then I would have to really think about which option to go with.

  • Jim

    A potential explanation for why Nikon changed the ED to N on the 300/2.8:

    Nikon is starting to push their N series as the pro line. Every pro lens from now on will likely have nano coating, and all N lenses will have ED or Super ED glass. Sort of like Canon’s L series lenses to differentiate pro lenses from the rest.

  • giancarlo

    Here everybody speaks about bodies … lenses are more important and I wait for the 24-85 f.4 . I have D700 and a second body FF but cheaper should be ok for me .

  • Am I the only one thinking that the guy in Thailand screwed up? His story is probably correct to his way of thinking. However, I think he just missed a zero. The D5000 just came out did it not? Where is it built? Thailand? Hmmm. IF the D500 did exist (not likely since the D300s *just* came out) and it was a full-frame sensor, where would it be built? Thailand? Don’t think so. Try Sendai.

    The story pans out (as in, the guy wasn’t lying per se) as far as I’m concerned. The guy just had his facts mistaken. He saw info on the D5000, misremembered it as the D500 and in a rush to be cool, told what he thought was the truth to a friend. Well-meaning, but misguided. That makes sense to me.

    A D500 coming from Thailand? That does *not* make any sort of sense in the world to me right now.

  • MentalRaymond

    Hmm, a full frame d90 might actualy do pretty well. The big rush now from Canon and Sony is to get affordable FF camera to the masses for 2k or less ala Sony A850, and nikon surely sees this on the horizon.

    A d700s sounds unlikely, personaly. I mean, wasnt an extra card slot and high frame rate 2 of the main differences between the d700 and d3? Why shorten that gap without effecting d3 sales. I think a d700x sounds great. Sure it might cost $4k, but its still a very different camera compared to the d3. If you want pro sports and low light stuff…go d3/d700, and for studio/landscapes with good lighting in place, go d3x/d700x respecively. I dont think they would hurt each others sales, unlike a d700s.

  • Daf

    Interesting rumor about the D500.
    And although I’d consider a D400/500 (I’, a D200 owner) I think it’s unlikely :
    – Why step over the ‘D400’…..
    – Only just released the D300s – so think the upgrade/replacement will be a while yet.

  • Janne

    I bought my af-s 300/2.8 vr in 2007, and it had that N-marking, not ED-marking in it.

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