Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8G discontinued?


From dpreview:

"My dealer says they cannot buy the 70-200mm 2.8 VR from Nikon anymore."

The Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8G lens is probably the most speculated lens in the whole Nikon product line.

Can someone confirm this report?

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  • gary

    one store can not buy it, or so they say, and puff, a rumor is born. this is so not a rumor at all. everywhere i checked, all are still buying it from nikon. lame post here, should of left this one in your head………..

    • Anonymous

      I placed an order for Wednesday for the lens. When I came home on Wednesday evening and saw the post, I agonized about the potential new lens. By Thursday, I cancelled…

      Now I wish I did not cancel as I would be playing with my newest toy for the weekend. Also, I can still buy the successor lens and keep the 70-200mm as a DX-dedicated lens….

      • Zoetmb

        So re-place the order. It’s available everywhere.

  • Lance

    I hope they do replace it, then the value of the current lens will fall and I’ll be able to afford one! This has been one of the most successful lenses ever in Nikon’s lineup, and for a DX shooter like me it’s perfect. If and when I move to FX I can still use it, I just won’t shoot flat against brick walls and look for well resolved details in the corners…

  • Anonymous

    hope they come out with a longer range like 70_250 or 300 It would be great!!

    • Adam

      you are nuts, its not easy to increase range without increasing PRICE, keeping the same QUALITY and most important WEIGHT!, you want wedding photogs to hug around a 2-2.5kg glass around? I think if that happen, most will stick with the old one

  • Anonymous

    f2 be good 2!!

    • Adam

      again, nuts comment. Have u seen the price difference between Canon 200mm f/2.8 and Canon 200mm f/2.0? See how huge that is? and the weight and the price?

      Now imagine turning a 200mm prime into a 70-200 f/2 zoom, it will be tremendously HUGE!, even the filter diameter will increase, not to mention the price and weight.

      • Neil

        No need to look at the Canon. Just look at the Nikon 200 f/2 and compare it to 70-200. I agree with you, a lot of people are either nuts or people who don’t actually take pictures with their lenses.

      • Ed W

        Yes, the nasty laws of physics always crop their ugly head.

        However, there is hope that a new design will be lighter as well as better. nikon is cleaning house and shunting the older stodgy managers out of the main stream so that new ideas can be implemented without all that baggage from the past.

        • Adam

          yup, there will always be room for improvements as long as its not totally fantasy, like a f/2 70-200. I bet many people wont be able to hand hold it for a couple of hours

  • Nic

    Just bought this beautiful lens!!! (as a student it took me over a year to save up for it). So now I need some filter advice. Want something to protect it without really affecting image quality. I already have a CP for my 12-24mm lens so just want something for indoor and/or low light use.

    Thanks in advance

    • Adam

      Then get only the best, I recommend the Hoya Pro1D UV filter

  • Mike

    I really want this lens but I’m concerned that the new one will come out and this 70-200 VR will lose its value… should I wait???

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