Nikon Nikkor F 300mm f/4.5 IF ED

I would probably say a typo and move on, but the "Nieuw" label on those two listings makes me nervous. There is a current Nikon lens model AF-S NIKKOR 300mm f/4D IF-ED (currently back ordered @ B&H) that was released back in 2000. Note also that the two listing below are not for a D-type lens (the existing lens is a D type). I do not have a good explanation for the different prices:





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  • woble

    I would call it a fake, but that shop, among others, is rather good in The Netherlands. So it might be a way too early online submission or just a joke.

  • jcvjcvjcvjcv

    That shop had a AF-S 10.5mm fish too

    Untill I emailed them the error on that page :+

  • mildred

    They mean this Ai-S lens – production stopped in 1999.

  • Tim

    There’s absolutely no point in a new 300mm f/4.5 IF ED when the 300mm f/4 IF ED exists. No one would buy it.

    • C++

      No, but a 300 f/4 VR would be nice.

    • NOBODY??. Well, that excludes me. I’m craving for some hiQ long glass and if it were even close to current prime glass specs, I would swoop it up in a jiffy at 20% retail…

  • Photar

    The expensive one mentions IF and ED (not that it makes sense to release two lenses like that).

    In the lens listings ( it reads “Very well suited for Full Frame digital”. There is also an e-mail subscription button to be notified when in stock.

  • Khoai
  • funny

    typo. if they make a new one it will surely be f4.

  • macross

    I really doubt we’ll ever see a 300mm f/4 VR lens. It would cannibalize the 300mm f/2.8 sales.

    Same reason why an 80-400 AF-S VR is unlikely.

    • Eli

      Canon makes a 70-200 f4 IS as well as an f2.8… you don’t see the f4 cannibalizing sales. They’re two different markets. People who need the f2.8 buy the f2.8.

      • f4 lover

        Yes, exactly!

    • Char

      How does a 80-400 AF-S VR cannibalize the sales of the 300/2.8 or the 300/4? The same way a 18-200 VR cannibalizes the sales of the 85/1.4 and 85/1.8?

      Other than that, the 300/2.8 VR cannibalized the sales of the 300/2.8, too. The 35/1.8 AF-S cannibalized some of the sales of the 35/2 AF-D. The 55-200 VR probably reduced somewhat the sales of the 70-300 VR. So what, Nikon probably does not care, as long as they sell their stuff. And still, the 300/4 and the 300/2.8 are just different markets.

      • How does the f/4 cannibalize the sales of the f/2.8? Most amateurs (myself included, even though I do make some money from photography) aren’t willing to spend $5000 on a lens… but will spend $1500 if they think that it is a good product.

        As long as nikon makes money, their happy. Saying that the 300mm f/4 canabalizes sales of the f/2.8 VR is like saying that the Canon 400mm f/5.6 ($1200) kills the sales of it’s four-times more expensive f/2.8 counterpart.

        • Norris

          So, no cannibals involved. You just bought yourself a lens, while if the f/4 didn’t exist, you wouldn’t have.

    • RIGHT. An AF-S 80-400 VR is so unlikely, that it already exists. Admittedly, it’s not very good, but it DOES exist…

    • RIGHT. An AF-S 80-400 VR is so unlikely, that it already exists. Admittedly, it’s not very good, but it DOES exist…

      • Anonymous

        the current one is af only, not af-s

  • Alex

    This is probably just the AI-s 300/4.5 lens, which has been around for decades.

    It says “new” meaning “as new in box”.

  • ryan

    well if you look at the number admin, or as they would say, the artikelnummer( which i would guess means stock number in some way), they are off by one number… i wonder if one will have VR.. the other not?

  • A nikon teleprime, a new nikon teleprime for a price less than the 80-400? I call this myth busted!

  • ryan

    good point… 4.5 seems stupid to me as well

    • While I don’t see the need for a 300 F4.5, I would love to see a 400 F4.5 AFS VRII Nano. The F4.5 still allows for either a 1.4 or a 1.7 TC to be used in good light, and keeps the size smaller/lighter than a 400 F4 would require.

      • dkdkdk

        yes, some N 400mm/f4 (f4.5) would be nice, If the price would be just like Canon 400/f4.5. Nikon has a lens/price gap in this.

      • oh yeah, 400/4.5 ultimate birdy lens 🙂

  • Eric

    Well, I asked them to mail me when it’s in stock 🙂

    It’s the shop I usually buy my gear so I see them quite often. Will ask them about this….

  • andreas

    this are old-type lenses, found somewhere in stock – “new” simply means “not secondhand”

  • The “NIEUW” qualification has *nothing* to do with it being a NEW model. It refers to it being unused thus NOT second hand.
    They phrase it like this because the price is comparably low, and might lead prospects to believe it’s second hand.

  • Ian Dudley

    Some good canards running here! The ads do not mention AF, Stop fantasising now! Nikon had a 300 f4.5 manual lens for decades, and these are “brand new – old stock” items. Something of nothing if ever I saw it!

  • From my experience with this shop, “Nieuw” just means “New to our website”, not “A newly released lens”.

  • HDZ

    WoW!!! This may a new AF-S 300 f/4.5G VR 67mm filter thread with Nano coat.

  • Reality

    Seriously, you ought to take this down. It may be the stupidest “new lens” speculation ever posted. It could only be surpassed by a breathless account of the new “AIS” system to be implemented in a revolutionary new 105/2.5.

  • Anonymous

    These are two variants of AI/AI-S lenses, one IF-ED, the other not (and neither is and AF lens, and obviously neither can be a D lens). Nothing to see here, move on. These lenses are not rumored – they’re more likely to be somewhere in your granpa’s camera bag.

  • bill mcdaniels
  • If you won’t take you’re tips about this from several Dutch natives, form WHOM are you gonna take them?
    Ditto reality: take this post down, it total BS

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