Nikon D400 is here?

Stay tuned for more - the screenshot is from Nikon Germany web site - I am still confirming this rumor with my sources and verifying its authenticity (Nikon websites were down yesterday):


What we can see is CMOS-Sensor (15,3 MP), 6 frames/sec, ISO from 200 to 6400, Full HD movie mode...

Ok, this is the link: - the picture was submitted by a reader.

The D400 is gone, but the whole page still doesn't load correctly. Most of the European sites still have hard time loading most of the images.

Please keep in mind that I still have not confirm this rumor - the picture could be fake.

As few readers have noticed, the D400 is not listed on the left menu which can indicate that this picture is fake.

Has anyone else seen this online?

(I will continue to update this post as I find more info)

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  • GeoVu

    I hope this is true because ive been saving for a new body….

  • StillWaiting4D800


  • StillWaiting4D800

    Any moment now..D800!!

  • G Money

    holly smokes, hot diggiddy damn!!!!

  • abouna

    Well heck, that the most solid thing I;ve seen on this in months. The D300 will start to drop soon now.

    • PHB

      The D300 is dropping anyway, its been out over a year.

      This does not look like a big enough increment over the d300 to be worth doing. 15MP is better than 12MP I guess but not by enough to justify a new model. And it is somewhat suspicious to see a D400 offering ISO 6400 when Nikon was unable to match the ISO 3200 of the D300 on the D3x with the same (actually slightly larger) sensor pitch.

      So yes, a D400 is clearly going to come at some point. But when it does I would expect it to offer a minimum of 18MP and more likely 24MP. A 25% increase in pixels would be a D300x.

      One reason I think we will see a 24MP rather than a mere 18 or so is that the logic for a high end DX body has to be to offer flagship performance in a crop sensor body so that users of long lenses and macro-photography have a top notch body to work with.

      The other is that it is much easier to shrink an existing design than to develop a whole new one. Intel has a ‘tick-tock’ development model. On the tick they introduce a complete new chip design that uses more gates. On the tock they shrink the die size of that design getting faster speed and lower power consumption. Then that same process is used for the next tick.

      Here the FX sensor range is the tick and the DX range is the tock.

      Incidentally, this is why there will never be a range of lightweight f/4 FX primes like the canon-heads yammer on about. If you care about lightweight you would want the lenses to be DX format for a start.

      • I think that exists tech-process limit in today…

        for DX – 16mpx
        for FX – maybe max. 32mpx..

        i’m waiting – D400 (or other DX) with 16mpx… 15mpx don’t planed for upgrade

      • connor


        It is un-logical for the state of technology right now to develop a DX sensor with anything over about 14-16 megapixels. At 24 mpgx on a DX sensor, the pixels would be so small and packed together that you could not shoot anything over about 50 ISO without very high noise levels. And since the pixels are so small, they are very insensitive to light, so you would end up having to shoot high ISO anyway. It is impossible to make a 24 megapixel sensor on a DX body with today’s current technology.

        • rjm

          It’s surely possible to put the same kind of pixel density seen in compacts on an FX or DX sized sensor. You’d end up with a lot of pixels.

          I agree though that the current sweet spot between noise and resolution is about 12MP for DX and 24MP for FX, but that number gets pushed up year on year as the technology improves.

  • I was hoping for a more improved D300 sensor, so far as ISO performance is concerned, But packing all those pixels into an already packed spot doesn’t appeal to me. The video thing seems like a trinket but I’m sure some would buy it for that alone. What does seem interesting is that the frame rate stays high, so I’m sure that with the MB-D10 it’ll pump out 8 or 9 fps. Cool.

    • Eli

      “I was hoping for a more improved D300 sensor, so far as ISO performance is concerned, But packing all those pixels into an already packed spot doesn’t appeal to me.”

      I have to say that pixel density may not be true for this body. It is quoted to have a range of 200-6400. I’m guessing that is not the extendable range, as the D300 goes down to 100 as Low-1. I doubt it will match the D700 and D3 for all-out high ISO greatness but hopefully with sensor improvements it will be a real step up from the 300. I don’t think this is going to be a 50D-style unnecessary pixel addition.

      • Dave

        Nikon has always be behind Canon to increase it’s pixel count. If Nikon encreases the pixels on the sensor I thrust it will also increase the effective resolution, in contrast to 50D…

        • Jan

          I very much doubt this is true. Concerning DX Camera, the Nikon D200 hat 10mp when Canons 30D only had 8mp. The D2x (though in a more professional league) even hat 12mp.

          In FX Canon had an advantage for a long time. But even there, the D3x has 24,5mp whereas Canons 1Ds MIII only has 21.1mp.

          At least in these days, I`d say its is more a head to head race.

  • low

    this is it!!! wooot!!

  • Narna

    As much as I’d like this to be true, if you notice there is no listing in the menu to the left. I’m guessing this pic is a fake. *sigh* I’ll just wait longer before upgrading my D200.

  • german

    The picture is obviously a fake. In the navigation bar on the left, the D400 is not mentioned although that bar normally contains the same cameras as shown on the right side.

  • Ichiro
    • could be, but this site is messed up – even on your screenshot some of the text is missing

  • So lets just say this is true. When would Nikon most likely announce it?

    • The rumor is that Canon will announce a new DSLR next week – maybe Nikon will try to do it before them – Monday or Tuesday? Don’t quote me on that, I am just speculating here – don’t have any information.

      • Thats sooner than what I would have guessed. I’ll be happy as long as it comes out prior to the end of summer.

  • Rob_MD

    Only 15 MP? I’d have hoped for more..

    But HD movie will easily sell me.

    • Joe

      In a DX format sensor? Seriously?

  • Dan

    I checked the Nikon Germany site when this was posted and it indeed did not load properly similar to what was posted (images did not load and text for D3 and D300 were also absent) however the D400 was no longer there.

    The local Nikon distributor (Nikon Philippines) also has informed us that there will be a 10% price cut on the D300 and D3 come April. Might just be a coincidence or a move to clear inventory for a replacement?

  • Anonymous

    i think this screenshot is a fake, there is no D400 in the menu on the left side

    • Anonymous

      – Same description as D400, the guy isnt fluent in german.
      – no picture for D400 or below, strange.
      – no D400 in the left-side menu.

  • Chris

    Again a new body? What to do with? My cameras have all I need. I need new primes (e.g. 20mm, 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 85mm, 135mm and all for FX)! Cause of the costs not all of them at the same time…


    • Anonymous

      Hint: You can have all these fine Nikkors *brand new* from you local Nikon dealer…

      – 20mm f/2.8D AF
      – 24mm f/2.8D AF
      – 28mm f/2.8D AF
      – 35mm f/2D AF
      – 85mm f/1.4D AF
      – 135mm f/2D AF DC

      …and all for beloved FX! Excellent!!! 🙂

      • Mister Wonderful

        Remember to buy only lenses and filters only approved for digital. Anything else is not approved by Nikon and may even harm your equipment. “Brand New” 30 year old production. LOL

        • E man

          I hope your kidding

          Will hurt your camera? Please, might you explain how that would happen?

  • Kerni

    The wording of this description below seems not to be consistent to the other ones.
    Somebody used yesterdays website problems to create this rumor.

  • Antaeus

    God morning! It is 07:30 in Germany and the website does not show any news. It it working ok, which was not the case last night.
    Relax everyone, and have a nice day.

  • Anonymous

    How come the D3 and D300’s description is missing in the picture? I checked the Germany website and they are still missing… Is that a hint for new D4 too?

  • den

    not quite sure about the screenshot, but why would nikon rush and announce the d400 so shortly after PMA, when this would have been an even better stage to introduce it.

    i´m also a little “affraid” over the 15 mpx, the numbers are still rising…who needs this amount of data? the fx equivalent will have 30mpx….thats way to much. i´m guessing that most lenses (even good ones, especially the dedicated dx lenses) will not manage to support the resolution and we will see the same phenomenon as with the 50d from canon. i hoped for a slighly better d300 with same mpx constant or improved framerate and much better high and low iso capabilities +HD video.

  • fake. i’m sure that germany has german terms for “full HD movie mode” and “LIVE VIEW”. probably somewhere on that page… in german. whoever made this was an idiot.

    • Jason

      A quick look at the website shows this for the D700:
      “Der hochauflösende 3-Zoll-LCD-Monitor unterstützt zwei Live-View-Betriebsarten, die auch über den HDMI-Videoausgang genutzt werden können.”
      I don’t speak much German, especially when it gets technical, but it appears that the German for Live View is Live-View, and for full HD movie mode it’s the HDMI thing. Any Germans care to comment?
      Also, doesn’t the German language capitalize all nouns? It should be Movie Mode, not movie mode, shouldn’t it?

      • Anonymous

        HDMI is concerning the video output, not the Full HD video capability. HDMI output was already present in the D300, if I am not mistaken. Same for the two Live View modes.

      • den

        wrong! hdmi is the connector implemented in all newer Nikon DSLRs for HD output. HD-Video is the same in german, as it seems that we germans love english abrevations…or at least the camera makers think so. The spelling is correct and all technical specifications fit the german language. But when looking at the d300 beneath, it is clearly seen that somebody copied the text and just implemented the new features (iso, HD-video). this is highly unlikely for a new product.

      • Hello, here in germany it’s quite nomal to use “Full HD” and “Live View”. The “HDMI” thing is the connection type between HD devies and a HD-TV. So, the writing on the Screenshot is formly ok.
        Yes, the german language capitalizes all nouns, but where is the lower case “move mode” written, cant find it?
        But why should Nikon release the D400 now, so short after PMA?

      • pual

        From the D90 (under the Consumer cameras):
        Leistungsfähige digitale Spiegelreflexkamera mit Bildsensor im DX-Format mit 12,3 Megapixel Auflösung, EXPEED-Bildverarbeitung, erweiterbarem ISO-Empfindlichkeitsbereich von 200 bis 3.200, HD-Movie-Funktion, Live-View, Motiverkennungssystem und Picture Control. Alles was Sie brauchen, um Ihre Fotoleidenschaft zu entfachen.

  • I would have to agree that this picture has been faked. The white space above the menu bar is easily twice the size that the website is using. And the font in the left menu is slightly different. Also who currently manufactures a 15mp DX size sensor? Not Sony, Kodak Fuji or Samsung. Canon does but I don’t think they would supply it to Nikon.

  • M

    It’s fake.
    Font in this part of web site bigger and “NEW” label has slighyly diferent shape.

    • Macindows

      No, I checked it. It’s exactly the same as the one for the D3x

  • Das NachtKriecher

    Wie gehts, it’s probably fake to go with the site being down to start a rumor. And or the section was reserved for the D5000 or D60.5 or what ever they called it. D60 replacement.

  • geoff

    It is coming, it is coming, but so is next Christmas, eventually it will get here and when it does I may get one as I skipped the D300 and I love DX for bird photography.

  • rwpl

    It looks more like a wishlist – but personaly I wouldnt be happy seeing Nikon following MPx rush. 15MPx is to much for a croped sensor. People would by more happy with new 12MPx sensor with better DR and High ISO.
    Let them put 15MPx in a DXX for not knowing what to buy people but not in a DXXX…PLEASE

  • Chris

    I can’t see a D400 being a huge jump up from the D300.

    Unless is has significantly better ISO performance, I can’t think of anything that would make me want to upgrade. Video is fine for the low end, but why would you want it in a Pro DX body?

    I’d be more interested in a D800 release, which hopefully will push the D700 price south.

    • rwpl

      I dont think it will be anytime soon.

  • getanalogue

    It’s fake, but will become true. Since Sony is supplier for Nikon, a D400 will have the sensor of Alpha 350, 14.2 MPixels, improved in the same way as they did with Alpha 900’s sensor for D3x. We should expect super low noise, extreme DR up to high ISO’s, plus unnecessary gimmick HD video. Price around USD 2000.-. That’s what we should expect, everything else would be surprise, full stop.

    • RumpelHund

      No way Nikon inserts the fantastic d3x-antialiasing-filter into some other camera anytime soon unless they want to place the fragments of broken d3x-filters on some dx-sized thing.

      Changes in data processing ok, but not superior hardware from d3x IMHO.

      • The D3x does have a better AA filter than the a900…but that’s not the whole story. Nikon appears to have optimized signal amplification for lower ISO and there are other signal processing tweaks. The difference between the a700 and the d300 is not just an AA filter–it’s about signal processing both at the A/D level and the post analog level. Sony has great tech for video. They haven’t figured out still yet.

        I fully expect Nikon to put out something d400-ish with a 14-15mp sensor. But it’s a snoozer for customers like me that have what they need. Video is smart as a selling point, because they’re trying to attract customers with older cameras or straight up new customers. Somebody with a d80 won’t be choosing from a d300 or a d400 when it comes out. They’ll be choosing between a d90 and d400. And a d400 will have a lot better argument for a premium above a d300. I recently picked up a d90 and a d300. They were only $300 difference in price. I think that’s fair. I wouldn’t pay 1600 for a d300 with the d90 around. I would however pay 1600 for a d400 if it existed and I didn’t have a d300.

        Don’t kid yourself about the whole ccd/cmos thing. The difference is production cost via some tech tricks. If you set out do the same thing with ccds that any cmos does, you could. It would just cost more in the end, especially with the amp integration that sony has implemented (maybe Nikon’s idea?). That said, everybody is going cmos because it’s the best bang for buck with the current tech. Things may continue going that way, but it wouldn’t surprise me if somebody came up with something brilliant and we started seeing ccds again. To the end customers, it really makes no difference. Innovation keeps giving us better for cheaper and that’s what matters. Not CCD vs CMOS.

        To me at least, the important question is: does this camera do what I need it to? Whether it has a CMOS sensor or a CCD doesn’t answer that question for me. Can you tell the difference between a print from a d80 and a d60? I doubt it. I can certainly tell a difference between my old d2x and my new d300. The difference is the sensor and signal processing architecture but the CMOS/CCD variable means nothing in either equation.

        /end rant

    • Joe Boston

      Yes, except there’s on problem: The Sony A350’s Sensor is CCD, not CMOS. Unless we’re talking medium format, CCDs can not be as low noise at high ISO as CMOS sensors. Why do you think Canon was winning High ISO IQ wars for so long? The answer is CMOS. It took Nikon awhile to catch on.

      If Nikon does switch back to CCD, myself and probably a lot of other photographers will be disappointed.

      • Joe Boston


  • I have a Canon 5D MKII and have found it to be less than stellar. But… because I’m a filmmaker and they don’t allow aperture control on their lenses, I’ve been investing in Nikon lenses! Thanks Canon for pushing me towards Nikon!

    I am very excited about the Nikon D400 so I can make the full switch. I started with Nikon many, many years ago but switched to Canon when Nikon was dragging their feet in the digital realm. Nikon has clearly reclaimed the crown as the best DSLR company in the world.

    My fingers are crossed that they release HD video with full manual control and a better rolling shutter. If they do this, they will have EVERY cinematographer on Earth lined up to buy one.


    • rwpl

      heh changing c5dmII for d400 ? strange..

      • getanalogue

        not so strange, look at (only scientific worldwide) camera test on Dxo mark website. Will be surprised.

        • rwpl

          Yeah I know Dxo and to be honest I cant find any confirmation on the results you can find there.

          • Stephen

            You need to look at how they do things. They list it very well. When they go to such great length to provide such accurate results you may not find any correlating results because no one else does it. So we look at their scientific process and it shows they do things correctly so we should trust them.

            Once someone else is willing to go to the length they do, then we can start complaining about confirmation.

    • Pablov

      Hi Derek,

      I certainly understand your point, similar to mine in many aspects.
      If you didn’t yet, check the URL of my nickname… might be of your interest.

      I think Canon will update the 5D Mark II firmware to allow some kind of manual control in Movie mode. They will have lot of competition (in that aspect) from other brands in near future…

      I love Nikon too, but I’m seriously dissapointed with their tech service in the region I live in (and all the countries around).
      Here Canon has a much better, responsible and cheaper service.

      But, none of them are stellar, BOTH (cameras and services) have their weakness and issues.

      Although, overall, I guess Nikons DSLRs are more solid constructed (but more expensive too, like their lenses)

      I would really like to see a Full Frame Nikon DSLR with Full HD video (and of course Full Manual control)

  • Isn’t it for a fact that Nikon allways promotes new gear in those countries that begin with the letter F (as for F mount), Like France, Finland, Faeroe Islands, Farawayland…?

  • blip

    its a fake, have a closer look and you will notice that the font size differs comparing to descriptions of other models, it seems vertically stretched , especially on letters B , E, e. so its easy to recognize that is has been poorly photoshopped.

    • I’d add a bit more: the D400 is not present on the list on left. IMHO it’s very strange…

    • Numos Bufez

      Ehh, why would anyone use photoshop when one can just edit the HTML with a simple text editor easily…??

  • Pells

    Seems to be the exact same words as the D300 with the numbers changed and FULL HD whatever added. Someone has some time on their hands.

  • mdx

    I think it’s a fake. Because the text has been copy & pasted from other models. But the author missed one important last sentence. All other products include this last sentence containing some general words like “Easy to handle, robust, ready or any situation”. So I think it’s a fake. (Btw. I’m native German speaker.)

  • Davey

    I don’t see a D400 on the German website. Is the screenshot a fake?

  • Roger

    Comparing the web site and website, the Canadian website no longer shows the D200, D80, or the D40.
    Making room for something?

  • niko58

    You are officially a twit anonymous.

    First of all, to come off as being superior to the NR admin when nothing in your post was a revelation, as it was nothing more than just a rehashing of earlier comments. I bet that strained your brain, all that effort just to retype what has already been said.

    As to your third point about ‘full HD Video” being in english, you could have at least done some minimal checking before “embarrassing” yourself. For example, from the Canon Germany site on the 5d Mark II, note the end of the description, notice that it states “Full HD videos”…you twit!

    “Die EOS 5D Mark II mit Vollformatsensor und besonders hoher Auflösung, Reihenaufnahmen mit bis zu 3,9 B/s und großen ISO-Bereich. Das innovative Konzept ermöglicht die Aufzeichnung von Full HD videos.”

    Geeze, maybe you could enlighten us and explain what “Full HD Videos” is supposed to be in German, as I am sure that the Canon and Nikon sites would both be emabarresed that they don’t know, especially since “Full HD” and “Live View” are prevelant in the EOS 5D Mark II German brochures as well.

    • those follow ups are for a comment that was deleted – sorry for the confusion, but I had to take this guy out – he’s been harassing me/us for few weeks now.

  • Scullyd

    Is there any truth to a 10% D3 price cut in April though like that guy said above. I was about to take the plunge on a D3, but i’ll wait i’ll save 400 beans.

    • Why?

      If you need to think of buying a D3 as taking “a plunge”, you really don’t need it. If you need a D3, you know why you are buying it and how quickly you will recoup your investment.

      Unless you are using it commercially there is absolutely no need for you to have a D3 – its a photo-journalists camera – paparazzi to national geographic – but photo journalists all nonetheless.

      Used to be hilarious in the days of film seeing those rich amateurs buying F5’s and really not noticing how silly they looked carrying them to shoot tourist sites etc and how completely beyond their talents the camera was.

      Ask yourself this. If you buy a D3 will it be battered, scuffed, scratched and dented and maybe have even a couple of bullet ricochet grazes within three years. If the answer is “yes” – you need one… if “no”, all you need is a D90.

      • My D2x looked like hell after 2 years. (I’ll call it well loved) What you need and what you can afford are not always the same thing. I think everyone could benefit from a D3. It’s a great camera.

        I need a D3. But I also need a backup. I can afford a d300 and d90. When I got a D2x, I could afford it. Did I need it? Meh. Did it get me pics I couldn’t have gotten otherwise at the highest resolution either Nikon or Canon could offer? Yes and yes! (I a/b-ed it with my former employer’s 1dsmkii and all of my lenses resolved more fine detail than his L glass. Nikon had the edge until the idsmkiii as far as I’m concerned. Now they’ve got it back).

        Right now I’m making pictures and money. I’d love a D3x. I could buy one. But I don’t think my clients would know the difference. Heck, I have to look hard to tell the difference, even from RAW. No doubt there is one, but it’s not huge.

        I remember the first time I saw a d300. I was shooting a friend’s band and there was some doofus holding his camera portrait orientation and trying to bounce flash with the camera pointed straight at my face. Did he need a d300 as much as I did? NO! He obviously hadn’t half a clue about how to use it. But he had it. Good for him. I just smirked and continued to take pictures that I’m sure were superior. So it goes.

        Does an old rich man need a Bugatti Veyron? Nope. Hell, a 18 y/o kid would probably enjoy it a million times more and drive it a lot harder–push it’s boundaries. But the old man has the money and the kid doesn’t. So it goes.

        Just get the best you can to suit your needs and use the hell out of it.


        • er correction, flash was pointed at my face, camera at the stage. I wish we could edit our comments.

          • Micah, I think this will be possible, but then I have enforce registration for this blog. I will look into it.

          • I’ve said it before: registration might not be a bad thing.

            One option I’ve seen is to allow anyone to post, but unregistered comments are dimmed out. They’re there, but they don’t get prominence.

      • Stephen

        First off, some of us don’t have the income to justify a camera like that. Or, like me, I need to take a higher income for family reasons so I can not invest as much into my business. I don’t want to get into it, don’t ask. Between buying new glass and needing a new camera I have to make the sacrifice to my income. Oh, and I am completely debt free as a business. I know it’s weird, but it is a personal thing. I’ve almost ruined my family on business ventures with debt.

        Anyway, I do agree that people rarely need a camera. I still use some of my old cameras because they do what I need the best. Actually, I used a old Fuji s5000 point and shoot on a hard shoot because the of it’s ability to get certain colors. I think a lot of people don’t realize the potential of their camera.

        This does not give you the right to be a jerk to other people. Some people aren’t in this for the business aspects, but need what a D3 can do so they can get what they want. So STFU

        • I guess that’s my point. I’m in this for business and I don’t need a d3/d3x. I’d love one, but it’s just not necessary for me at the moment.

          Most of the people I’ve seen with D3s are people with money to blow, not working photographers. The exceptions are the top of the food chain and their clients budgets justify the expense. The working photogs are the minority. So it goes.

          Maybe I’m wrong about the above, but that’s been my observation.

          • Stephen

            I’ve never actually seen someone with a D3 that didn’t actually use it. Personally, I find it far to inconvenient for anything unless you are actually working. For that reason I assume people tend not to buy it to putz around with. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. I just have yet to see it.

  • Anonymous

    admin…glad to hear you took care of things! this site needs a slight bowel movement hahah…

  • What was the deal with the cannon 50D and pixel count that everyone is talking about? Explain so a noob like me can understand.

    I’m holding out for a 400, but I’ll certainly buy the 300 if it will be cheaper and better.

    • you

      This is so far, it’s funny

      • you

        This is so fake, it’s funny

  • I am you

    well done

  • Ron Scubadiver

    Really all we have is that Nikon usually gives bodies at the D300 level a two year life which puts the announcement of a D400 at the end of summer, for availability comfortably in advance of Xmas. Everything else is wishing, until there is some better information.

    Actually, I think the prospects of a D60 replacement with the same sensor as the D90 or a D700x with the D3x sensor are a lot more interesting than adding a few more MP’s and video to the already excellent D300.

    • Why?

      Usually? On what precedent? D200 – D300? Thats your argument for “usually”? The D100 was over 4 years old before it was replaced.


      I just can’t find anymore words!

  • Pablov

    Any new clue about it? 😕

    • Pablov

      ouch, I posted in the wrong place….

      my “new clue about it” refers to the D400

  • Anonymous

    The picture is fake. Please stop talking about D400. The D300 replacement will come with the same 12 MP, movie mode and faster fps. I guess will come late in summer or December. Nikon will not follow the Coolpix policy for DSLRs. D300 is excellent camera, maybe it need a small facelift and some firmware improvements. D400 could come in 26-28 months from now. I guess D700x will be available in Nov/Dec or in March 2010. I willing more lens.

    • Stephen

      Your comment is no more useful, in fact, less useful, than anything listed on this site.

  • Ed

    I notice that Adorama is buying Google keywords for the D400. I don’t know how long it has been going on. Search D400 on google and the right sidebar gives the Adorma Ad with a link to a nikkor lens.

    The menubar on the left of the nikon page would only add the D400 web page when it is intended to be shown, so that would be expected if the page is shown accidentally. They often use a photoshopped image as a filler when building a new page, and then do final editing and correction later, so we could be looking at a in-work page, or a outright fake.

    • yes, I think we talked about that few months ago – the big resellers are buying any keywords possible – just try it yourself: D500 D600 D900 D1000 D4 D5…..

  • torax

    rumor |ˈroōmər| ( Brit. rumour)
    a currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth : they were investigating rumors of a massacre | rumor has it that he will take a year off.
    verb ( be rumored)
    be circulated as an unverified account : [with clause ] it’s rumored that he lives on a houseboat | [with infinitive ] she is rumored to have gone into hiding.
    ORIGIN late Middle English : from Old French rumur, from Latin rumor ‘noise.’

  • Dc crowley

    Try putting the link through google and check the cache link. Also try

    • I tried that already – it doesn’t work for newly changed sites, maybe google will picked it up in few days.

  • Pells

    My guess is that the D400 has more pixels than 12mp. I have a d700 and sometimes I really miss the reach and pixel density of what the D300 and D400 can and will offer. There is an increased depth of field that is rarely discused with the 1.5 crop factor as well.

  • Rick

    While this might very well be fake, but in the past, as a new release becomes more imminent, publishing mistakes and leaks of images start to popup with greater frequency. While I believe that a bumped D400 with HD video is a given, I would have expected Nikon to first want to get it’s D40/D60 replacement out the door prior to summer as this is a real money maker.

    • jimmy

      even when these leaks are fake?

  • Impeccability

    Pretty easy to fake such a shot. You could use plug-ins for Firefox such as “Page Hacker”. With that tool even a total photoshop newbie could create a screenshot of claiming Nikon was bankrupt or anything else within mere 5 minutes…

  • Colin Renouf

    I have just gone back to the Nikon Germany web site. Are you sure the D400 picture is a fake? I ask because….why has the text for the D300 gone? Doesn’t that imply changes are being made now? Just go and look….

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