Photo Imaging Expo 2009


Photo Imaging Expo 2009 will take place in Tokyo on March 26-29 and it seems that Canon will be announcing a new DSLR camera on the 25th. The chances that Nikon will be announcing something at the same time are slim, but we can still hope.

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  • lblaod


  • Crabby

    This site takes what may be a self-serving attitude that Nikon is at its best when it announces lots of things and that a lack of new products is a disappointment. Particularly when the econmy is soft, bringing out too many new products can sometimes be a strategy for financial damage and occasional ruin. Also, Nikon putting its development funds into new models with relatively minor changes makes for lots of news (and rumors), but it could easily keep Nikon in a reactive mode rather than allow them to be the technological leader we all want it to be.

    I like generally, but I really don’t need it to express irritation when Nikon offers no new model and a competitor does. The “old” Nikon of several years ago probably needed such prodding.

    • Several readers have asked me about this show. Some websites have reported that we may expected the D40 replacement on this event – I am not expressing irritation, I am just informing the audience of the upcoming event.

      • MattM

        “This site takes what may be a self-serving attitude that Nikon is at its best when it announces lots of things and that a lack of new products is a disappointment.”

        The website is called “Nikon Rumors.” From the name alone it is assumed that this site is centered on Nikon announcements or rumors there of. What do you want the admin to do? Start a new website and post a thread every 10 minutes saying everyone is happy with what they have?

  • alex

    another boring link to canonrumors…

    • why is that a problem?

    • PabloV

      It’s always good and interesting to know what Canon does and offer, and also from other brands.

      I personally find it very interesting since we can use both brands (in fact I do) and not “get married” or be a fanatic from one brand, that might you dissapoint or leave you waiting for long time until you get the camera that fit better for your needs.

      Any information about the biggest competitor of Nikon (Canon) is always useful, you can also -sometimes- deduct what is going to be released due to trends an innovation from other brands.

  • nik_can

    i shoot with both.
    any anouncement are cool with me.

    • PabloV

      same with me.

      Check this out:

      (with permission of admin)

      If you think one or more features are important, you can sign it (Company Name is optional, but gives it more relevance), share it and even spread.
      It’s interesting to see many people from many places and companies (even production companies) have signed.

      This might be the interest of Nikon Inc. too.
      At last, the companies’ decisions are based in many factors, but some are the trends, the competition, and the customers needs and requests/demands

  • Neil

    Often Nikon will announce around Canon’s in order to steal their thunder. So I expect they will do something at PIE. But then again it may be another round of Coolpix.

  • zabbu

    is this show gonna be hotter than PMA?

    • don’t think so

      • Tom

        I’d bet on it if I were a Canon user….

  • Anonymous

    Personally Admin, I think you need to have a disclaimer on the opening page of your site stating this is a rumour site…. some peoples comments are ridiculous!! Or at least delete the type of comments from the “anti nikon rumours” crowd…. personally I feel the comments are often arguments and nothing constructive…. I don’t know if I will waste anymore time here on Nikon……

    you do a great job but you allow too many people to think they are your boss…. good luck!

    • actually I do have a disclaimer and I do delete those types of comments – few probably sneaked by…

  • Jack

    Can someone tell me where on Nikon’s site is this product? I can’t find it anywhere


  • PabloV

    Dear Admin, why do you think “The chances that Nikon will be announcing something at the same time are slim” ?

    Never happened that Canon and Nikon announced at the same time/event before?
    Would be great to see something new soon

  • Even if they don’t match Canon with a new DLSR there, it would be a good time to announce a new lens (or two). Replacements for 80-400, 300 F4, and 70-200 (and an F4 version) are my top hopes!

    • Tom

      Give up the 70-200 already ! It sells as it is. There’s lots of other older non-VR non-AFS non-eco glass lenses that are higher priority like the 200mm micro and the 180 f2.8.

  • Anonymous

    You give up on it. I NEED a better 70 200 thats sharp at the sides and corners! And VR2 and preferably Nano coated. And shorter… And with much closer focus.

    • Tom

      And it’s that easy…you want it so they make it. Has anyone even given half a thought to how difficult it is to do these things and not double the price ? Get real ! Switch systems or buy some primes.

      • Kevin

        Tom, please understand. Anonymous may be like me and many others. We need corner sharpness in such a lens.

        You never know. The SI editor may want that fan jumping in the corner of the frame to be tack sharp along with Manny in the center. God forbid, for the swim suit edition everything had better be sharp. People wants to see the pores on the model’s legs.

        Then there is that Gobi desert assignment from National Geographic. If I used primes I will need to change lenses and dust will get onto the sensor. Oh the horror.

  • shivas


    This will do multiple things for us people:
    The D40 replacement will get pushed up a bit, might not be now, but everyone knows that Nikon, except for Photokina (once every 2 years!!) usually announces things on their own accord.

    AND!!! The price of existing bodies will get pushed down, especially the D80/D90/D300 line since the DX sensor will become “outdated” in relative terms.

    So cheer up everyone, this is great news!

  • dito

    You all spend to much time in from of a not so great forum discussing the what could be and hoping that the brand will launch something you just can’t afford, so you can have something to hope for… What about making some Photography?! Maybe posting something… useful, or fun, or technical, or at least interesting, 95 percent of this information has been gathered from.. a simple google search. I thing I’ll just go somewhere els…………

    • Anonymous

      I am just wating for an upgraded 70-200… hahahaha heard that one before!!!

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