Nikon lens hood HB-44 – which lens is it for?

Nikon has skipped the lens hood model HB-44 in their product line:

HB-47 AFS 50/1.4
HB-46 AFS 30/1.8
HB-45 AFS 18-55VR
HB-44 new lens ??
HB-43 45/2.8 PC-E
HB-42 60/2.8 micro
HB-41 24/3.5 PC-E
HB-40 AFS 24-70/2.8
HB-39 AFS 16-85
HB-38 AFS 105/2.8 VR micro
HB-37 AFS 55-200VR

Is the HB-44 reserved for a new, unreleased lens?

Via Nikoncafe

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  • I think you meant the 35mm f/1.8, not 30mm f/1.8.

  • BnH

    44 means : die die in Chinese 🙂

    • Tom

      Indeed, true in many Asian countries. No-one wants anything with a 4 and certainly not 44 – it literally means double-death = certain death. It’s a lot worse than 13 is to western people.

      • Anonymous

        i believe it’s only true in chinese language but not in many asian country. Asian languages is not the same.

        • tenton

          It is the same for Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese, in addition to Chinese. 4 sounds like death; makes April 4th double death day. And it’d make an HB-44 a double death lens hood.

      • cv

        So it’s worse than nothing… 🙂

        Seriously, who believes in that crap?

        Enjoy the end of the week! (Friday 13th…)

  • Juergen

    “Is the HB-44 reserved for a new, unreleased lens?”

    My guess is 35/1.4G (FX).

    • rwbenjey

      I would guess this as well. After all, Nikon has to release a faster version for the pro market : )

      • Juergen

        And we’ve already heard the price from Nikon – 1400 Euro!
        “… an FX 35mm F1.4 … might cost €1400 …” says Ludovic Drean, Nikon Product Manager for lenses, Europe, see

        • yes, you guys should read the whole interview – it is interesting

          • Juergen

            I don’t know what you think I was missing from the interview?

            What I found most ridiculous was the sentence “DX is not over” – what a nonsense, of course it’s not, as it will not in the foreseeable future, means many, many years to go at least. And with Nikon DSLRs the DX user base is 10.700.000 million compared to FX 300.000 (if at all), so what should that sentence mean?

  • Tam

    To the Japanese people, 4 is an unlucky number. I think they skipped it for superstitious reason.

    • Jon Paul

      That’s why I heard they’re announcing the D500 at PMA.

      • Cache

        And also, a rumor says that CANON will release 1Ds Mark V instead of IV

      • Anonymous

        Then why did they release a D40/x if they are going to skip the D400?
        And the same also applies to Canon’s 40D, 400D?

        • Sebastian

          I don’t know the reasons for using “D400” and “40D”, but the Canon EOS 400D was sold under the name “EOS Kiss Digital X” in Japan. (All three and four digit digital EOS are only sold in Europe with this “numeral” name but carry different names in Japan and North America.)

          • Caprea

            I never heard specifically of 44 being a bad luck in Japan. But it may be in China, I don’t know.

          • Juergen

            That is simply done to separate the three markets Europe, North America and Asia to hinder Canon-uncontrolled camera flow, that’s an anti-free-market policy.

          • Juergen

            My above comment referred to the different Canon names for otherwise identical cameras.

    • Anonymous
    • Mike

      D40, 80-400, 400mm prime. 12-24 f/4 (Don’t use the death aperture!) , 200-400 f/4, SB-400.

      I guess these are only North American products?

      • Mike

        Sorry my European friends….

        I should have written “these are only western market products?” Cheers!

      • Martin

        … and don’t forget the F4, the D40, the D40x, and in Europe at least there was a F-401 … very deadly those …

  • DJK

    If they keep up with the pace from the past two years, we’ll have 6 more new lenses announced by December. It seems a safe bet that at least one will use a new lens hood. Given that the model number predates the 18-55VR, I’ll guess that it’s something long overdue:

    AF-S 80-400mm f4.5-5.6 VRII

    • Bret

      or an AF-S 300mm f/4.0 VR
      This lens is like 9 years old now… I know there are older ones, and this is definitely a good lens, but I wouldn’t mind the VR. Then again, I’m not sure if this is as much of a moneymaker as the 80-400mm and that lens was released about the same time.
      My main thing is that the 80-400 100-400 120-400 type variants are usually sharp up to about 300mm then drop off sharply as they get to 400. The aperture range is the same, so there isn’t a huge reason for people with say, the 70-300 VR to upgrade for the extended range, unless they really need it for sports/wildlife etc. etc.

  • SO

    I believe before the 35mm lens announcement there were rumors indicating 35mm dx was coming, I would like to find out what other things were those rumors predicting because obviously one of them came true hehe….NR ADMIN!!!

  • Robert

    Nikon CL-44 lens case
    Nikon tactical 2.5-10 X 44 rifle scope
    Nikon F4 SLR
    Nikon WT-4 wireless transmitter
    NIkon HK-4 hood
    Nikon HB-4 hood
    Nikon D40 DSRL
    Nikon BL-4 battery chamber cover
    Nikon EN-EL4 battery
    Nikon Coolpix S4 P&S

    The list of Nikon products with the digit 4 is probably a lot longer, so I really don’t believe in the unlucky number 4 theory.

    A Nikon country manager told me at the D3x launch event told me that there are 13 lenses in the pipeline at the moment, meaning 13 lenses are in development and to be launched. The number is two more than I was told in July 2008 when I visited Japan and talked to NPS representatives. With the 35/1.8 DX launched that leaves 12 more to be announced. The same country manager told of “some lenses that were supposed to be announced but did not make it in time for the D3x event”.

    I also got a personal email from a Nikon rep yesterday, it was not a machine email but a personal email asking me to confirm my contact information so that they can ensure I’ll get invitations to future updates and events. Could be chance, could be them ensuring their contact list is up to date for the next launch event due soon?

  • HDZ

    HB-44 is for 50 1.2G

    Just suggesting… 😛

  • gocrazy

    HB-44 is for the ne 18-650mm f/1.2

  • gocrazy

    HB-44 is for the new 18-650mm f/1.2

  • Anonymous

    HB-44 is for the old 18-55mm DX, i bought the HB-44 hood off B&H separately then it got discontinued

  • Aaron

    Guys, dont get so superstitious okay?

  • Anonymous

    There is no HB-13 either.

    • Caprea

      But there is an HB-4 hood for the 20mm 2.8.

      So it’s not a superstition issue.

  • Zoetmb

    Here’s another missing number (at least in the U.S):

    The 16-85mm, released February 08 was model #2178
    The 18-105mm, released September 08 was model #2179
    The 50mm 1.8G, released Dec 08 was model #2180
    The 35mm AF-S is model #2183.

    Where is model #2181 and #2182?

    It could have been assigned to another accessory and not a lens, but Nikon usually keeps these numbers pretty much in sequence (flashes are in the 4000 series, for example). So has #2181 and #2182 already been assigned to lenses we don’t know about yet?

    • good point – maybe this is the lens with the HB-44 hood
      or just maybe they had something else to release, but they had QA problems?

  • David Hsieh

    Let me guess…it’s because it’s made in china! These other products might be made in thailand, japan, etc.. :p

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