D3 Firmware Update 2.01, D700 Firmware Update 1.01

Nikon told us about this update few weeks ago. Today the D3 got a new firmware:



D700 got an update as well:



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  • Pablov

    Thanks for the post. It’s really nice to be informed about everything happening 🙂
    I will check what improvements are implemented on D3’s and D700’s firmware update

    • Pablov

      (I’m starting to hate my avatar… lol, I prefer the Nikon Fan’s one 😀 )

  • Dave

    The D3 gets an update to autofocus performance, but the D700 gets none 🙁

  • Dave

    OK, I’m happy to report that the firmware works, at least for me 🙂
    It fixes the issue when a4 is set to off.

  • Justin

    Pablov, To change your avatar just go to http://en.gravatar.com and upload your own.

  • Super Gab

    When are we going to get the D90 firmware update?

  • How’s ’bout us poor D300 users? No AF Fixes for us?????

    • DNHJR

      The D300 had a big update this pass summer or full. v. 1.10 It had a couple AF fixes.

  • IsThisARumor?

    Is this a rumor? Is this site called “NikonRumors” or “NikonNews”? Do you like me?

    I love cookies. Does everyone love cookies? For serious, cookies and upgrades.

    • No, this is the confirmation of a rumor from a month ago. Do I have to justify every single word in my own blog? Remember, this page is not written with only you in mind – as you can see other people find this info usefull.

      • RumorsForReals

        Can you justify spelling useful as usefull? For reals. Can we have a post about nikon releasing the D50? For reals. Wizwowns

    • torax

      Don’t read this blog, its so easy.

      • isThisARumor?

        I’ll read your blog, torax. is that easy?

  • Chris

    Pay no attention to this idiot. I found the firmware update news to be useful to me, and am glad you published this as a news item.

    • IsThisARumor?

      Thanks, Chris!

      • Wizwown’d

        Hey Chris, your firmware is useful to me

    • yrsued

      I found the News very useful too!! I spent a week at the Orlando Convention Center and this is my source of Nikon Info!! Thanks

  • Chris

    haha… diss (oops, forgot to hit reply…lolz)

  • john henry III

    Ok boys, settle down. Thanks for the firmware post. Is there anything in the rumor mill that is solid for a new 70-200mm?

    John Henry III

    • No , sorry nothing on the 70-200 yet

    • John Galbraith

      Whoa! A new 70-200 2.8? I’ve been itching to get my hands on one of those ever since I started slugging El Presidente #2’s. In all seriousness. Riiight OK. New 70-200? My current version ain’t cuttin’ it one bit when i pimp my FX shiz. Riiight. So I says to Nikon, I says it’s one bar in a hundred bar. And is this my lowest occupied molecular orbital (LOMO)? or what? oh well. right.

  • An update to an already excellent autofocus system? ok.

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