Somebody oopsed today

Today I did see a new Nikon CoolPix announcement coming from CES. It was the S60 model, which has been in stores for few months now. I thought that I did not get enough sleep last night and I continued listening to the Blues Traveler band.

There was an oops from Nikon - they announced a camera that was already announced four months ago. Actually the oops was from Nikon's PR agency MWW Group (does Nikon really use them?) or from the website that hosted the press release

Maybe they wanted to announce the Nikon MX camera and tried to cover the screw-up with the Blues Traveler concert 🙂 Sorry to disappoint you all, but there is no new CoolPix for now. I know everybody is waiting for this product patiently.

Here is the link to the announcement and a picture (they will take it down soon).

Ha! And some readers critizised me that I make mistakes...

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  • Adomas

    I like Nikon DSLRs but Coolpixes are crap. I always preferred Powershot (IXUS) line.

  • Pablov

    I like the 3.5″ LCD screen, but not touchscreen.

    I would REALLY like to see 3.5″ High-res (930K pixels) LCD screen in the new D400 / D800, or even a 4″ screen (yes, I love big screens for many reasons I won’t detail right now)

    And if Nikon ever put touchscreens in DSLRs, I hope they still keep the normal and real buttons !! Touchscreens are not confortable, specially for outdoor workers who are using gloves, coats, and weather protection clothes

    (I know some people would say “larger LCD screen? what for?”, but so many also said “Live View is for P&S cameras only, welcome to the DSLR” , bla bla….)

    • bigmouth

      I don’t get it, if touchscreen is so not practical, why on earth all the cell phones are following iphone’s suit. If touchscreen was that bad, iphone should be a flop, a big flop in history of mankind predicted by many. But it turned out just another Job success. How do you explain that?

      • Pablov

        Don’t get me wrong, I love touchscreens !! but depending on the device they are controling, and their size and way of implementation.

        I don’t like small touchscreens for some applications wich require lot of information displayed at the same time of buttons/icons.

        If you display so many buttons there is small space to display the image being recorded..

        If the LCD is big enough, then it could be fine, but I don’t think a touchscreen could replace the ergonomic level Nikon has achieved in their top DSLR.

        For that reason I encourage to keep all the REAL buttons, besides implementing a touchscreen command system. (AND the option to disable that system if wanted by the user)

        Touchscreens are good if the screen is often or always in front of you and your fingers, but in a SDLR the hand is handling the camera and also pressing the buttons and dials at the same time you are viewing through the viefinder..
        it’s not as simple as handling a cellphone that is flat and doesn’t have zoom rings, levers, command dials, etc., that are well placed to be managed while you keep your eye in the viewfinder

        The best situation for a touchscreen is when using LiveView mode, because your face and eye is not placed next to the camera.

        Besides that, the touchscreen system in video cameras is not very good if pressing the screen makes the camera to move (very common in camcorders with flip screen).

        Also, the size of the screen icons and virtual buttons must be big enough, and the screen is more exposed to scratches and dirty.
        All those (and more) considerations have to be taken when implementing that system…

  • Justin

    Why is the first thing advertised in the bold header on the press release that the camera is ‘ultra-stylish’. Since when do we as consumers need to be told what to think is ultra-stylish, and if that’s the best new feature of this camera, why would anyone want it who cares about actual photography? I agree with the first poster, adomas, I love Nikon SLRs, but their coolpix line is seriously lacking.

    • bigmouth

      Coolpix seems to be under the management of a different division and it seems a large amount of design works were outsourced to some other companies like Sanyo. If you’ve seen some Sanyo made TVs and other electronics in Walmart, you will know these little cameras will not be the top of the line. But I think they tried pretty hard to get to the standard. Introducing touch screen is definitely a nice try. Some people want the latest and newest stuff regardless of whether it shoot better picture or not. This is particularly true for little gadgets.

  • ryan l

    what are you talking about? you DO make mistakes, everyone makes mistakes. what makes you think your perfect, admin? Jesus christ, just because you report on nikon products and get some things right doesn’t mean you are the holy all correct news reporter. someone needs to come down from their high cloud.

    • I don’t get your point – this was addresses to all the hardcore critique I have been getting, I never said I do not make mistakes, all I said is that I am not the only one making mistakes, which means that I confess to the mistakes I make. Do you understand now?

    • CS

      Take a chill pill.

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