Nikon UK prices – cannot back order for the old price

Update - and another price increase report: "Interfoto in Norway will increase their prices on January 15th."

Several readers informed me today that resellers across the UK already have the new pricing. The worst part is that buyers cannot back order any item for the old price:

"I was at Jacobs in London today, and they said they couldn't back order stuff for the same price since they got a memo today form Nikon that prices will go up on the 12th of January due to the pound devaluation."

From what I heard Amazon UK still hasn't increase their prices. Several Nikon products are already out of stock, but you can still back order them for the old price - if they have what you need, pull the trigger now.

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  • dan

    No! I really hope Calumet won’t do the same, I had planned to go out and get mine tomorrow….

    • adrian

      i ordered my d700 + 105 from calumet on wednesday, by phone, the guy i spoke to said stock was on back order, but i got the kit for £1999 which is the ‘old’ price.
      i asked him about price increases and he said ‘coming soon’ and ‘all manufacturers’

      better buy it now!


  • Daf

    Someone in another post on here noticed yesterday:
    Amazon’s D700 was around the £1540 mark a few days ago, now it’s ~£1,700

    • Daf

      Correction, it’s one of those
      “Dispatched from and sold by” so not amazon UK themselves.

  • Sergio

    I do see that Amazon have indeed increased their prices from £1535 to £1697.

    I got mine from – Never purchased from them but heard good things. I will let you know about them when i get it.

  • Jerovino

    Can anyone tell me if those shops ship to portugal??

    • Mig

      Robertwhite and Graysofwestminster do it.. but “é demasiado tarde pá! Já subiu, mas ainda asssim mais barato que cá….”
      too late , they up already, still, cheaper than back home!

  • Sydney

    This is all irrelevant. Who would buy anything now until FX is the standard sensor size anyway? FX is the future and nobody can deny it unless they have jammed their head in the sand.

    When the D90 replacement comes – with FX sensor and I know this on good authority – it will whip the @ss of the D700 so why bother with a D700 at an increased price now? – within 24 months there will be a better camera at 50% of the cost and as we will still be just climbing out of this economic mess, that 50% matters.

    DX is finished… FX now rules… FX is the future. Concentrate on improving your photography rather than having the shiny new toy – I think a lot of people would benefit from that. There are perhaps a few decent photographers on here but room for improvement for a lot of others I think.

    • Daf

      “This is all irrelevant. Who would buy anything now….”

      A. People who can’t affoard/ don’t need FX and want something DX.
      B. People who want to buy FX before the prices go up.

      • gfx

        DX isn’t finished, there are lots of lenses for it.
        What I would like is a 6MP DX sensor with the quality of the current FX ones.

  • Niklas

    “within 24 months there will be a better camera at 50% of the cost “, well that will always be the case, forever, meaning in 24 months, you might as well wait another 24 months.

    Besides, FX cameras are still way heavier then a DX camera. I would be interested in a lightweight Leica rangefinder with FX sensor though…

  • Daf

    Warehouse Express was selling the new 50mm AF-S for ~£270 last week, it’s just gone up to £309 today!
    TIme to look + buy one today I think.

  • Tim Catchall

    I think I got the last D700 at the old price from Amazon – it said 1 left in stock when I hit the trigger. I have also ordered the 50mm f1.4 afs at the old price, but not sure whether this will be honoured by the seller, as it is showing as out of stock. Let’s see what happens

  • Daf
    • Daf

      Christ – D3x is up to £5999.99
      ~EUR 6699
      ~$ 8973

  • Trevor Nelmes

    The new Nikon UK Price List is here:

    The D300 has come down by £20 and the D700 has gone up by £100 (5%)

    The D3x has gone up by £500 (9%), the D3 up by £200 (6%)

    The D60 up by £30 (8%) and the D90 up by £70 (10%)

    That’s not as much as expected.

  • ColinH

    Ordered a D90 from Calumet at £568 yesterday – today it’s £635! Hope they stand by their original price

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