Nikon D300 rebate in Spain

There is a rumor on dpreview about an upcoming D300 rebate in Spain:

"one of my friends, as a professional, has received one email from his distributor of Nikon with D300 rebate"

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  • Crabby

    This could be an indication that Nikon is about to bring out a D300x to meet or beat the pixel count on the Canon DSLR that competes with the D300 and/or add video. Or it’s just that time of the year for Nikon and they’re nervous about the slowing economy.

    I’m not certain about the appeal of a higher-pixel-count D300x model with the same or modified Bayer-sensor technology. Increasing this count very much (let’s say beyond 16MP, to make a guess) seems certain to increase noise and the low noise at higher ISO settings seems the key appeal of the D300. Or have the Coolpix marketers at Nikon taken over?

    • Joey

      perhaps ahston has the answer

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