Nikon “booster kit” deal for D300 in France

According to this site "Nikon is launching a campaign until December, to make a gift of 499 Euros if you buy a D300. The manufacturer offers in effect the "booster kit", ie a handful vertical with battery EL-EN4 of D3 professional SLR" (Google translation). This should increase the burst rate to 8 frames per second and should make the D300 more attractive compared to the D90 (hey this is not my opinion, so keep me out of the D300 vs. D90 discussion).








No mentioning whether this would be a world-wide event, but this is the fourth rumor of an upcoming Nikon rebate program (see herehere and here).

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    Well, I’m still trying to decide between the D90 and D300 my self, but leaning towards the d90 so i can get the 10.5mm fish.

    • NikonMan

      Both are great cameras, if you dont need the better body & extra speed of the D300 I’d plumb for the 90 and spend the extra $$ on the lens.
      Unless you want to use any non AF lenses as the D90 won’t meter without electronics in the lens (it will work on Manual but with a handheld lightmeter or “eyeball” exposure) D300 meters without electronics in the lens.

      just $0.02 from a happy user…

  • Anonymous

    and what about the charger for the battery? Here in Switzerland it costs about twice as much as the battery itself…

  • Nils

    There is much more….
    Full lens rebate program…

  • N

    Lens Prices in Germany increasing… so a cashback rebate is very likely.
    The price of the 70 200 VR increased by 100€ over the last days, kit prices are also increasing. thats a typical sign for a rebate program coming up.

  • Patrick

    I Work in a shop in France and there’s a nikon offer indeed, with the same postcard visual, and the same dates, but it concerns Lenses with up to 1000 euros rebates (on the 400 F2.8 mm 😉 ) because of the 75th nikon anniversary.

    I’m afraid this is a fake, unless it starts on november the 1st and not october the 1st like on this visual…

  • Patrick

    Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa…

    I said there was no Nikon offer with the battery kit, and… we’ve just got the offer!

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