Nikon D800 will have video

There is a post on a very popular photography forum where somebody claims to be under NDS agrement with Nikon - the post was very casual and did not reveal any upcoming Nikon products.

After I went through the post history of the same person, I found some interesting info: in another post the same person claims that we will see a new version of the D3 and Nikon D800 next year. Both models will have higher megapixel count and the D800 will have a video as well.

I will not reveal the name of this person or forum name - I do not want him to get in trouble, but trust me it is out there.

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  • Zach

    i dont think the D800 will be released before the D3x…..

  • *yawns* boring!

  • Cameron: it all make sense now: you are Darth Vader from dpreview. I know many other names that you go under. Cameron is a new one. Wow!
    Check this out:

    • so you’re calling me a liar for no reason now? wow! pathetic!

      its sad everyone is super obsessed with my brother. he loves to make fun of gearheads like you guys ((yeah i agree its the pure truth))

      hmm idk if i have to feel sorry for you guys or…?

    • Kuri

      I think you’re right! Cameron is Darth Vader/Lilkiwiguy
      He even mentions a ‘Cameron’ on his silly youtube site.

      Or maybe he has a split personality….
      That would explain a lot…

      • Pablov

        I found some Very Weird people in the internet
        One can’t explain their behaviour… don’t know if they have split personality or another kind of psychopathology…

        But they exist, and like to lie, confuse other people, and laugh about them.
        Maybe in the “real” world they don’t express that, or act different, I don’t know.
        Sick behaviour, indeed

  • JimmyD

    haha blew up his spot. dude is full of lies. why does he feel the need to sit at home all day and make lies on the internet about Nikon gear? some weird people around here.

  • Because if he/she is lying, he/she would write those two comments in the same post. The fact that they were few days apart, makes it legit. There are a lot of comments on this blog from this person. I went through a lot of them and there is no BS at all.

  • JimmyD

    ADMIN….i was referring to “cameron” not you. i like your site..check it everyday…

  • joe

    24 megapixel d800? maybe in 2010, but that will be my next camera.

  • Pablov

    Admin: Interesting !

    Did he/she say something about the quality or features of the Video on the D800 ? and any announcement or releasing time?

    I am almost sure it will have video/movie, but not sure what level of it.
    I guess it can be released around Feb/March 2009, but not sure either…

    Any comments from this person, or some reliable source would be much appreciated 🙂

    Thanks for posting this.

  • Chevypower

    I hope it’s 1080/24p in a high bit rate, with a dual-xlr input adaptor that mounts underneath for pro mics, with an onboard stereo mic. But only if these features don’t compromise on it’s main purpose. To be an awesome still camera. Oh, the file format for video should be NTFS, not FAT32 to allow for continuous recording 🙂

    • Pablov

      I wouldn’t expect so much…

      But… 1080i yes, (I prefer faster frame rate than 24), high bit rate, Mic-in jacks (I don’t think it would have built-in stereo mics, but will need Stereo mic-in Jack indeed, and at 44.1Khz sampling rate !)

      I don’t think these features could compromise the camera on its main purpose if they implement them well. The only thing might matters is the cost of doing so.

      Optional image Sizes, and Frame Rates (up to 30 for instance) and a Good compressor codec would be really good, also a Compression Quality level option..

      It’s hard to deal with so big .AVI files, that consume so much memory capacity…

      I’m really wondering if Nikon will implement Movie in good manner, with good features to make it useful

      It’s too bad to see a new feature implementation lacking aspects that would have gave it the potential to be professionally used.

      And then have to wait for another new release of a DSLR, or switch to another brand, or forget about that and spend a lot more in another equipments.
      I hope this not happen this time

    • lyr

      NTFS? Well… The problem is that NTFS is not a format that can be used by every OS (this will be one more step away from Apple to Microsoft). I don’t know if they can allow that.

      • tenton

        Well, at least OS X Macs can read NTFS (infinitely more important than writing, for camera purposes; we’re more interested in getting the data off the card to the computer). NTFS might need to be licensed from MS in some fashion (FAT32 is more unencumbered and much better understood).

    • Anonymous

      dual xlr inputs – not even a remote possibility. 1080/24p we can hope for, as well as controllable shutter speed, and low compression, but the most important thing would be getting rid of that shutter skew…it would be quite cool if they had an accessory connector on the bottom, to which you could add some form of battery pack that included xlr input. However, no matter what, the sound would be better coming from a dedicated xlr recorder, and therefore a third party device. Mic in will suffice to compete with the 5d Mark II

  • Dan

    i think the D900 will be better. lol

    video with autofocus and a good resolution, i hope…if not i buy canon.

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  • Chevypower

    What about a cable that will sync multiple D800s for video, so that the frames are in complete sync for multi-camera. I could connect my Beachtek XLR adaptor in to a 3.5mm stereo mic input, and mount it into the tripod connector. I need headphone monitoring, and i think i would be set. I think there needs to be prosumer 3x 35mm CMOS to compete!

  • Danny

    Surprised by the fact that in all these comments no one mentioned an absolute must for creative video (and stills) . . . a rotating LCD screen!

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