Nikon D3x is coming in December?

The only news I see in this message is the release date - December:

"Nikon USA's PR Dept. D3x is coming...slated for December at the moment. Full Frame, Crop features...24.4 megapixels 9 fps and a host of other features. The price? $6499.99 USD (U.S. Dollars) Its supposed to look identical to the D3, and use many of the same D3 addon's...but have more megapixels, better noise-reduction software and faster high-speed for sports."

Source: dpreview

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  • Jeff

    Better noise reduction ????????? o_O
    Didn’t knew the D3 was a noisy camera ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Taschmahal

    Does that mean, that the flash sync speed will be faster that 250?

  • Lonely

    There’s no limit to the best!!

  • I find it hard to believe that this camera will be for the “sports shooter”.

  • I hope Nikon improves the 24MP Sony’s sensor (in case of using it), or design a Better one (maybe lower resolution)

    I again, watched some A900 pictures yesterday, and did not like them at all….

    And if Nikon don’t implement (GOOD, Versatile and Fully manual) HD Movie mode in their upcoming DSLRs, they will loose the market of too many Movie makers and Photographers that are willing to use them professionally in that area (the only “good” choice is Canon EOS 5D Mark II so far, but I’m sure Canon will continue releasing DSLRs with Movie feature, and also improving it….)

  • cameron

    …forgot about auto-FP mode? it can let you use your speedlight at 1/8000s

  • drhaasmn

    frankly I don’t care if they introduce a d3x with movie feature or not. I’d prefer the higher mpx and lower noise!

  • kaki

    it’s about the time. i hope this is not another bull.

  • Agreed Pablov, I am not a fan of the images out of the A900 either.

    Hmm, I was kind of hoping Nikon would stick to something a little smaller, say like 16-18mp range. These huge files add up quick if you do any post PS work to them.

    C’mon Nikon, You’ve been rockin’ all year, let’s keep the ball rolling!

    Haha, that’s a great price if it’s true, the Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III is still listed at $7999.00.

  • Taschmahal

    But for example the Pocket Wizards can’t sync that quick. know what i mean?

  • cas

    Okay, so double the megapixels from the D3 and likely the same sensor size? So we will probably be back to the noisy higher ISOs… and for 2k more in price? I’m not gun ho about this, if it is true. Give me a D3 any day!

  • rob

    $6499?? It’s going to need a LOT to sell at that price.

  • Douglas

    Higher MP + Lower Noise = HIGHLY UNLIKLEY!

    if Nikon did use the 24mp sensor, they would HAVE to GREATLY improve the Noise reduction just to keep up with the D300, let alone with the D3/700… with the technology as things stand now, its not possible!

  • Douglas

    so we are, as yet, disregarding what every Nikon Rep. we have talked to, both in the US and at Photokina has said? that there will be “NO New professional bodies this year”? now, something im suprised nobody has picked up on is that EACH rep has said “Professional bodies” what if nikon, just for the sheere sence of keeping up in this “megapixel race” released a D300 like body with that (hopefully somewhat improved) 24mp sensor? but quite frankly i really dont see Nikon putting it into a D3(x) professional body…

  • E

    Ah cameron, Just showing your ignorance, you have any idea WHY flash sync is what it is? I’ll give you a hint, the physics of it don’t allow flash sync at those speeds without fp mode

  • E

    Yep, I agree, unless they use the detail reducing high ISO noise reduction, or some profound new tech, nope, wont happen.

  • JR

    and video i hope.

  • E

    Most definitly, unless nikon releases a D3h that has the same processing power that allows 24mp at 9fps, at 12 mp and somewhere in the ballpark of 14-15 fps! this won’t happen.

  • E

    Anybody else reading this as a potential new processor?

    More noise reduction (notice it doesn’t say better noise performance, so it will still likely be noisier than the D3, but less than the D300 which has a similiar pixel density)

    Higher framerate, which means faster processing (probably dual processors too)

    Canon just cme out with thier digic 4, maybe nikon has a response?

  • sloma_p

    Really? Get the D70 or D40, put them on 1/8000 and flash in manual mode and see if they don’t sync ๐Ÿ™‚ (I’ll give you a hint – they have electronic shutter – and so will sync at any speed, just not in TTL :):)

  • Feri

    I’ll get one!

  • If Nikon implements “good” video mode (30fps, full HD, manual exposure, etc) and the sensor’s resolution is around 24MP, keeping 9fps, it would need a newer processor

    Even if the shutter frame rate is below 9fps I think those kind of features need a new processor.

    I seriously doubt that Nikon will use the Sony’s 24MP sensor, too noisy… (and more noise-reduction is not a good thing indeed… MUCH better a less-noisy sensor!! even if it’s only ~20MP)

    Sensor of Canon EOS 5D Mk II seems much better than Sony’s (although it is lower resolution, but I would prefer it without hesitation)

  • Bonetti

    This is fake . sony 24 mp sensor does not go faster than 6.3 fps. this states that it does 9fps fake fake fake

  • peter

    fact #1: it does NOT need movie mode. this is a fully pro camera. not a prosumer.
    fact #2: A 24mp D3X will NOT shoot at 9fps. why woould it even need to ? 5 or 6 would be fine.
    fact #3: 24fps produced far more pleasing results than 30fps.
    fact #4: Auto FP pulses flash,it is not truly flashsync and will compomise exposures in certain situations.
    fact #5: none of the people here who say it should have video will ever be buying one. no pro looks to tick that box in the “must have” list.

  • Max

    From past model’s trends, a D_x should have around twice more the resolution and around twice less fps. Since this “new model” has twice more resolution and the same fps as the D3, shouldn’t it be called D4 instead of D3x?

  • umbora skirp

    @ Peter

    Nikon have already said that they are trailing D90 movie function to see whether it’s something pros might need in the future. With Canon doing it now, I see no reason as to why Nikon’s next pro line will not have this function.

    Secondly, your other ‘facts’ are bunch of misleading points you concluded from reading too much off the internet. Have some back up of information if you plan to make sweeping statements… For instance, I also work as a director of photography for short films, and I would kill for a Nikon body with movie functions which I can use with my existing lenses/video equipment. So while it is not a ‘must have’ tick box, yes, it would be great if it had it.

    Oh yea, and I sourced my D90 comment above from British Journal of Photography (when they announced D90 issue few weeks back)

  • peter

    ie: you are not a pro photographer. end of story. no Nikon pro is gonna be worried abbour video on a d3x. ever seen LV operating on a D3 ? i havent and i’ve been shooting pro events for years.

    BTW: canon does NOT do it now at all. the 5d is not a pro spec camera. it is a prosumer. canons pro range are the 1D series.

    i am not knocking video. i think its a clever addition to a consumer camera. i am responding to the usual nonsesne from pubescent nikon fanboy teens saying it MUST have video. thats just pure nonsense.

    my other facts are misleading ? how so ?
    1. does not NEED video. how is this misleading ?
    2. will NOT have 9fps. it wont.
    3. 24fps DOES produce nicer results. its more film like.
    4. you obviously have no idea how to use strobes

    i dont care where you sourced your info from. bookmark this page and get back to me when the d3x is released.

  • Feri

    Once again : I’ll get one!

  • Reg

    Well, in fact, video with still seems to be the pro future. Look how many newspaper photographers are being replaced with videographers.

  • sorry peter, but your facts are not entirely correct/shared for other pros.

    #1: you may not like or even use “movie mode”, but many ones will and actually do (HDMI output for instance)

    There are “pros” in many areas, not only shooting events (whatever their kind might be)

    Many movie makers are paying especially attention to this feature in DSLRs since the Big possibilities it offers against much more expensive devices

    And as Reg mentioned, many photojournalists are going to be recording video. Is a matter of time and vision. Maybe you don’t like it or don’t see, but will happen.

    Another example: Just review what happened to newspaper on internet. Today their digital version offer reports, pictures AND videos.
    It’s easy to see what’s going on and what the needs of a newspaper are for today and “tomorrow”

    LiveView: At studio shooting LV is used A LOT, instead of putting your eye on the body every shooting or re-framing operation

    #3: not always 24fps are better than 30 or even 60. Flexibility is a virtue.
    It depends on the use for the final footage. Again, the needs of “pro” may differ.

    #5: wrong, for the above reasons.

    Canon: cleverly implemented it in the 5D mark II (and improved over the D90’s).
    You can read some “Pro” reports about it and how much impressed they were, and the possibilities that offers (since you only seem to consider comments by “pros”)

    And rest asured that they will do the same on future “pro” line.

    Nikon can do whatever they want to do, sure, and they might realize late (or not, let’s see soon),
    But future “pro” DSLR will also include HD video mode.

    And despite you call the 5D mk II a “prosumer”, the “pro” and “prosumer” difference is Lot of the times just a psycological line (and price difference), more than a technical one.
    The same way, you can call a D300 “prosumer”… but lot of pros use them.

    In any case, a “prosumer” would be a “D90”, but as everyone knows, a real “pro” photographer can take good pictures using an “amateur” camera, or even a consumer one.

    “end of the story”

  • Pablov

    your statements are wrong, read above.

    “i dont care where you sourced your info from. bookmark this page and get back to me when the d3x is released.” : Do yourself the same, and check future Nikon & Canon Pro DSLRs too.

    Sometimes they are late realizing the needs of Pro/Prosumers/Consumers, but they finally do for their own convenience.

    It’s not only a matter of marketing, but also the possibilities you can achieve with them (or not, if you Only take ONLY pictures in the traditionalist way the rest of your life) In that case you won’t need any new camera and you’ll be happy not worrying about new releases.

  • Archer

    I would certainly buy a pro camera with HD Video capabilities, why not and why shouldn’t it be? Flexibility is definitely a virtue.

  • Ric

    24 MP is NOT twice the resolution…you need 48 MP to double the resolution of a 12 MP sensor.

  • Lyr

    About “No HD Movie in Pro Camera”:

    HD movie recording, like in D90, is basically “sending Liveview to memory” (unlike Canon 5DmkII). It’s not so “engineering consuming”.

    So they might as well include it, as a “gadget”, that 95% of traditional D3 users will not use. 5% will find it amusing or useful.
    And then there will be people buying it for that “gadget”.
    And new clients are always welcome ;op

  • Pablov

    After resizing 2 sample videos of the EOS 5D mark II from 1920×1080 to bit smaller resolution to avoid any lost frames when playing, I Really liked the Quality of the movie clips.

    It’s only 5 secs each video, but … make look the D90’s movies as a really cheap-home-made movie

    I Really hope Nikon improves their own implementation, and make it professional…

  • adrien

    pablov, you must be joking. those videos are terrible. they are choppy, his arm is out focus for moments before the AF catches up and there is all kinds of artefacting.

    i cant even believe you are citing them as an example of what movie mode should look like. they look pathetic.

  • peter

    i didnt say i didnt like it. learn to read please. i said that a fully pro dslr doesnt NEED it.

    movie makers paying attention ? BS they are. what a load of total rubbish. the equipment they use is FAR more advanced and of exceptional quality. you have no clue what you are talking about.

    PJ’s will not use a D3x for one reason. cos it wont be fast enuf. simple as that. it will not be 8fps. forget it.

    LV: dont talk out of your behind. studio phtoographers do not use LV alot. thats compelte crap. you got that out of a dslr marketing brochure. if its a true studio photographer they will not even be using a dslr. reframing in LV is MUCH slower and MUCH more difficult.

    studio models are constantly moving to get different angles, different takes and different compostiions. this cannot be done in LV cos it is too slow and too static.

    i’ve read pro reports about the MkII, guess whats on their website though ? PHOTOS. the video is pure canon marketing. do you think chase jarvis is using MM on a d90 just cos hedid nikon a favour by producing the video ? grow up.

    RE: what is a pro camera. its simple, any camera can be USED by a pro. but that doesnt make them a pro camera. cos you obviously have no clue what the pros really need. not weekend warriors, i’m talking PROFESSIONALS. take a look at any major event and tell me how many d300’s and 5d’s you see. NONE. take a look at how many of them are using LV…NONE. there is a reason for that.

    perhaps you should gain an understanding of the industry before you mouth off.

  • Pablov

    yes yes Mr. oldman.

    you know all photographers in the world, and of course all the Pros in the world, and all the movie makers in the world, and all the magazines, … ie the entire whole world (am I forgetting something?)
    And don’t even talk to any that carries the label “Pro” in his personal card. Most of those Pros are just oldmen with unflexible way to see and use the tools the technology offers.

    Move makers are paying attention, yes. Not “Hollywood” movie makers, but I suposse you already know, since you know everything, that there are OTHER types of movie makers…. don’t you?

    Anyway, take a look at this short preview and pay Attention to what he says about future DSLR (it’s not just my opinion):

    Even though, I don’t guess you are going to change your mind, because stones remain stones, and the only valid point of view is yours, and of course the rude man likes to treat others rude.
    “end of story”

    “i dont care where you sourced your info from. bookmark this page and get back to me when the d3x is released”
    – I don’t say that selfish BS, I just say “bookmark this page and get back in the future, and review your own words. Pro DSLRs ARE going to include HD Movie (sooner or later, maybe not the next D3x) BECAUSE there is a BIG market for it, it’s not just my idea, it’s a matter of business and some others…)
    If you don’t know the area or don’t like it, it doesn’t matter.

    Pro DSLR does not need Movie, sure, but in terms of convenience, sales, and functionability, versatility, they will include it, if the manufacturer is smart enough.

    D300 ARE used by Pros, in many events, but maybe you only know your city or whatever you live in.

    Better you go some other place to see what’s going on.
    AND remember… “events” ARE NOT THE ONLY jobs that “Professionals” do…

    Have fun with the mirror, I don’t like to talk to ppl who enter to a page/forum just to state facts.
    I don’t do that, just give you a bit of your own medicine ๐Ÿ™‚

    Cheers. And be happy.

  • Douglas

    you know, i saw the same thing, and i have to admit that that was my first impression aswell… however, upon closer examination, i dont think they are actually “choppy” or Artefacting at all, i think that is actually 1 of two things… 1: these are absolutly HUGE files, did you look at them at normal size? i seriously think its our computers bogging down under the massive file’s. 2: simply a bad stream, this makes a little more sence since the files appear the same on almost all screens and CPUs. i have seen some other samples from the Jap. Canon website that seem to have been sized down properly and are VERY clean.

    i honestly have NO idea exactly how well the AutoFocus will work for a while. The camera systems for Nikon and Canon arent designed for Contrast Detect AF (yet, i believe) and i do strongly have a feeling Canon will have a distinct advantage in implementing a strong system due to their much more extencive experience in Video Camera’s. i hate to say this, but i seriously hope Nikon hasn’t bitten off more than they can chew with chosing to implement Video recording onto devices that where expressly designed NOT for such…

  • Pablov

    I don’t think AF is working in Movie mode… just manual instead.
    So if anything is out of focus, is not the fault of the camera. Remember that in a DSLR Movie mode at maximum aperture and telephoto lens, the depth of field is very narrow
    (Maybe I’m wrong and there is AF running in Movie mode, that’s to be seen when production full reviews appear)

    The 5 secs. files are huge (in terms of resolution/MB/s) and even a really FAST computer hardly display the movie smoothly.

    I have 2 Opteron CPUSs, 4 cores running at 2.8Ghz each, and a normal player couldn’t do a very good job.

    I did run a single-threaded video player and it didn’t do it well with that files.
    I don’t know (and didn’t look for) a multi-threaded player, maybe it exists, not sure)

    I didn’t have time for that, and simply rezised the movie to a little smaller resolution and it played smoothly…

    I admit it is not the best HD video, but come on, it’s the 1st really Full 1920×1080 HD DSLR ever….

    And the quality is FAR better than D90’s. It has no even comparison.

    This is going to be improved, that’s obvious, that’s what I mean with a really Pro tool. The 1st step is done, and very good indeed (I’m taling about the 5D MkII’s)

    And they do not look pathetic at all.
    I have Nikon gear, and hope Nikon do a good job in this area too, but I can admit when other brand offer a better (yet) implementation.

    If you get some kind of freezing or not smooth motion, it’s your computer, not the video itself.

    The only thing I did observe is the smoothness in the legs of the woman when walking in Movie2
    Even the man on the bike, the cars and stuff on street (movie1) looked very good when the movie is played properly.

    Take a look at other samples, for better evaluation. Specially those with low light, and changing lights

  • Pablov

    NOTE: I’m not a fan of any brand (although I like Nikon over the rest)

    In the DPReview’s sample videos, they have very few frames when the image turns almost B&W (if you pause and check them carefully, you can see it’s not entirely B&W but with some kind of light-blue areas..) I think that is intentional, not a deffect itself as someone noted. Maybe a kind of “watermark” or something they intentionally did.
    I didn’t see any similar “B&W” frames in other sample videos of the 5D MkII

    Don’t evaluate streaming videos. Download them and play from your hard drive (with different players, because some will deliver different qualities too if they are at full HD…)

    Here there are some links to sample videos (unfortunatelly most of them are downsized, but again: Download and play them back from your computer, Not streaming)

    Dear Admin: sorry if some of these posts are bothering. I just wanted to make a fear comparison, some evaluation, and even (hopefully) encourage Nikon to improve their own (probably) implementation ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks a lot.

  • Blog Admin

    No problem – do you think I should add a forum to this blog?

  • Pablov

    I’m not sure.
    If the forum is only to discuss, then I wouldn’t vote for it.

    But I know discussions ocurr often here, even when this is a rumor site.

    If a forum is added, it would be nice to have sections for more than just discussion, for instance to make/answer questions or solve problems, share information, make suggestions to Nikon, etc.
    But in that case the site wouldn’t be for rumors, and you might have more work

    Not sure what to say about that.
    Sorry ๐Ÿ™

  • Max

    Well, then 12MP isn’t twice 6MP too, as in the D2 Series.

  • Pablov

    I hope Nikon does not make that mistake of just “sending LV to memory”, cause it would be really far from useful.

    What some Pro would appreciate (despite some people could say) is a really Pro HD Video mode (thus manual exposure, manual settings, etc)
    THAT has a Big potential.

    I don’t think NIkon is so silly to not realize that…

    The D90’s movie was just the 1st experimental step. Much more is required to be a pro tool (and thus reach wider market/sales)

    Take a look at Canon 5D Mark II’s sample videos… They are samples, they are short, but still showing huge potential -DPReview has just posted 2, and there are some others around-

    Look at those low-light footages…and the smoothness of moving subjects. It’s like recording movie/video with a pro camera worthly several thousands $$ (and you can use all the lenses you already have)

    NIKON: we hope you are working on it too

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