Nikon D90 body only now shipping in the US (updated)


Oct 16th: Ritz and J&R have the Nikon D90 body in stock.

Oct 8th:

It's finally here! Amazon has it in stock:

Calumet also has the Nikon D90 body only (updated Oct 8th).
I can confirm now that Abe's of Maine is shipping Nikon D90 body only. I saw with my own eyes that this order was shipped and was even able to see the UPS tracking (the reader that submitted this gave me access to his account).

The price of the Nikon D90 kit is falling down - here is an updated price list:
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    Funny, my local store has had the D90 for over 4 weeks now. They have sold a ton of them and they keep doing it!!

  • mllanos1111

    Costco of all places has the D90 kit.

  • SAL158

    The Costco Kit has 2 lenses 18-55 and 55-200, not the 18-105

  • jimmy

    just lost mad respect for nikon. thing looks so gay. glad they did nothing at photokina and released this dumb thing. what about lenses and new bodies? FAIL

  • jimmy

    posted in the wrong one.^^^^

  • Dave

    I just picked up the kit with the 18-105 for $1,136 at Circuit City on Sunday (pricematch of and an 8% AAA discount). I figured the $137 was worth it for the lens so I just canceled my body only order. No regrets. The image quality over my D200 is shocking.

  • Henry Nikon Fan

    I ordered the D90 kit with AF-S 18-105mm lens from B&H for $1,239.95 and they provide free shipping for this kit.

    If you buy when it is available the body only it is $995.95 plus shipping.

    When you consider the shipping cost with the body only, the price difference is only around $200.00+. At this price I thought it might be worth it for the kit lens. I may or may not keep it, but I think I can sell it for more than I paid.

  • Henry Nikon Fan

    I assume that you had to pay your states sales tax on this. If this is correct, it would seem that the price you paid and the B&H price would be about the same.

    Seems like everyone is trying to capture their fare share of sales for this camera.

  • Henry Nikon Fan

    When you say AAA discount, is this the Automobile Club? If so, I did not know that they offer this type of discount. Did you have to do anything different to purchase with AAA?

  • Dave

    I’ll answer both questions here.

    Yes, it only came out about $43 cheaper than B+H after adding the tax, and I had it in my hand that day. Got to play with one in the store and buy it right there. I love B+H (bought my D200 and my 12-24 from them). Great service. This was one of the “bird in the hand” things.

    Yes, the Automobile Club. They offer discounts on a bunch of stuff (8% at circuit city). will get you to the page for the discount (obviously you need to be a member). Between the 2 TVs I bought like that and this camera my membership has more than payed for itself, even without the car breaking down. They have a bunch of agreements with different places, for a listing.

    Sorry Blog Admin for this getting so off topic.

  • cameron

    abe’s of maine is a scam… just like 42nd street photo in NY because their site says “pre-order” but why ship a body if it doesn’t say “available”?

    (source: )

    and a fake image of d80 with “available”?

    (source: )

    like my brother joey says, it’ll be available around ending of september or beginning of october but depending on market traffic, maybe will be postponed to further date… apparently it’s being postponed because big stores like b&h, adorama, samy’s ((in california only)) dont even have it in stock. maybe abe’s camera are all imports…

  • Andrew

    The d90’s have been sold from (NL, Canada) for at least the past week. I watched a guy walk out the door with one as I walked in on Monday of this week.

  • Blog Admin

    no problem – this is good info to share

  • Jovan now lists the D90 body only (from Amazon itself — not 3rd parties) as being In Stock November 7th. I suppose that means pre-orders are unlikely to ship much before that??

  • Ahhhlawn

    I guess i’ll be cancelling my order from Amazon =/

  • SA422

    I’m surprised the kit price has already dropped $60US. I wonder if the body will be $900 by Christmas.

  • My D90 body only just shipped from Amazon US.

    Blog Admin — I can forward you the shipping email if you’d like confirmation.

  • Blog Admin

    Sure – is it the 999 body only? Who is the seller? Just black-out your personal data and send me a screenshot. Thanks.

  • BayArea

    My pre-ordered D90 body-only just shipped from Amazon. Arrives tomorrow, yey!!!

  • Ahhhlawn

    I to just got confirmation that my D90 Body Only just shipped out!!! FINALLY! items (Sold by, LLC): 1 Nikon D90 DX 12.3MP Digita… $999.95 1 $999.95 Shipped via UPS

    Item Subtotal: $999.95
    Shipping and handling: $6.62
    EB Reward Applied: $0.00
    Total: $1,006.57
    Paid by Mastercard: $1,006.57

  • Blog Admin

    I was expecting this and I am prepared

    Nikon never told us when they will have the D90 available. They did not tell us about the D90 kit, they did not tell us about the D90 body only. They never do. When Apple releases a new product it is available on the spot in their online store. When T-Mobile announced the new G1 smart phone, they told us the date it will be available in the stores, etc, etc. In those cases there is no need for rumors.
    Since Nikon is not doing this – I will. I got a lot of emails from readers asking me this question, which means that the answer is important. Let’s put it this way – if it is not in the Nikon press release, it is a rumor. This is the rule I a have… I do also post the press releases though
    Do you think this is fair?
  • Anonymous

    Hey, no fair, this isn’t a rumor! 🙂

  • Travis

    Ordered today, and shipped today from Calumet.

  • Hemant

    After waiting from Amazon for so long, ordered finally from Calumet today.

  • Ahhhlawn

    I recieved my D90 Body Only from Amazon today at my work =) i would take pictures but im still at work =/

  • tbwiv

    Thought I’d pass along that my D90 (body only) order from Calumet shipped today. UPS only has the billing info at this time, tho…

  • Hemant

    I too got the shiping notification from Calumet for my D90 body only. Expected to arrive on 10/13. Anxious very very anxious…..

  • bayarea

    just got my body only from Amazon!!! Sweet. Still at work, so will only play later tonight. Notice that the D90 golden box (not the amazon box) is not sealed, but I checked and all accessories are in, and it looks brand new. Anyone else getting unsealed boxes ?

  • Mozart

    Gratz guys!

    I hope you will love it as much as I do!

    The video mode is not great but that is a bonus feature that you get for free.

  • hello, d90 kit with 18-105mm lens and kit with 16-85mm lens are in stock in amazon germany, additionally they got a +18-200mm version also in stock. Body only still in preoder.

  • Jason Ritchie

    Do you mind me asking when did you place the order? What did Amazon say about the estimated ship date before they shipped it to you?


  • dufus

    Mine shipped from yesterday

  • Tony

    I ordered from Ritz last week. They sent me not one but 3 emails wanting me to call their verification number! I did. On the third time I asked why 3 times, and they said they had no record of me calling the first two times! Of course that was the last straw and I cancelled it. They sure did that fast though! Never again. One arm doesn’t know what the other is doing I guess.

  • subagon

    My D90 body shipped from Adorama today (10/23), but the website still shows the body is still on backorder. FWIW, I ordered it on 9/8.

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