Nikon MX ad #4

Nikon medium format sensor as art on the wall. I got this from the same source as the first three ads.
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  • Chad

    I bet it would fit in the d3 form factor if it was mirrorless, like the micro-four thirds standard. I think not having to worry about retrofocus is a BIG deal in lens design. I have a few older (80s) large format lenses that look amazing when I strap my D300 to the back of my view camera. It could be just like that, but a little less clumsy.

  • Krib

    Looks like 1-2-3 or Dx-Fx-Mx : )

  • JT

    Unlike your other ad images, this one does ot have the Nikon logo on the bottom left. Starting to look like a starving artist production ๐Ÿ™‚

  • smart guy

    It’s tough to believe this is a legit ad without a Nikon logo…

    And look, Nikon is advertising in yellow for this website instead!

  • jimmy

    DX, FX, MX ๐Ÿ™‚
    hope its legit, too bad it will cost $$$$$

  • If this is fake, it is a pretty big print to do just for fun.
    It must be at least 1 m wide.
    As an Art Director I must say that most of the ads shown here lately looks more like “work in progress” or early ideas for internal use. That can explain the missing logo on this one. Also, they doesn’t look too professional in terms of typography and design. That also suggests that it is not a finished ad.
    I hope it’s real, but they sure looks lite early drafts to me.

  • Also, if this is mock ups of future ads, it is possible that they are not using the pictures of the actual (new) camera model. Maybe just playing with graphic ideas.

    I understands that this makes this discussion even harder … ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Kuri

    Starts to look like some design project for an art student? Make up marketing materials for a project…
    If that ‘projection is anywhere near accurate you’d end up with an ‘MX sensor’ of about 36.5x55mm… NO way that’ll go into a D3/D700 type body, body would have to be much bigger..
    And from the other ‘leaked’ info from this source the lenses looked the same size as the pc-e lenses and the body looked D3 from factor. This step up in sensor size is not something I can see in that form factor.
    I’d say design school project being passed on as ‘rumors’ here.

  • denz

    Totally agree.

  • cameron

    blog admin… i have feeling you’re the one who made those rumors because you dont have any source to support.

  • Blog Admin

    I wish I was that good with PS. Do you think I am that stupid to tell you my source???

  • cameron

    for almost every rumor you posted, there’s a source to go with it but this set of rumors, no source… doesn’t hurt to tell us. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Smart Guy

    Wait! This could be DX-FX-MX sensors. Quick, someone use PS to de-perspective the picture and tell us if the DX-FX part is consistent with this hypothesis…

  • tbone

    I’ve never seen a concept/WIP/mockup as a matchprint, which these ads appear to be. Any time one gets to the matchprint stage it means it’s done, and there’s only checking for color and one final check for typos, and of course to provide a reference to the printer.

    Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s 100% real. The sender/artist could be faking them as matchprints so they look more legit.

    One thing I haven’t seen on the ads are legals. Either they’re not usually on Nikon Japan ads, they’re unreadable (as in this is a cell phone shot and they are dark gray text) or maybe there’s a 3rd page we’re not seeing.

    If the last (above) image of the giant version of the ad is legit, I would guess we may potentially be looking at a shot of the venue for a launch event. If it’s a Nikon event, it makes sense that the logo was stripped off, as they may be decorating for style and don’t need to plaster logos over everything in the room.

    Then again, maybe this is all bad reasoning and I need to watch less Monk.

  • mike

    This looks like DX – FX – MX.
    But what is MX? Is there anything like that from Canon?? Seems to be something very new …

  • Blog Admin

    MX=medium format

  • Anonymous
  • Crabby

    I am just speculating that it would be a clever way for someone to get his ad ideas seen and sort-of Publish for free.

  • Sven K. (Ger)

    That is the REAL middle format. Not what we see in the D3 or D700 (that’s a sort of halfway middleformat sensor). If Nikon brings that out that will bring a lot of Canon pro users to Nikon as Canon doesn’t have something like that.

  • seth

    what about square format or rangefinder? That poster show a new format but is very panoramic. right?

  • tcohed

    Nobody ever claimed the D3 or D700 have middle format sensors. Middle format is not panoramic either. So, what dou ou mean?

  • Anonymous

    Middle format is not panoramic? What about the Hasselblad Xpan? Is that medium format? What about the Leica S2? These categories are losing their meaning.

  • Pablov

    cameron, sometimes you post opinions like everyone, but some others you look like an acid person, just bothering.

    I guess nobody would think the Admin would do this just for fun or to get traffic, or whatever, I know little of him, but just enough to know he wouldn’t do that.

    And he also never reveal his sourcess…

    If you always know everthing, you should know this too.

    …Being more polite doesn’t huurt either…

  • Pablov

    yes, good idea

  • S H

    If this is DX, FX and MX is the size between DX and FX correct? If so we should be able to guess the size of this MX sensor.

  • Kuri

    This guy claims to be the ‘source of the source’:

    “I forwarded the first two in this series to NikonRumors, but they’re being slow about posting. These come from a friend in Japan, who’s a bit of a joker but also one of the most well-connected people I know. I have no idea about their authenticity. On that note, here’s another…

    As he posted on
    Also note, it is only his 2nd post ever there. Maybe he’s a bit of a joker too?

  • David Olsen

    S H wrote:
    If this is DX, FX and MX is the size between DX and FX correct? If so we should be able to guess the size of this MX sensor.

    No — MX is the large size after FX

    DX – FX -MX

    MX should be 36 mm x 36 mm ( in nikonยดs case ) if I am not mistaken

  • Mr. X

    Here some infos found on the web

    Nikon MX
    release date: 14.02.2009
    where: WPPI (USA)
    pixel size: 6380 x 6380 (quadratic????)
    megapixels: 40.7 MP

  • Sven K. (GER)

    Real Middleformat should be 56mm x 56mm.
    This is the “real” middleformat size.

    Also there are over sizes of middleformat:
    56 mm ร— 69 mm
    56 mm ร— 76 mm
    56 mm ร— 89 mm

    I guess the MX will be something like 56×89 middle format size. Something only for professionals costing around 10.000 US $ – like MAMIYA.

    The DX is something equivalent to 24ร—36 mm. The FX is equivalent to 41,5 mm ร— 56 mm.

    Only my guesses…

  • Michael

    I fully agree!

  • Mr. X

    As DX is “cheap” and FX “expensive”:
    MX will cost something like HASSELBLAD or MAMIYA: 8.000 – 15.000 US Dollars ๐Ÿ™

    This will be something only for studio-professionals.

  • Anonymous

    Correcting the image perspective and assuming that the width of the sensor in the center is 36mm wide, I get:

    Left sensor: 23.76 mm wide
    Right sensor: 50.82 mm wide

  • Anonymous

    There is no “real” medium format size, Sven. You also have the size of FX wrong. Hit the books!

  • Blog Admin

    Maybe Nikon is sending me those ads to get some valuable feedback

  • Franz

    I came to the same ~50mm conclusion, but you were faster!

    Anyhow: Future will tell us all!

  • NikonMan

    the largest sensor currently used by phase et al is 36x48mm

  • NikonMan

    is it just me or do the “sensors” look like Nikon logos?

  • Anonymous

    I’m guessing that the ~50mm measurement means this is a 48mm wide sensor, since that’s pretty standard.

  • Pablov


    I just found the discussion about “real” formats very boring… ๐Ÿ˜›

    DX is DX (check google for exact sizes on Nikon and Canon)
    FX is FX (35mm film equivalent in size)
    MX is …(who knows exactly)

    Done, just that simple ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • NikonMan

    I’ve just worked out…
    36x48mm at D3 pixel density is ~24.2MP
    remember the D3 24.4MP firmware?

  • Juergen

    Cameron, you wrote “To: blog admin… i have feeling you’re the one who made those rumors because you dont have any source to support.”

    Sorry mate, but I think that’s unfair!

    From my comments you can see I am one of the critical ones here, but I am very sure the site admin has all the material being sent to him and he doesn’t create any of the material himself!

    Revealing an unique source is a no-no!

    Please stay fair!

  • MarkDphotoguy

    That also fits in with what Thom Hogan has been speculating on in the last little while. Two D3 sensors mated together to give an entry level MF camera with outstanding low light capability.
    Fingers crossed.

  • NikonMan

    Remember the price break the D1 gave against the competition of the day?
    I hope Nikon does it again, affordable MF Digi..
    BTW 36x48mm sensor would give a focal length conversion of:
    DX multiply FX by 1.5
    MX divide FX by 1.5

  • I did some primitive perspective correction and got the following sizes:

    DX: Crop 1.55 compared to FX
    Aspect 1.39
    FX: Aspect 1.42
    MX: Crop 0.72 compared to FX
    Aspect 1.64

    The aspects indicate the error in my perspective correction. It seems pretty big.

    DX is clearly reasonable (crop 1.55 is close to 1.5). The MX sensor would then be about 52×30 mm (15.9 cm^2).

    They seem to have forgotten the Phase One P65+ sensor of 54×40 mm ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Blog Admin

    I answered this question already:

    This is a “second hand” rumor – it originated in Japan and was submitted to me by another person. I do not know the original source directly.
  • Blog Admin

    what is the link between this picture and the MX format?

  • Blog Admin

    thank you!

  • Andrew

    I too cropped, perspective-controlled and measured in Photoshop.

    My measurements gave a 1.5 “crop factor” between baby and mummy sensor, both of which have a 3:2 aspect ratio. This is, indeed consistent with DX and FX.

    The really interesting thing about the daddy sensor is that its aspect ratio is 16:9 โ€“ presumably HD video is the justification for this.

    I calculated daddy to be 52×29.5mm. If the pixels have the same density as a D3 this equates to approx. a 21.5MP sensor, but if they are as densely packed as on a D300 it equates to 47MP

  • Blog Admin

    Kuri is correct – I was 4 hours late in posting one of the ads – sorry!

  • Blog Admin

    where did you see this – can you give us the link – email me if you want privacy

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