Nikon D90 availability (updated)


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  • Anonymous

    remors say you can use exposure lock

  • jwylie

    Some people are trying to pre-order at $850 body only, (15% off). See this post…

  • curlykale

    I think you meant ‘closed-minded’if you want to be pedantic and I am a teacher…

  • Don

    Exposure lock has been confirmed.

  • Jovan

    When is B&H going to bring their shipping rates into the here and now… by getting rid of them?? I’ve been a loyal customer of theirs and I rely on their website frequently. But why would I buy from them when Amazon has the same product with free shipping?? At least orders over a certain price and under a reasonable weight should get free shipping.

  • Ken

    i’ve read a user test report in Chinese website.

  • In Hungary also you can pre-order Nikon D90 body and kit

  • Ardaco

    In Holland(Europe) “Redcoon” have de body for 859€

  • RobJ

    I continue to shop with B&H because they’re one of the only web sites that allows you to chose the exact shipping method. In other words, I can chose Fed Ex or US Priority Mail, as opposed to UPS or whatever shipper Amazon or Adorama decides to use. This is important for me because I live in an apartment and can receive from certain carriers much easier than others.

    I agree, free shipping is better than non-free shipping, but in this case, I’m willing to pay a few bucks for the extra convenience that B&H offers.

  • WillK

    J&R just called me to confirm my pre-order/shipping address, and said it should be shipped on the 15th! and that I will get it within 2 days! yay!

  • Blog Admin

    kit or body only?

  • WillK

    I pre-ordered the kit.

  • Jovan

    Choosing shipping methods is worth something to some people — that’s fair. But to be clear, we’re not talking about a few bucks. To ship to my zip (body and lens) they are charging $25. That’s a good bit of money, especially when you consider it is above and beyond the $1000 you just gave them in sales.

  • Blog Admin

    I am waiting on this card as well – to go with my new D90 (yes, I am buying it too)

    I will keep you posted, stay tuned.
  • Blog Admin

    All I can say is buy from Amazon.

  • Jovan

    Done. But not before contacting B&H. Their response was as follows:

    We’re sorry that you’re ready to take your business elsewhere. We’re working on our shipping procedures to make sure that it will be updated to current methods of customer satisfaction. Please keep in mind that in case you’re a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), you could get free UPS 3 day shipping on all of your orders that are shipped within the U.S. Their website is:

    Hopefully, B&H will make those changes. Until then, Amazon gets my business. Now if Amazon would just get the new 30MB/s SanDisk cards listed…

  • Ro

    A quick word to all the UKites out there: Amazon UK is now listing the D90 kit at £850 and claims that it is currently scheduled to ship on the 25th September.

    Hmm, bit depressed at the shipping date! (And also started at the price given that Jessops and Warehouse Express both bundle it with a card and bag for the same amount…) Have sold my Canon gear and jumped ship for this little baby.

    Where are my fellow UKites buying from?

  • Blog Admin

    Just added a link for Amazon UK.

  • hey norm

    b&h will take pre-orders via phone. they will not say when it will be available. i just purchased one with the kit lens, and a 12-24 f4. an expensive entry into digital.

  • Pat

    Just back from local BestBuy, killing lunch time, They had a D90 out on display. Hookup a lens and played with it for 30 min or so. Can sell on Sunday.

  • I’m going for Jessops at the moment.

    Unless it’s on sale at the Channel Tunnel when i go through on the 22nd in which case i’ll get it there!

    Jessops are offering a great deal. Shame on amazon for the late listing.

  • John Smith

    J&R just replied to my inquiry that the ECD of the D90 ***body only*** is 11/15. Anybody else getting a date that far out?

  • Marti

    Just called my local Wolf Camera, they got three D90’s in today. Going to pick mine up right now.

  • rami

    It’s true I just bought one at the Bestbuy in Corona Ca. They have 1 left if anyone is local. Plus they offer 18 months no interest if you pay with your Bestbuy card.

  • Rami

    It’s true, just bought one at the Bestbuy in Corona Ca. They have 1 left if anyone is local. Plus they offer 18 months no interest if you use your Bestbuy card.

  • Rami

    It’s true, just bought one at the Bestbuy in Corona Ca. They have 1 left if anyone is local. Plus they offer 18 months no interest if you use your Bestbuy card.

  • Daniel

    The official Nikon Store has it too;
    (Nikon’s pioneer experiment for direct web outlet in Sweden)

  • Rob

    I brought mine home today from Best Buy. Put up some pics on Flickr for those that are interested. I charging the battery now and am looking forward to fondling it… err… checking out the features on this Saturday night. Hah!

  • Shutterbug

    You should’ve capitalized “I”.

  • cameron

    Ritz Camera in ESTERO FL at the coconut point center has the 18-105 kit :)!
    ask for cameron :)!

  • Henry Nikon Fan

    I just saw the D90 with kit lens at Ritz Camera in Arcadia, CA today. They had a display and two (2) new ones in box.

  • web

    Anybody hear from Amazon USA? I pre-ordered the D90 kit @ 6:30 AM EST the morning it was available – no word yet…

  • Anonymous

    Personally, I think the D90 is in a completely different league to the 450D, just as was the case with the 400D against the D80; reason being, 450D is an entirely beginner’s camera in terms of handling, which is a highly underrated feature. Canon and Nikon generally stagger their product lines – D90 between 40D and 450D, D300 above 40D, but below 5D, etc. Supposedly, the 50D and 40D are meant to run alongside each other, so the 50D is more similar to the D300 – this is an exception. The reason for this is that one cannot clearly decide which camera is better than the other – two $1000 cameras can be very easy to compare, but the trend is the more money you spend, the better the product.

  • james

    ordered it at 10 uk time on day of announcement from warehouse called up and found i was5th on list but no idea on stock

  • d

    here’s a tip for best buy shoppers. place an order for the d90 using the 888 ph# for in-store pickup. they’ll scour the inventory of all the local stores and have one reserve it behind the counter for you. had i not done this, i wouldn’t be holding one right now.

  • Anonymous

    Would the price of this camera decrease, by any chance, in a few months time (like say, late Cctober-November)?

  • Anonymous

    I was looking through the listed dealers for the UK on the official Nikon site and found several UK online retailers doing great bundles. Some offer a free MB-D80 grip. A few others (including one called Warehouse Express) are bundling it with a Lowepro case and one of the new Sandisk 8GB 30MB/S cards.

  • Anonymous

    Oops, must read more carefully before posting, I see you already mentioned WE above.

  • wanderer

    the D90 is available in Virginia. Took some pics with the same nikkor 20mm lens on the D90 and D80 to do a comparison. You can view them at

  • web

    Canceled my Amazon order and picked one up at my local Best Buy. Used a 10% off coupon and got the kit for $1228 out the door…

  • Jason

    Picked up my D90 today (one of three) at the Ritz in Grandville, MI. Go for the last two!

  • Richard C

    Did you use an old 10% coupon or got one off of ebay? If not, please share your source 😀

  • Ryan

    Picked one up today at the local Best Buy. Will be exchanging it tomorrow. In the middle, upper third of the image is a 5 pixel hot/dead spot. Bummer.

    Other that that it seems like a great upgrade from my D70. Video feature is without a doubt a plus-if you don’t like it don’t use it, you’ll never know it’s there. Only downside is trying to manually focus the image if you zoom in or out shooting video(at least it’s possible, unlike my Canon P&Ss). Getting a perfect focus on a 3″ LCD is difficult, and 720p only exaggerates the issue.

    Thanks to Nikon Rumors for the coverage.

  • web

    Got the coupon from – look on the d40 forum for thread titled “D90 from Best Buy for $1240” – I’m not the OP of that thread but that’s where I got the details. Worked fine!

  • saiminyaku

    hate* people’s* internet* not* school* become*

    i will correct your grammatical errors. reason being, because life is about presentation and performance.

    not to mention, forums are a learning experience in the first place. don’t be so close-minded.

  • KS

    Question for everyone…Have you ever seen where the kit is available before the body? I noticed BH’s website lists the kit expected in September but the Body only in October??? Thoughts? Also, anybody remember how much time between the D80 release and actual availability?

  • thedude

    I know this is slightly off thread topic but in relation to the new 30Mb/s cards: Are they likely to make a big difference in speed? The transfer rate test on D90 was done with a mediocre panasonic card (26 jpeg continuous?)
    Are the new Sandisks likely to improve this? What aspects will a faster card actually improve?
    I get a free 8Gb one with my preorder so it would be nice to know.


  • James

    Just receiver this email from warehouse express re d90 shipping date “We are expecting these the week commencing the 22nd of September.” anyone else got a date this late

  • Bill

    Any news on the D90 body only?

    I hate to buy the kit and ebay the lens, but I don’t think can wait until October.

  • Anonymous

    For UK buyers, I’ve just found that bestcameras are doing the body for £599 and the kit for £699 that’s with VAT included and free shipping. They’re bundling a case, 2GB card and a tabletop tripod too. I think I might be getting one from there as they’re are also on Nikon’s official list of dealers.

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