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I generally don't trust Nikon reps. They just don't know. Most of the times their answer is always "buy now, nothing better is coming anytime soon" - this is their job. I've heard of only 2 cases where Nikon reps had an advance knowledge of upcoming products and both cases were about a point and shoot camera. If we have some Nikon reps in the audience please correct me. On the other site I do not want to be biting my lips on Monday if I don't post this and it turns out to be true, so here we go - an email from a reader (I added *** in order to protect the rep's identity):
I was in *** store in *** today and they have a big sale in progress.  As a result of this a Nikon Representative was there to answer questions that people may have regarding Nikon products.  I asked him some very specific questions regarding future Nikon products.  He seemed like he did not anticipate this type of question in the store from just an average shopper.  Below are the questions and answers that I discussed with him:
1. Will there be an update to the Nikon AF-S 70-200mm VR lens in the near future?

Response: Definitely no, he stated that that lens is selling exceptional well and that Nikon has for too much work to do with AF Primes.  He also stated that that lens is very time consuming to assemble and that they cannot keep up with orders for it now, so they definitely have no immediate plans to update it.

2. When and what Prime lenses will be released?

Response: He stated that there will be prime lens announcements on Monday, prior to Photokina.  He was also unwilling or unable to answer what type of Primes would be announced.

3. What is the future of APS sensor Semi-Professional / Professional cameras?

Response: He stated that Nikon definitely did not have any plans to stop producing these types of cameras.  He further stated that this type of camera has been one of there best sellers and that they would continue to produce them beyond the D300.

4. Should I trade up my Pro DX lenses and purchase the newer FX Pro lenses?

Response: He stated that I should not do this unless I wanted to go to a FX body.  Again, he stated that Nikon will continue to produce Semi Professional / Professional APS bodies beyond the D300 for "Quite Some Time in the Future".
I am not sure exactly how accurate his information is, but he stated that he had been working for Nikon for many year in ***.

5     Will Nikon release another Pro Model this year?

Response: He stated that there definitely will not be another Pro Model released this year.  I quizzed him about whether he was talking about a D3 upgrade and again he state "No New Pro Model This Year".
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  • Anonymous

    anyone wanna bet 20 bucks there won’t be a new DSLR system for the rest of the year? 😀 😀 😀

    note to blog admin: i think you should tell people to carry a voice recording device then upload it so we can hear the words instead of typed works ((anyone can lie behind the words)) yeah??

  • Henry Nikon Fan

    Yes, you are absolutely correct that “anyone can lie behind the words”, but I am the individual that heard this and I have absolutely nothing to gain.

    The Nikon representative was there, so I took the oportunity to ask him a few questions that I had an interest in. These being ones regarding the future of APS Pro Cameras, Prime Lenses and the AF-S 70-200mm VR.

    I am just an average consumer trying to evaluate current situations and make the best purchases at the best time. I do not always suceed, but I try.

  • Anonymous

    well i never know why people are complaining about 70-200mm problem on d3 and d700?? dark corners is normal for a loooot lenses… i never worry cause i just crop what i want to be cropped out or the background is too distracting where it vaporizes like fart in the wind hmm… exactly why do people complain? no cropping skills or just want the lens to be perfect?

  • david olse

    i got the same info on the 70-200 from å source high up in nikon. .. No replacement is even bring planned

  • Henry Nikon Fan

    I will wait until after Monday and Fotokina and assuming all information is correct, I will go hunting for a AF-S 70mm VR lens.

    B&H had them last week, but they are already gone, but I will keep trying.

  • alex

    this seems ok.
    there were 3 cameras released in 2008 with a few lenses including high-end PC lenses.
    some new primes revealed at photokina seem very probable.

    also the higher end D3x or whatever seems more suited next year since 2009 is the anniversary of 50 years since the first F body.

    looking at 5dmk2 samples i really hope nikon isn’t in a hurry. the 5dmk2 is way too soft. nikon should take their time to make a high res camera with D3’s IQ. that will be a big hit.

  • Taschmahal

    looks right to me. why should nikon announce another pro camera? and why should they update the 70-200 VR? I would prefer, that they start builing the old AF-S 80-200 2.8

  • Sam

    Regarding 70-200 Vegnetting issue:

    Doesn’t D3/D700’s vignetting control corect it? Has anyone tried?

  • Sounds like that rep said just about everything you said a rep normally says, and all he really said was new primes, nothing else? I hope that is not the case since the Canon 5D seems to have taken the spot light, you are telling me Nikon has no response ready? Hard to believe but maybe so.

  • Grammar, Please

    PLEASE fix all of the grammatical errors! There vs. their, and ect. Please? 🙂

  • kaki has it. The price is little high though. They are asking for wooping $1799.

  • humanoid

    @ Grammar

    you without fall, necessary to pass here:

  • I wonder what the new primes are if they are not the 50mm. A 24/1.4 would be nice.

  • JR

    a 24 1.4 would mean i would never have to buy another lens again. my working kit would be complete. please please please!

    i don’t care about cost as long as it doesn’t cost as much as the leica’s.

  • Holger

    I walked over to the Nikon booth here at Photokina today, but they were still pretty much building it. So there weren’t that many products to see. And especially nothing that screamed “obvious new thing here”.

  • st

    Two points:

    — First:

    Marketing reps have a job to do — sell existing product. Selling future product undermines their job security. Maintaining your confidence that future product will continue in the pipeline enhances their job security.

    It is extremely rare that a Nikon marketing rep knows ANYTHING about a specific future product in ANY category more than a very few days/weeks prior to its official introduction. However, most marketing reps know their jobs well enough to know the general direction in which Nikon is going for the intermediate future.

    — Second:

    It takes Nikon lens designers about 3 years to go from concept to production on a typical lens design. Additionally, Nikon’s lens design teams typically work on 12 to 18 designs — at various stages of their design cycles — simultaneously, resulting in the release of 4 to 6 new lenses per year. With APS-C/DX kit lenses, this seems to have accelerated very slightly.

    The only exception to this schedule was with the conversion of pre-AI to AI lenses where large numbers of lenses were RE-released — not re-designed — as AI lenses.

    Pick up a book on Nikkor lenses and check their release dates and you will see that this schedule has held true for many, many years. I suspect that it is unlikely to change significantly, now or in the immediate future.

  • I talked with a rep on Friday that had a very similar story. He said no new body released this year (at least in 2008).

    He said that the prime lenses would see a refresh at Photokina. He didn’t mention anything about the 70-200mm but then I didn’t ask.

    So I would expect new primes only. And maybe Nikon will talk about the D3x and announce it’s release in February 2009 just in time for the WPPI.

  • Happy fall equinox everyone! Let’s not forget that next year is only just over three months away now. 😉

  • bubba

    It is “etc” not “ect”, since you are checking grammar.

  • Well, you can bet the rep isn’t going to know if a 70-200 VR refesh was in the plans at this point. It’s selling well, so he’s talking about what he knows.

    But the reviews have come out recently showing it’s less than stunning with an FX body. The lens was design for DX bodies. So it’s no big surprise. NIkon could tweak the lens formula to favor the edges a bit more at the expense of the center (all lens designs are compromises – that’s how Leica works) so I would expect someone some day announcing that the number and/or placement of elements in that lens changed without Nikon making much of a fuss about it.

    But then Nikon also gave us the NEF white balance fiasco and the new Windows-only (for a short time) new RAW file. Adobe has taken care of the latter, but the suspicion over the former is still fresh in many pro’s minds.

    Monday will be a big day for Leica and Nikon. Looking forward to Monday morning (PST).

  • Dibyendu

    From past history it seems very unlikely Nikon will announce anything the day before or during Photokina. I don’t know that they have ever done so.

    However, two small reasons for hope:

    1. Nikon have not yet Publish on their website that they are participating in Photokina. My experience is that once they do that, there are no further announcements forthcoming.

    2. Phil Askey mentions in his Photokina report that he is expecting some vendors to replace their primes which are overdue for replacement, as they were created in the film era. In my view, the only vendor that fits this description is Nikon.

  • alex

    it’s true but in the present time lenses are designed using raytracing on pc simulations. also nikon does very high-end lenses for immersion scanners too.

    so a slightly faster rate won’t be a surprise.

    what recent lenses tell me is that a high mp body will come in the near future. lenses like 14-24 used on 1dsmk3 show that they can resolve very high resolution and above.

  • Henry Nikon Fan

    You are absolutely correct. I am not sure where you saw a Nikon Representative at, but your story seems to be pretty much the same as the one I was given.

    I asked about the AF-S 70-200mm VR because that is the next lens that I am interested in.

  • Henry Nikon Fan

    Thanks for the info. I have never purchased from Beach Camera and I do not know much about them. Can anyone provide information?

    I would like to find one closer to B&H price of $1,630.00 if possible.

  • ZoetMB

    While I’m not suggesting that Nikon will be announcing anything else, remember that there’s a difference between ANNOUNCING something new and RELEASING something new. The rep said no new body RELEASES this year. That sounds credible because Nikon has already released D60, D700, D90. But that doesn’t mean they couldn’t announce a new body for release in 2009.

    In one way, I’d like it if Nikon announced nothing. It would mean that virtually every self-described “expert” who thought they new what was going on at Nikon would have been wrong. We’ve heard declarations of new primes, the 70-200, the D3x, a MF sensor, a modular body and a rangefinder. And each of these rumors took on a life of their own as they are spread like a children’s game of telephone.

    On the other hand, the rumored new 50mm and 85mm primes are indeed overdue, not that Nikon would actually be shipping them in quantity anytime soon considering it’s almost impossible to find the last releases in retail (at least in the U.S.)

  • Blog Admin

    I don’t know why every time someone corrects the grammar in this blog, they have spelling mistakes.

  • Pablov

    if the actual 70-200 2.8 is soft at corners and vignettes, then.. I would reconsider buying it.

    Too expensive for a “pro” lens with those issues.
    Of course I know every zoom has them, but if it is so expensive and “pro”, it should be better, or at least cheaper.

    Isn’t any other choice from 3rd party?
    Maybe very similar results for less price.. I would check that before buying

  • Of course any new model is in development for months or years, so “respond” is not a really appropriate word.

    However disregarding that, the 5D might be seen as a response to the D700, with the typical Canon strategy of throwing a lot of pixels at customers, hoping they will convince themselves that it is mega-pixels and not low noise, sharpness and lack of aberrations that makes for great image quality.

    With the D700 in hand, I lack even a trace of Canon lust.

  • Daniel

    Why not the “old” Nikon 80-200? It’s a great lens for about U$900,00 new.

  • Daniel
  • i heard this information in a state that rhymes with “utah”

  • PHiLiPZ

    Because it’s AF-D and because of that has slower auotfocus and usually has some problems with AF. AF fine tuning may and may not fix the issue, most people move to AF-S glass.

  • kaki

    Beachcamera is good, I have purchased a few times from them. Their service is good and quick. Their price is usually very good. I definetely recommend them.

  • Blog Admin

    When the text is in italic it means that this is the original email. You have to understand that some emails come from foreign countries and I do not want to change anything on purpose.

  • Blog Admin

    Keep us updated and send us few pictures if you can. Thanks!

  • Steven Sow

    what about the 80-200 AF-S? yes it’s discontinued, but it seems to have everything that the 70-200 has, just no VR, if you can find it for less than a $1000

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