If you don’t like Ken Rockwell skip this post

Ok, I will compromise: if you care to know what Ken Rockwell has to say about the BIG ad go to NikonRumors Page2, otherwise ignore this post.
Fair enough for everyone?
In the future I will continue to post rumors from Ken Rockwell. From now on I will label them accordingly and if you can't stand him - it's very simple: don't read them. There are a lot of readers that do care what he has to say.
I also would like to know what % of our readers can't stand him. Based on those results I may decide to change my plans for the future. Here is the poll, let democracy prevail:

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  • dfgdfgdfg

    I think this is page 2 material.

  • Marc

    Aren’t rumors as good as their sources.

    My favorite thing on review of the 17-55mm 2.8 DX lens:
    “Buy one if you need to look tough and have a lens you can use for self defense. Personally I prefer my lighter 18-55mm kit lens, which gives about the same results optically for digital, even the D2X.”

  • Blog Admin

    here we go again…

  • fotomik

    Oh. My. GOD.
    I can’t believe that I didn’t think of that myself.
    THAT is THE single most depressingly disappointing thing that Nikon could do.
    Which, of course makes a certainty.
    And this is all Rockwells fault! 😀

    The SPX is not really even considerable. Because that would be COOL. Which is never going to happen.

    Bah. So disappointed.

  • ZoetMB

    Why would Nikon want to be in the printer business competing with HP and Epson? And the erstwhile Mr. R gets it wrong most of the time anyway AND you can never tell when he’s purposely kidding around, which I think he is in this case.

  • Anonymous

    Rockwell writes his blog as a joke he even says so. “I started this site as a joke in 1999 after I took a community college class in webmaking as a place I could share each weekend’s photos with my friends.” and “A hoax, like this site, is done as a goof simply for the heck of it by overactive minds as a practical joke.”

  • Dede

    Has Nikon ever made a printer before?! Doesn’t make sense at all.

  • dfgdfgdfg

    I wasn’t being rude, just trying to say that the guy makes up stuff, and this is probably false.

  • David Olsen
  • Blog Admin

    this was taken from an old NR post

  • David Olsen

    but still more likely than a printer ?

  • Blog Admin

    No problem, you could be right – as we know by now not every rumor turns out to be true. I do agree that KR does not have a good record in predicting things, but this doesn’t mean I should not write about it. This is a rumor site. Do you see my point? Does anyone see my point?

  • That site contains so much valuable information for the real photographers I am really at total lost why Nikon users want to poke fun out of it like these Canon people.

    Its weekend again, go out and shoot instead of being cynic! If you happen to have the old and great 50-500mm/f4 MF AIS follow his advice and make some wonderful D90 movies (as I am jumping out to do)!

  • Bryce

    I do not understand why nikon would announce a printer. Nikon USA doesn’t even have a printer line. Why the hell would they announce that??

  • Jason

    I’m reminded of people who read reactionary newspapers in order to be upset by the news – don’t like Ken Rockwell? Think he’s wrong/daft/opinionated? Ignore him! Think he’s great? Read on! Think the web should be censored? Anyone?

  • Blog Admin

    Exactly my point!

  • Nikon Rumors

    Nikon and Hewlett-Packard

    Real Nikon news today. Was Ken Rockwell correct in this post (see also here)? Is this going to be the BIG announcement next year? NR reports, you decide:Nikon and Hewlett-Packard Collaborate to Develop a High-Resolution Digital Image Reproduction SystemSeptember 24, 2008Nikon Corporation (Michio Kariya, President) and HP (Hewlett-Packard Company, 3000 Hanover Street, Palo Alto, CA 94304-1185 USA; Mark Hurd, CEO and President) have been working together since 2005 to develop high-resolution digital imaging technologies. The result of this collaboration is a new high-resolution digital imaging system for reproducing fine art.The digital fine art (DFA) market, the field concerned with the …

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  • Johnny

    Looks like KR is stealing your thunder Nikon Rumors!

  • Crabby

    I really cannot understand why you would put “information” from Ken Rockwell on your site, lowering its credibility considerably. Better to ask the inventory clerk at Best Buy.

  • Michael

    Yes, it is a rumor. That is what a “rumor” site is about. It is not the Gospel, only rumors. If you are looking for Gospel truth this is not the site, we are here for rumors about upcoming Nikon equipment.

  • PHB

    If Nikon wanted to get into the printer business they would OEM or acquire the digital printer assets of Kodak.

    The idea that any company would try to enter the market at the pro end is pretty silly. Big printers are not such a big business.

    But more importantly, an MX format camera would add to the Nikon brand regardless of whether it was a commercial success. Jaguar once made the XJ220 for the same sort of reason.

    A printer would cause pointed questions to be asked on the stock market.

  • Blog Admin

    I changed the post – is everyone happy now?

  • My name is Bob

    I cannot wait for the Nikon big-A** printer, so big that I can take advantage of the new 48 terapixel (Non-Bayer interpolated, of course) sensor from Nikon-Microsoft-Intel-Halliburton (made in Afghanistan, of course). It is so big it has SUV sized wheels for portability.

  • Juergen

    You are right, that brings the value and credibility of nikonrumors to zero.
    At best.

    The human low-life form with the name Ken Rockwell is not only known to have no clue about photography, always boasts about what a great guy he is, gives false “advice” (e.g. one doesn’t need a tripod, RAW is useless etc. pp.), is intentionally lying (the left-handed Nikon, his car etc. pp.) and to steal photos (e.g. using press material and then putting “Ken Rockwell” under them).
    And of course he has no – absolutely no – info about upcoming Nikon gear, he just updates his relating pages with info he reads on dpreview and other sites, means again he steals: Using material from other sites without stating the sources is nothing but theft.
    And now nikonrumors does support this criminal liar – inconceivable!!

  • Eric

    I would like for one single person here to tell me why Ken Rockwell is a credible source for future Nikon products.

    Seriously.. not really trying to be sarcastic..

  • Blog Admin

    What are you talking about? I have a poll and the poll will decide! So far 51% say YES! If this change, I will change. Period! Remember, this is a rumor site.

  • Juergen

    As the criminal Rockwell liar has no info about future Nikon products there is no such person.

  • Juergen

    You know exactly what I’m talking about – the criminal Rockwell liar.

    At this point is seems you are really desperate for clicks for ad money by even considering to give the criminal Rockwell liar attention on your site.
    And listening to the masses often is not a wise decision, but as it is your site you have every right to promote the criminal Rockwell liar and thus further degrading the credibility of this site.
    Once your site is history – and you are really! trying hard to speed that process up – maybe you will have learned that it is a difficult task to keep a good rumor site running and that it always is a mistake to give credibility to criminal liars like Rockwell who knows absolutely nothing at all about future Nikon products.
    Once I thought your aim was to make a good rumor site – now I know you don’t care about but only want to make mone< from it.

  • PhotoFreak

    I don’t see why people HATE Ken Rockwell.. Yes he is opinionated but that’s why I like his site.

    Anyway he has been right more then he has been wrong with camera Rumors. At least he admits when he is wrong.

  • Eric

    Come on!!! Even if you hate KR (BTW, I don’t care for him either) how does his rumor being here hurt you? Cut Admin some slack, this site is often right given the right info, and he’s just rporting all the info he can find. Make your own decision about whether or not to belive it.

  • Blog Admin

    You are ready to judge a whole blog based on 1 post? So, if I removed KR from my blog it will automatically turn to one of the best blogs on the Internet? Very interesting. I still do not understand the logic why should I be selective of what rumors to post on a rumor blog. Half of the readers here don’t like Thom Hogan, the other half don’t like Ken Rockwell. I don’t take either site, I just report rumors when I find them. If you have some, I will report them too. I didn’t say KR is right or wrong. I reported a rumor and I added a question mark in the post title which should mean something to people who pay attention. I also don’t see anything wrong to keep the majority happy – whatever the outcome of the poll is. Actually I am making this blog for the readers who don’t care about KR or anybody else – they just come here to get their dose of Nikon rumors and that’s it. They are smart enough and  open minded to draw their own conclusions. What is wrong with that? Why do you want to force your opinion on other readers? How do you know you are right? 

    I will make the font extra large, because I want everyone to read my point of view.
  • Blog Admin

    Exactly my point – thank you!

  • Bryce

    Dear Blog Admin,

    Congrats! Now that you’ve had a pointless internet controversy with a strong splash of stupid moron trolling you can take a deep breath and relax.

    Dude, without controversy sites like this (KR’s, Thom’s etc.) all wouldn’t be possible. These sites thrive on argument, and vehemence.

    Don’t worry about a couple pricks unless you’re a balloon 😉

  • Anonymous

    ken rockwell is a funny guy and thats what he enjoys doing and people jump into conclusion saying everything is 100% wrong, why? because they dont read ken rockwell’s blog where it says he mock people with his site. few… VERY few good and useful tutorials and reviews but dont just depend on one same site of http://www.kenrockwell.com for reviews and tutorials because theres other websites for that kind of stuff.

    thom hogan is just like ken rockwell and hes famous for his “predictions” – if you check out his “predictions” and theres a LONG list of “predictions” and like 2% of all of it do actually came out. thom is famous for assuming too much. his camera and lens reviews is OK, just too technical rather than telling how great performer these tools are to create pictures…

    now, okay, leave ken rockwell and thom hogan alone and let them enjoy themselves and… you… find something better to do! 😀 😀 😀

  • anon

    There’s no one like Ken Rockwell for humour rumours. Nice to have them posted here though so that I don’t have to add traffic to his website.

  • alex

    the KR moron has an article about macs.
    he sais “Pros Use Mac” but the still idiot doesn’t know the mac is a pc.

    his brain lives in the ’90s when mac was different

  • I have a Ph.D in science and I work for imaging companies. Off my day job I am a well known and well Publish photographer, and I constantly get very practical information from Ken’s site which I really appreciate.

    Who else has told you the D90 JPEGs are vastly improved from the D300’s (true)? Who else gives you the photoshop lens distortion compensation numbers and weather the distortions are lower or higher order? Whom pointed out that the MF Nikkor 50-500mm/f4 ED lens, the best example of Nikon’s solid mechanical engineering, would be the dream zoom lens for the D90 movies, which changed my mind to keep the lens after many changed their mind and come to me on the craigslist to buy the rare sample?

    Wake up and get some live. Everyone is entitled their opinions even they do not resonant with yours. It’s a free world and even in China they have more freedom in the web forums.

    Leping Zha, Ph.D.

  • Blog Admin

    LOL! – good point, so if we post them here people don’t have to go his site  – that’s too funny. What else is funny is that everyone here has spend long hours reading KR, even the readers who don’t like him…

  • Mike

    The other key point is he probably wrote his 17-55 review without ever having seen one, which tends to be a KR trait.

    That probably doesn’t bode well for the quality of his rumors but this is a rumor site, and until or unless it becomes apparent that his rumors are nothing more than the product of a fantasist’s overly fertile imagination, I think it’s right to link to them. I suspect most people on this site know his name and groan when they read it, knowing that most of what he says will be uninformed bilge – so they are free to treat the rumor with the contempt it will probably deserve. In that context, I don’t think it harms this website to quote him.

  • ZoetMB

    Even though the Mac is a “personal computer” for many years, Wintel machines have been known as PCs and Macs have been known as, well, Macs. The fact that Macs now have Intel processors is not the point. Even Apple’s own TV commercials refer to themselves as Mac and the Wintel machines as PCs. Ken is wrong about many things, but he’s not wrong about this.

  • web

    I love Ken – think he’s a terrible photographer but that doesn’t bother me. Very entertaining writer, one of the few online who make me chuckle out loud.

  • Anonymous

    The comments some people make about Ken Rockwell and the vitriolic nature of some of the aforesaid intrigue me.

    If you read his site you note several things. From a technical perspective, he is very often spot on.

    I have spent more than 30 years working in the scientific, scientific instruments and photographic industry, working for the police and forensic labs across Europe and, recently, in Australia, so have a broad range of experience to draw on when reaching that conclusion.

    His technical comment and indeed views on how that then relates to ‘real world’ (i.e. not lab charts or conditions) issues that the photographer – amateur or pro – has to deal with or work around are in, most instances, factual and accurate – not to mention useful, to most of us anyway – if we open our ears.

    Yes, some articles are outdated and no longer apply, but if you read them in the context of when they were written you find they are accurate. Further, it is his personal website; he does state that it is – in part anyway – written as a joke, a spoof if you will. Nobody is forced to go there and read anything he writes. He is free to write and you are free to read or not to read, should you so wish.

    Incidentally, the entry above that refers to KR’s claims that RAW is useless – well, for virtually every photographer amateur or pro, he is completely correct – there is no logical reason to waste time or space – unless you have time and space and enjoy wasting them – by shooting in a RAW format. It is one of the largest ‘hoaxes’ ever in the history of photographic or scientific technical development and one which was created and is sustained and maintained by the large marketing departments of the software industry and naive collaborators in the photographic industry.

    Before anyone corrects me on this I know many professionals making very healthy livings across the broad spectrum that is photography and almost all avoid RAW in the same way peoples in 14th century Europe would avoid the plague.

    I do not agree with everything he writes and often, as one reads, one has to extract his opinion which, occasionally slips in, and sometimes floods in.

    Similarly, I would caution people in respect of his views on anything third party. For example, with the technical advances and computer assisted design, there is, increasingly, no discernible difference between branded lenses and high end third party lenses (optically speaking), though in terms of handling and overall functionality there remains a large gap. The gap is in part due to the fact that a third party product is the love child of reverse engineering.

    N.B. With the above I don’t refer to lab charts at 200% which is the lunacy that people get into. Would you take a shot of a beautiful model, mount it – the photo not the model – and look at it with a magnifying glass? No because that would make you as stupid as those people who lick grapes off the wall!

    KR -genius or fool? Neither… just another voice!

  • Anonymous

    Remember the A Team? “You crazy fool”.

  • Gustav

    His opinion is just as valid as anyone else’s. His public nature makes people opinionated about him, but so what? Just like any other site, I’m not forced to read it.

  • Laurence

    wow, there’s some real morons around isn’t there! I don’t think anyone understands the point.

  • S

    I personally read KR when starting more serious amateur work this year. And i got a lot of good advice from him, which I followed or did not. When I did not, I got bad results, and went back reading or remembered reading something, and tried it out. When I tried, I got better results……

    Allthough I do not like all of his writing, he is entertaining. And I like the guy.

    Rumours are rumours, and the one writing the blog should decide which to post and which to not post. He should not even ask us, but when he did I followed my opinion, just like I vote everytime I can (which is not so often, as I am in China) YES you should post KR’s rumours.

    P.S. To all the pixel-horny guys: Good luck with your photographing!


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