BIG! (busted)

Update: this rumor got busted! The source admitted that it was a hoax (he got banned from this blog already). There was not much I could do - this is a rumor site after all and if you read the comments to this post, you will find out that this was not such a crazy idea.

The rumor of the year:

"Nikon will have a new Firmware ready that will upgrade all existing D3's to 24.4 megapixels. The 24.4 megapixels Sensor sits in the D3 since day one. Nikon worked hard on the software to get identical files (quality wise) out of the 24.4 MP like the existing D3 files. The other reason for the release of the D3 with 12.1 MP was a contract with the sensor manufacturer (Sony).

There will be a Desk at Nikon's Photokina Booth where visitors who bring along the D3 can get the update immediately! The Firmware will be available AT NO COST after Photokina @ Nikon Homepage."

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  • Mark French

    HAHAHA! That’s awesome. I mean, I see how they could take the higher megapixel sensor and take a reading on 4 pixels to lower noise and better light reading… but would they? I’d venture a big no. People like big numbers like 24. Would this rumor also pertain to the D700?

  • Mark French

    Would anyone with a D3 like to take a flashlight and magnifying glass and count the pixels on their sensor?

  • kaki

    really now?

  • Nikon shooter

    Oh, come on. This is the most fake rumor of all. If it is real, then what is this? D1x style or Fuji style interpolation? No thanks.

  • You want how much for the Brooklyn Bridge?

    How would Nikon make money if they did that?

  • Anonymous

    OH PLEASE! nikon designed their own sensors for d3, d300 and d700… not sony… you can get 30mp files from a d40 or d50 in photoshop ACR ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Anonymous

    Although I doubt it… it would be pretty cool if it happened.

  • David Olsen

    What is more likely is reduced price for a sensor upgrade or a guaranteed part exchange price for current D3 owners to the 24 megapixel D3X ( D4 ) .
    The sensor upgrade would account for the “modular” rumours of late.
    As the D700 uses the same sensor as the D3 the rumour is equally unlikely for that too .
    Nice rumour though

  • a3

    Then this will also be possible for the D700?

  • DAC

    OMG! any Owner of the D3 are so lucky!~~ 24MP thanks nikon!!! Wo0WoW!!

  • David Olsen

    All there cameras will be covered ..
    D40/50/60 up to 12 megapixels
    D80/200 up to 16 megapixels
    D300 up to 18 megapixels
    D3/700 up to 24 megapixels

  • WOW… I mean wow… I bought the D700 instead of the D3 because of the difference in the noise, this could change everything, if it were only not a rumor ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jimmy

    This website is loosing credibility by the minute…

  • Da_mENIZ

    Technically is really possible why not, and would also make sense, why there is such a good High ISO. Also makes sense why it’s called D3 not D3H. But I really doubt because of the profit of Nikon

  • Is this a dream? If it is true, than I am glad I stick with Nikon D3!

  • Brian

    I agree…

  • the truth

    You guys are soooooo funny!

    – I e-maild this message 10:43 AM to

    – 10:54 AM the admin Publish the “news” as BIG in Red Letters!!!!

    again soooo funny you guys!

    so much on credibility of those rumor sites HA HA HA !!!!

  • Ric

    This is the most ridiculous rumor I’ve ever heard. I actually came here to advise you to stop writing about all the small, rubbish like rumors. Keep it simple, or lose whatever credibility you have.

  • Steven Sow

    That seems more plausible, taking the existing cameras and upgrading the sensor. Sort of like the buffer upgrade during the D1X days, sounds interesting.

  • alex

    what a crap

    nikonrumors admin had too much sake yesterday

  • This delirium!!! Sensors in D3/D700 – this is an own development Nikon…

  • Clemi44

    The Nikon D700 works with the same sensor as the D3. Does this rumor mean that the D700 will also have 24 MP from now on?

  • salociN

    Please remember that few months ago, the first D3 firmware update (1.10) included some lines codes with 24,4MP and was supposed to be at that time a sort of introduction for the next resolution of the D3x ->

  • chrisx
  • somebody

    why not bring out a 24mp nikon which can “step down” to 12 for low-light-performance ๐Ÿ˜‰ That’s something I would call MODULAR ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • XuxaTeImporta

    mind telling us how/why it was busted???? seems like half these posts are bullshit to drive ad revenue.

  • I agree… if it was busted that darn fast why post in the first place and make all of us who actually said something to someone else look like total idiots? Better yet, how about Nikon releasing some official info.

  • Yardarm

    I believe there are a number of people playing with this website to get rumors “Publish” just for fun.

  • John D

    Wow, there’s been a lot of bogus stuff on this site. First the endless Ouiji posts and now something as rediculous as this.

    Does the admin even own Nikon gear? Basic fact check would indicate they make their own sensors, which should be obvious, they are one of the biggest DSLR players out there!

  • Blog Admin

    Well e have to take into consideration all rumors no matter how ridiculous, you never know what may turn out to be true…

  • HDZ

    Increase MP not Increase noise? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • stj

    So much nacking on the admin – everything seems obvious if you know it! This site is for presenting and unfortunately sometimes busting rumurs. If you cannot take fakes, then wait for the official anouncment!
    If admin did not own Nikon gear he would probably not use all his time running this site. I want to thank the admin for keeping the site running – and for speading both impressive (aka the early d700) and more humerous rumours… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • plai

    A lot of DX sensors are in fact Sony sensors. I don’t know if the D3 sensor is a Sony sensor too. BUt it is possible.

  • Rich

    OF COURSE it was a hoax. It made zero sense economically for Nikon. I can’t believe it got posted in the first place.

  • Mike

    Part of this is true in a twisted sort of way. If infact Nikon does release a D3x with 24.4 MP, it will have a DX crop mode of a bout 12 mp. So in a weird backwards way, this busted rumor will prove true. But Nikon is all about making money. And from that fact alone, they would not have done a; “suprise! Free 24mp for D3 buyers!” That would piss a lot of people off anyway, knowing that they had the option of 24 mps for a year, but it was kept under wraps. Fun and imaginative rumor, but I agree that the rumors are becoming so diluted that I’m not finding any value in the ones that might be proved real. Too much “crying wolf”.

  • Jimmy

    That would be same as shooting at 24MP and applying so much noise reduction that the image would be soft at 24MP, but OK when downsampled to 12MP.

    That’s also the reason I find it funny when Ken R. says that more MP are useless. If a D60 has the same low ISO performance as the D40 at 100% zoom, there is still more room for noise reduction with the D60 for a given target resolution.

  • Pablov

    The only thing I wonder is why a Firmware of D3 would include lines containing code for 24MP resolution.

    It is an experimental body out there? (sounds like a movie… but could be)

    Or what for? just to get curiosity of people? (don’t think so, maybe they didn’t even suppose someone was going to find those codes, or maybe yes, but in such case I don’t think Nikon would do something just to have attention and speculation)

    So… what about that firmware?
    Weird to me…

  • David Olsen

    Theres nothing wrong with a bit of humour and I imangine everyone with a D3 knows this could not be true .
    I feel in the lack of any real-news it is better to have a little fun

  • kaki

    I just got the domain.

  • David Olsen

    I think you will find the Ouiji to be substantiated after march 2009 ( possible with confirmation at photokina next week ) .. the details/rumours coming out may be a little off but the MX side will be true

  • Pablov

    Despite Nikon wouldn’t earn anything updating from 12MP to 24MP to the current owners, that could drive more customers to buy it.

    Would be really amazing to have these option in the D3/D700 at the moment of taking a picture:

    A – 12MP sensor quality (with the great quality alreadiy known)
    B – 24MP sensor quality

    ๐Ÿ™ But I don’t think it is really possible (hope I’m wrong)

    (BTW I would like to make the list of features I would like to have on a DSLR.. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  • sf_shooter

    There has been serious evidence the last two weeks that the admin does not own any Nikon gear or has a serious lack of familiarity with Nikon gear. Anyone who puts up 70-200VR out of stock as a point of speculation does not know the Nikon marketplace. Hopefully it continues. The faster it will be to bust this fraud and end his ad revenue stream.

  • Adam

    This is a COMPLETELY retarded post.

  • Pablov

    according to Thom Hogans the D3/D700 has a Nikon sensor:

    but would be nice to have the exact specs, although I didn’t find it

  • 1. Check out and see how wonderfully the recent Nikon lenses perform on the 21.1MP 1DsIII sensor. Nothing is mussy all to the corners.

    2. The DX crop of a 24.4MP FX sensor is 24.4/(1.5*1.5)=10.84MP not 12MP. High school math?

    3. Some one please pointing your microscope to an open D3/D700 sensor to checkout the microlens configuration and density to give us the definitive answer?

    Downsize the A900 RAW file (with the ACR candidate Adobe released yesterday) to the 12.1MP D3 file size you will see the noise performance is identical if not better. See posts in the dpreview Sony SLR forum.

  • AP

    I think this is wishful thinking. when the 3G iphone was about to come out, there were a lot of rumors going around that the exiting 2G phones would be firmware upgradeable to 3G…

    These companies want you to keep buying their products.

    Seems unlikely.

  • nikon nikon nikon

    It took you this long to figure that out?

  • Antonio

    You should take that off!!!

  • Bob


  • Remember Nikon did exactly this binding down the actual sensor resolution for low noise game before with the D1 series:

    so that the rumor is not that outrageous at all.

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