Is anyone currently under NDA from Nikon?

Interesting discussion on the NDA agreement. Another related question: if you are under NDA, can you tell/announce publicly that you are under NDA for a specific company without mentioning any details? I just want to hear a confirmation that someone somewhere is currently under NDA from Nikon. That will give us hope and we need that today.

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  • Phil

    I have been under many nda’s (never Nikon). but most, as I recall, specified that I could not disclose that I was even under nda.

  • Brent

    “…I’m sorry, I can’t discuss what I can’t discuss…but, then, I guess I’m not really sorry for anything…” lol

  • Jim
  • tai

    I’m currently under an unrelated NDA, and I have no clause against revealing the existence of it, so while it seems to be common, it’s not always there.

  • Bob McCarthy

    Just curious why we need help. The Canon guys are even bitchin’ about the lack of improvements to the body and systems (focus and metering). Nice improvement in pixels, but that will show up soon enough.

    Base ISO 100 with 50 available. The sensor is nowhere near the light trap the nikon pixel is.

    D800 here we come.


  • Blog Admin

    the new canon lens is bothering me more than the body… Canon EF 24mm f1.4L II USM

  • Andrew Koenig

    “That will give us hope and we need that today.” What nonsense!

    I still believe that we are going to see something new and major from Nikon between now and the beginning of Photokina. But even if we don’t, so what? Canon announced a bunch of products, as they always do, which have different engineering and economic tradeoffs from Nikon, as they always do. Why is that such a big deal?

    Every company that wants to remain in the digital camera business has to keep improving their technology. These improvements will not all come at the same instant, nor will they be of the same nature. Even if I’m wrong, and Nikon’s next major improvement doesn’t turn up at Photokina, I am quite confident that we will see something major from them before too long.

    Meanwhile, I’m getting pictures with my D700 that would have been impossible with any camera I have ever owned before.

  • Blog Admin

    Don’t get me wrong – I don’t care about heir new body, but the new lens looks pretty damn good. In addition I haven’t received any word on a potential Nikon announcement from our regular sources – this kind of bothers me, but maybe Nikon this time can really keep a secret till the very end.

  • Steven Sow

    Right! like that lens wasn’t bad-ass enought before…

  • Steven Sow

    I think that we need hope, hope for new lenses. That’s what I hope for, as well as a lot of people on this board. New bodies are nice, but new lenses are nicer

  • Theodore

    I don’t know about needing hope today. If Canon had released a mini-1 series with 21 MP and video that would be something. But as a camera, the 5D II doesn’t excite me (I was a 5D Mk I owner). If you asked folks if they wanted a 1D MK III or a 5D Mk II, I think you’d have a lot of folks go with the 1 series – pro AF, pro rugged build, features reserved for the upper-end of the Canon photographic line. Let’s contrast that with a D700 – same AF as a D3, same rugged build, same feature set with minor bits missing. The 5D II has a 9 point AF system that looks like a hold over from the 5D mk I (albeit now processed through a Digic IV processor) – See Rob G’s write up. So legacy AF and 3.5 FPS in a body that is about the same as the Mk I – or top of the line 54-point AF, 8 FPS, and top body build… I still think the D700 is a better and more exciting camera. But I’m glad folks who have waited so long finally have their upgrade.

  • kaki

    I am 18 years Nikon user since f4S. I wated too long for the lens. My wait will be over tomorrow whether I get new 70-200 or switch over to Canon.

  • Pablov

    It’s too be seen how well the new 21MP sensor of the Canon EOS 5D MarkII is…

    BUT… some Specs of the body, Honestly Surprised me (“bother me”..), AND I would REALLY like Nikon follow them in their next D800/D900:

    – PRICE: US: $ 2,699
    – Movie modes:
    • 1920 x 1080 (16:9) up to 12 mins (Quicktime 1080p H.264; 38.6 Mbits/sec)
    • 640 x 480 (4:3) up to 24 mins (Quicktime 480p H.264; 17.3 Mbits/sec)
    • Max file size 4 GB
    • Quicktime MOV format (H.264 video, PCM sound)
    • 30 fps (nice !!!)

    – Full audio support: built-in mic and speaker, MIC-in Socket (Hurra!!, NIKON: follow this example..)

    – Water resistance: 10 mm rain in 3 minutes

    OF COURSE, I didn’t mention a lot of things regarding the proper “still” image capturing, AF methods, etc., that’s because I guess Nikon already has them good.

    I only mentioned what I didn’t expect on the new CANON
    I think Many people would appreciate those features in NIKON too.
    In fact, I’m waiting for the new Nikon, to make a decision on what to invest in.

    ..I do not discard switching to Canon
    (but it bothers me, yes).
    The question (in my case) is how much to pay (between Nikon and Canon DSLRs) for keeping the lenses I already have?..

    I Really hope Nikon offers a good new DSLR, and competitive price too

    If the 51-Area AF makes a DSLR so much more expensive, I would like to have a different option in that way (keeping the rest) because I really don’t need such ammount of AF areas, but do need better quality in some other aspects…(that the D90 doesn’t have)

    I know many could say “movie? what for?”, but for me is a great feature, since I work in Arts, and that can give me lot of interesting posibilities that we don’t have at this time with Nikon. The D90 seems TOO far behind this movie specs, and the D90’s clips I watched don’t look very nice either, Besides the lack of manual exposure and lot of other important aspects for making movie recording really “Useful”

  • bob mccarthy

    Don’t you think a F1.4 wide angle is a bit silly in the days of clean iso 1600. Why pay the huge cost, weight and average performance for an f-stop you’ll hardly need. Maybe an 85 for shallow DOF makes sense to me, but I don’t get the attraction.

  • Anton

    It’s nice to have 51-Area AF. BUT… They all are concentrated in the center area. It makes most of them useless. At least for me (i use D3). it’s good for specs and for marketing, but not for a real work. I would prefer a smaller number of AF points, but distributed.

  • Simon

    Do you think a new 70-200 will be coming out soon?

  • mainfr4me

    I’m curious what Nikon will do on the price front – will they drop the price on any of their cameras (D300, D700) to compete? There are some things the D700 looks on paper to have over the new 5D, but for a large part of the population, that price point will be a major factor.

  • Craig

    I’m always shocked how one a new camera comes out, there are always a few who say, “I’m switching to Nikon!” or “I’m switching to Canon!” or variations on those that theme. I have large investment in glass, so I wouldn’t be switching for the next Nikon or Canon camera. They leapfrog each other here and there but come on now, let us not jump ship on at the drop of a hat (even if that hat has 21 or 24 megapixels) 😉

  • JoeX

    Yeah right. And GM is holding off on the 100 mpg carburetor too. Sounds more like sour grapes at what Nikon has done in the past year.

  • Pablov

    for thos of us who are not buying cameras very often, but for very long period of time, sometimes is time to reconsider if it is worth keeping or switching.

    I don’t buy a SLR since more than 10 years ago, cause the quality of the pictures wouldn’t change buying another body…
    But in digital, that is different. It does change the IQ

    I will wait to see what Nikon has to offer, at what price, and wich features it includes, then will rethink the whole thing.

    I’m not jumping, in the contrary,
    I hope Nikon makes more sense in some aspects (like Price at first)

  • JR

    What’s a nikon shooter gotta do for a 24mm 1.4 these days??? come on nikon, you can do it!

    as a documentary/photojournalism shooter, the new 5d and 24 1.4 would make a wicked combo…

  • Pablov

    I’m sure that the marketing (or financial, etc) department make lot of pressure over other departments, in Canon, in Nikon, and probably almost every company.

    They want to Sale, it’s their business…
    They don’t do better equipment/devices just for fun (I wish)

    And “Megapixels” race is a reality, like it or not…
    But, as every serious amateur / Pro know, it is just part of the equation in the digital photography…

  • Blog Admin

    that was my point

  • Here Here. When is it!? I have been waiting for a long time:(

  • Steven Sow

    Hell, a D700 and a 24 1.4 would make a wicked combo. I think that we’ve all been drooling over images from the 5D/24 1.4 combo for the last 3 years now(or at least I have), I want to drool over something like that from Nikon, we all know that they can do it…

  • Steven Sow

    No I don’t, and neither does Canon. They’ve had clean high iso for years, and they’ve been cranking out those 1.4 and 1.2 lenses for years as well. There’s just a certain look that you get with that lens, which that’s what 1.4 is these days, for that shallow DOF (when you’re close to the subject of course), and selective focus, not what it was back in the film days.

  • Steven Sow

    I meant for what it was for back in the film days, to keep from having to push the iso.

  • anon

    I may or may not be currently under an NDA. If I were, I may or may not be able to disclose the fact that I am or am not currently under an NDA. Maybe.

  • Pablov

    mmm, I understand… (?)

    In fact, I understand that you do not want to say anything 😛

  • Blog Admin

    I have the same feeling – so there is hope?

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