French Magazine Réponses Photo delayed till September 23

The French Magazine Réponses Photo will be delayed for more than a week this month (release date will be September 23):
The interesting part is that Sony, Panasonic and Leica already made their official announcements for Photokina. Canon is still teasing their fans and Nikon is the only silent major player. Ok we still have Olympus, Pentax, Samsung, etc. but who is buying those cameras anyway (joke)? Are they really worth delaying a magazine for? Do they know something we don't?
Last time when a German magazine was delayed was because of the D700.
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  • Dragos

    … or just a French magazine which does not know anything on the upcoming Canon and whatever else appears pre-Photokina and would like to have at least something in its September issue, knowing full well all the major announcements will be made before 23rd. By delaying until the first day of ‘kina they are absolutely sure they’ll have something to write about. If they waited with new info. until October issue, that would not sell so well – old news.

  • Wiilyb

    I think they might be waiting since that is the day Adobe announces CS4.

  • Sam

    I work at a magazine in Boston and we have our publishing schedule for the next year made by October of the previous year. That means, this schedule was most likely made in October 2007. No on even had a clue about the D700 back then. Just like they don’t have a clue about whatever is around the corner. I’ll be they usually stagger this issue later b/c of Photokina in general.

  • Chris V

    I think it is nothing.
    Where does it say it is delayed? all I can see on the production schedule is that it is ‘on sale’ later than usual.
    Now this may be because they know something but are under NDA until then. Then again is this title big enough for an exclusive? I haven’t heard of them before. Plus Nikon hasn’t been too pleased with the French press lately.
    If they work on the average 2 months lead time (start work on the issue 6-8 weeks before ‘on sale’ date), then it may simply be they allowed extra time for school holidays. Get hold of last year’s schedule. No photokina, if the on sale date is also later for the October issue, then there you have it. Holiday.
    I’m already shooting for some December issues here in the UK, that are actually being laid out now. Printing, binding, finishing and distributing takes time. So I don’t think they are waiting for news to fit in at the last minute. They either now something and have an NDA until the 23rd, or it is just holiday allowance. My money is on the latter…

  • Chris V

    Yes, you’re right on that. I suspect that was a case of ‘adhering to a NDA’ too, as they did come up wth the D700 story. Something similar migh be on, but I think Nikon still isn’t too happy with the French Photo press.. If any mag would get the scoop, it would be Chasseur d’images, IMHO.
    Sadly I’m not traveling to Photokina this year, so no chance of ‘pre-scoops’. Stuck in miserable London doing 100% design, so not much help the next week 🙁 Unless you’re into interior design rumors. Ever thought of starting I’d be your best inside source 😛

  • Blog Admin

    Interior design rumors? hmm

  • Blog Admin

    The German magazine (see the post) did postpone their issue, or at least this is what they said on their website.

  • Chris V
  • Anonymous

    Not Canon, not Nikon, but Leica. Trust me, it’s BIG!

  • Blog Admin

    Leica already announced their stuff… see

  • Anonymous

    oh no they did not. What they announced is NOTHING compared to what is coming!

  • Anonymous

    Told you so….

  • Blog Admin

    Yep, there was a reason for the delay, many reasons – I think Leica killed everyone with their new S2. I cannot even imagine how much it will cost.

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