Nikon D90 to have 90 minutes video capability

Warning: Humor-Rumor


Apparently the D90 makes also very good coffee (thanks IM):

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  • squirrelz

    Hmm… perhaps should say “90 minutes _recording_ capability”

    …I’ll get me coat…

  • thedude

    I miss tapes…

    Maybe the D90 will take D90’s, that’d be ace!

  • somebody

    nice price 😉

  • Anonymous

    So may be it’s worth to rename D90 into D180 and than to have 180 minutes video recording….)))))

  • Dan

    Dude, that’s *audio* capability, which is still pretty sweet.

  • anonymous

    Hmm… honestly I’m a bit tired of all these humor rumours… Would be a nice idea if they could be listed in a separate category on this site so that you can find/avoid them depending on your mood for the moment…

  • Blog Admin

    We had 5 humor-rumor out of 208 entries. I can still move them to Page2.

    Thanks for the feedback.
  • Blog Admin

    We did not make this up – we just reported it. The original was in dpreview. Audio would not be so funny.

  • Dan

    C’mon rumors by their very nature are supposed to be fun. These shouldn’t be taken so seriously, nor should we take ourselves so seriously. We look – we look hard for something. We wait, we hope. But this is just poking fun at ourselves for trying so hard.

    I like’m page 1.

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