Nikon D90 to be released this week (if not, next week)

Previous reports have indicated release date of August 27th.

Our vote goes for August 27th.

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  • Renato

    As usual, off the mark, Aug 27th is the day. Unless Nikon will announce it this week and still have a press conference next week for the rest (D3X, lenses), but unlikely.

  • Blog Admin

    I hope your remark goes for KR, since this is his prediction. As usual, we are just reporting it.

  • Dash

    So what happened to photokina?

  • Deep

    My source told me September 7th. Guess he was wrong.

  • NNatic

    I cant see this being true since Nikon has a press conference scheduled next week. I’d be really shocked to hear this come true…I think Ken was just looking for a little traffic this week. Maybe his ads arent paying what they used to because of his reduced reputation these days.

  • Blog Admin

    We do not favor anyone when it comes down to rumors. We just report the rumors.

  • Blog Admin

    I still somehow think that the D3x + lenses will be announced at Photokina (personal opinion, not a real rumor).

  • Blog Admin

    I don’t think we should discuss this topic here, or at least we are not going to. As with everything else (including this blog) some people love it and others don’t. We are not taking a stand about KR, we just report rumors – similar to FOX News: “We report, you decide”.

  • Renato

    Of course ;))


  • NNatic

    That was not an attack on the report of the rumor. I am totally cool with the report of this. I am just stating that I believe that his credibility is weak and that i doubt that he is correct.

    I believe that function of this site is to list any and all rumors. It is not your responsiblity to sort through the credibility of each although it will always be your intent to report on credible and or valuable rumors.

  • matt

    as we know from some nikon-dealers there is a conference next week (25th – 29th august)
    and it is very possible that after that, there will be an official anouncment!

    i hope so 🙂

  • Jimmy

    His post looks more like a prediction than a rumor.

    With a pic of me in a bath, I wouldn’t look credible either 😉

  • Blog Admin

    That’s why we classified it as a “prediction”, like pretty much everything else on this site.

  • davidthenikonuser


    I was wondering how come most people seem to hate Ken Rockwell? Is he a snobby a-hole or something?

  • anonymous

    Well, the rest of what he posted 18 August 2K8 is wrong too (the Apple ad), so you might be right he is wrong. Actually I don’t care at all whether they announce it this week or the week after. I care more about when it’s in stock for reasonable prices.

  • Greg

    Ken Rockwell also said:

    * The 16-85mm lens rumors were not true

    * The D60 was Nikon’s replacement for the D80 !!!

    Ken Rockwell has no source, and is purely interested in driving traffic to his site. Thanks for helping drive traffic Nikon Rumors!!!

  • eyrieowl

    lol! there’s really no mystery to the controversy. objectively speaking, he’s highly controversial because he tends to express a lot of different opinions in very…shall we say strong and colorful terms. if you peruse his site, you’ll understand what i mean. now, if you agree with his opinions, his strongly worded statements probably seem like manna from heaven, but if you don’t, they probably seem heretical. so…in a nutshell, the “problem” with ken rockwell comes down to him being very opinionated. if you want to get discussion of the specific opinions, you might try searching the forums over at you’ll find *plenty* of opinions of his opinions there (both pro and con).

  • Blog Admin

    Why do you care about his traffic?

  • Greg

    He’s and idiot and doesn’t deserve the income.

  • Anonymous

    You should avoid spelling errors in such a statement.

  • Blog Admin

    Easy here, I am not for or against Ken Rockwell but if you say something like this you better give us some reasons why. If he reports a rumor, we will be all over it and that’s the way it is. I don’t care if we bring traffic to his site or not – that’s not why we are here.

  • Tom

    I think the point is that you don’t accept rumors from *any* source. The source has to be somewhat legitimate after all. Ken Rockwell is not a legitimate source, and a rumor from him is no better than a rumor from some random idiot on the street.

  • Tom

    It’s a typo. Get over it.

  • Anonymous

    I like Ken’s site. He is funny, straightforward, doesn’t mince words and I actually think he writes very well. I’m sure he’s much less of an idiot than most of the folks online that call him an idiot.

  • Anonymous

    Ken, is that you ?

  • Kent in SD

    I dislike the swipe at FoxNews. No, I don’t work for them, but I’ve checked them out closely and they have proven very accurate over the years. They are also the most even handed news organization out there.

    Kent in SD

  • eyrieowl

    perhaps you missed how “we report, you decide” is their slogan when you were lavishing love on them? referencing their slogan for one’s own site at worst would seem to be neutral, at best an homage. and no, i don’t work for nikon rumors, but i’ve checked them out closely and they’ve proven very entertaining over the months…. seriously, though, just because someone mentions Fox News doesn’t mean they’re out to get you.

  • Xerohour

    I dont know if this is a sign, but one of the UK biggest online camera shops Warehouse Express is all out of D80’s, there site shows the D80 and all its kit varients low/out of stock.

    Im in the market for a D80/90 and want to know whats going on.

  • Jason

    Oh come on, there’s not a lot to dislike about a guy who (a) says that your camera doesn’t matter and (b) devotes most of his website to equipment reviews. He’s certainly not boring!
    Has anyone else spotted that our friend Thom Hogan purports to be working on a D90 review? I’ll have to write and ask for next week’s lottery numbers . . .
    🙂 Jason

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