Amazon and B&H are already buying Google ads with Nikon D90, D3x keywords (updated)

and are preparing for the D90 launch. Just search the web for "Nikon D90" and you should see the sponsored links on the right:
Amazon is even going a step further and getting the Nikon D3x keywords:
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  • Anonymous

    Search for nikon d800 or nikon d900 Does about the same thing 🙂

  • dps

    Not that this is not an indicator, but if you type in “rabbit foot switchblades”… you will get an add for or a number of other sites that will have you think you can buy said search at a drastically reduced or cheeper price. They are coded to respond to your search and link to (if they have such an item) their particular page. I have clicked on the D90 adds for about two or three months now and have always gotten “no item available.” Hopefully that will change in the next few weeks, and I am not talking about the rabbit foot switchblades…

  • Blog Admin


    I cannot believe they are spending money for blank keywords, but I guess it works for them. False alarm everyone!
  • Blog Admin

    I guess the news here is that B&H is advertising only for the D90 keyword, Amazon seems to be all over the place.

  • I just did 20 D90 queries but didn’t get a single add. Could this be USA only?

  • thedude

    From UK IP servers googling nikon D90 brings up Ebay D90 adverts, hoorah.

  • 潮流科技


    分类: 数码相机 小姜果然厉害。如果一个条形码以及两个预购网页的说服力还是不足的话,那我想……Google的关键词广告也够力吧。刚好有新的证据出来,可以看到Amazon与B&H销售D90与D3x的信息

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