First Nikon D90 picture (updated)

Update: many readers are still sending us this same D90 picture. We were the first one to publish it - no need to submit it back to the source Thanks for your effort!
Real or fake, that is the question?
The poll will decide:

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  • AZ

    It looks pretty real for me, and as far as I can see there’s a mic in the front, which means video capability?

  • Theo

    Looks just too detailed for a fake.

    D700 – July, 1
    P6000 – August, 7
    D90 – September, 3? πŸ™‚

  • ChrisL

    If real: – the GPS is not built in, like the P6000, but external? OK I guess, but clunky. Also, I see no meter coupling lever on the mount – so users of Ai and AiS lenses still need to look at D200 and up for that feature.

  • Looks like real. πŸ™‚ It’s too bad that on that picture a whole camera is not shown.

  • Piero

    Fake :
    -The 9 is wider than the 0 (should be the exact same width in a real font !)
    -The “mic” hole is ugly (should be flush with the front !)

  • Mike from Canada

    Looks real to me. Or else an incredible photoshop job. I think it’s real. I can’t see how video will appeal to most current DSLR users now, but P&S will no longer have an excuse for not jumping into the DSLR arena. My wife has been asking for a P&S with movie clip capability, and mentioned the D90 rumors and her comments on the idea were “that would be too bulky”. But Nikon will be the first to market movie mode on a DSLR. Cheers for marketing!

  • Renato

    Real, lateral details clearly not PS stuff. No full image yet?

  • Sportymonk

    Looks awfully good to me.
    As far as the microphone, it means the D90 has Audio capability, period. Hopefully there won’t be video. Personally it is an added expense. Nikon only puts out top quality products and I don’t see how a DSLR can do that without significantly detracting from the overall camera. If I want a high quality video, I have a camcorder. If I want a low quality video, I have my cell phone. I also question how much video can be recorded. Even with high capacity memory cards, I don’t see anything more than a minute or two of video. But I could be wrong! (Rolls eyes and grins)

  • Jason

    Looks too good to be a fake. I agree the mic holes look a bit ugly, but they look like they’re really there, along with HDMI output: so video seems like a done deal. Any idea which VR lens that is?
    As a separate point, this is just the sort of image I’d take if I wanted to generate interest without revealing everything: I suspect a deliberate marketing leak. We know Nikon can keep a secret when they want to!

  • RobJ

    Not only does the mic look ugly, but it looks like the perfect spot for moisture to get into the camera.

    Looks like a real photo though.

  • Dave M.

    Looks really real !

    IMHO the AF-lever is only justified by a built-in motor for af-lenses. Hooray!

  • Loa


    See here:

    I just changed that last number.

    It’s NOT the same camera!!!!


    P.S. Of course, one of them could be the real deal, but this doesn’t look good.

  • Loa

    Hmm, is that were the site’s admin stores his images?

    If it is, it’s a strange naming setup! πŸ™‚

    Hopefully it lends more credit to the latest image!


  • Anonymous

    Real good fake image.
    The misstake they made was to keep the “BKT” button in the fake image…

  • Loa

    Why do you think it’s a mistake?

    I don’t see any obvious photoshop mess-up with that button. The light reflections seem to be good as well.


  • Theo

    What’s your logic? There will be no BKT or what? Check D80, it’s there too.

  • Jovan

    I couldn’t agree more. Video has no business on an SLR. It’s a gimmick — a marketing ploy. No one even mildly serious about taking photographs wants video using up cost, capacity, and technological capabilities on their expensive SLR body. Image, Image, Image — that’s what Nikon should be concentrating on.

  • au

    this one was an obvious fake, it’s already old news

  • eyrieowl

    i’m not a big fan of video either…but wrt the capacity, bear in mind that a DVD is 4GB. So, you can easily get a card which has the capacity to let you record a feature length film at DVD quality.

  • Mike from Canada

    Yes D80 has it. In the digital age I didn’t think BKTing was a much needed function, let alone to have a dedicated button. A better idea would have been to make that a Fn button, and then if someone wishes to program it to BKT, they are free too. I like the Pentax idea of having the camera in JPEG and hitting a “this next shot will be in RAW” button. That seems more advantagous than BKT.

  • Theo

    There’s programmable Fn button on the other side πŸ˜‰

  • Bruno

    same opinion here. my fear was that the D90 wouldn’t have AF motor. but it has! =D

    now, if this is a PS work, the guy who made it deserves a grand prize from Adobe.

  • I think it is a fake – the 9 jsut looks to messy around the middle when you play with levels a bit – I would say it si a clone of the 0 and a bit of cutting. Good effort though IMHO.

  • Ghargh

    I think it’s real. It would be really hard to make such a good looking D90 logo and to copy the photos perspective on the USB and HDMI caps.

  • nv

    “Not only does the mic look ugly, but it looks like the perfect spot for moisture to get into the camera.”
    I agree about moisture/dust getting into the mic but I disagree that it is truly ugly. When I first read Thom’s comments about the front of the camera having a mic grille I feared the worst – but this looks to be fairly unobtrusive.

  • thedude

    I originally thought it was real but the closer i look the more i think it is just an incredibly good Photoshop job.

    Main points: Directly inbetween the BKT button and D of D90 and above the Lense release button theres and are of matt body where the glare doesnt continue, this is suspect to me.

    also, the whole area around the Lense release button is abit off, its the wrong colour, perhaps an effect of the light but im not sure.

    also if you look directly above the AF in the autofocus manual selector, the bit where the Lense release actually pushes into the body does not look real.

    As much as i want it to be real i dont think it is.
    Does anyone else see these things or is it just me?

  • Crave

    Its real.. Keep the pics comming. regards Crave

  • Jimmy

    No “active VR” mode? Is this a cheap lens? Shouldn’t they simply have packaged this with the acclaimed 16-85mm VRII?

    The HDMI might only be for liveview, and the GPS/Mic for commenting each photo. Nothing guaranties video yet.

  • Johannes

    Well, I don’t think this will cost much. You’ve got live view built right in, you’ve got an image processor. So, just have to write that live view to the memory card. That’s it, basically, just a piece of software, and everything else comes for free.

    So: why not?

  • AZ

    If the mic would be for comments, why is it on the fron and not in the back like in D3?
    As far as the lens, it might be the 24-120 VR lens, I’ve used it some time ago, and as far as I remember it doesn’t have the VR active mode.

  • BG

    August 27th. Well, something. Maybe the pro body. Maybe the D90. πŸ™‚


  • Theo

    The picture is accurate and appears to be real (and NOT the pictures I have).
    a comment @ dpreview by Thom Hogan

  • Theo

    Could be the new 18-105 DX kit.

  • BG

    In the digital age, with HDR and all that, a BKT button is more needed than ever.


  • Well, if the mic was for commeting on photos, wouldn’t it be better for it to be placed at the back of the camera like on the D3. Otherwise, this design would be flawed. So, the ability for video recording is still plausible.

  • Mr Nikon

    It’s real I saw it, it was in my office.

  • plai

    If is real: YAY! for AF motor.

    This could be finally a nice replacement for my D50 (D60,D40(x) have no moter, everything else too heavy)

  • Cavok

    Well .. whoever uploaded this picture must have the rest :oD

    He/she of Nikon is playing with us..


  • noone

    Huh? We all knew it had a motor, it’s the D80 replacement. It’s clear that the lower cameras (D40/X/60 which are all the same camera) have a motor. If you think the D80 is too heavy, I doubt you’ll be pleased with this. They’re not going to stuff in a whole bunch of features and make it lighter.

    I think the photo is real. Without paying attention to the “fake stuff” some people have mentioned there’s too much for it to be a photochop job. I’m dissapointed about the lens (a constant f/4 would have been perfect, but we don’t even get VR!), to me it looks like a replacement to the 18-135: most likely a metal mount, VR (without active mode), and only going to 105 so less distortion on the tele end.

  • Bryce

    The numbers should not be the same width. The image is flat and the camera is at an angle. If they were the same width that would be a dead giveaway that it was a fake.

  • LeftSpin

    This is probably a prototype D90. The tooling for the mic plastics may not be ready yet because they’re still working on a good mic design.

  • plai

    I wasn’t too sure about the motor. It is only a matter of time until the D70/80/90(!?) series will loose the AF motor if you ask me. My bets are the successor of the D90 will loose the AF motor.

    To be honest the D80 is now over two years old, a long time in DSLR markets :). I just did not want a camera like the D200/D300 class which are heavier than the D80.

    About camera weight. I have a 18-200 and 105 mm AF micro which both weight more than my camera πŸ™‚

  • Marc

    I hope the Video won’t burn the sensor. Yeah, P&S have video, but not with sensors this big.

  • Goa

    Hopefully this beast (being a slightly stripped down version of the d300 apparently) will inherit that nice little 51 point AF system among other things πŸ˜›

  • Douglas

    unfortunatly its not that simple, unless you intend to manually focus a video. right now the AF is through the Mirror system, hence when you use the live view the mirror has to flip down to Focus. it simply wont be able to do that in video mode. you would have to have an ENTIRELY new syster for AF or an ENTIRELY new sensor up above the Mirror assembly for the live view and video, which is taking the camera dangerously close to what Sony has done in their camera’s and which has its own issues! plus, for Nikon, who doesn’t produce their own sensors at this level, it means added cost for the second sensor!

  • dps

    D300 and D700 both have HDMI output with no video recording capability. Simply easier to broadcast those photos on that new flatscreen with higher quality results.

  • Renato

    I posted this on DPR (acknowledging NR and giving link) and Thom says it’s like what he has:

  • Theo

    That’s the first time I want the summer to end quickly πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    you are completely full of it. it’s trivial to af using sensor contrast since that’s already in nikon’s live view implementation.

  • plai

    I agree. Nobody said that the record video would be more than a gimmek. Compare it to real video cam.

    – Contrast focus instead real focus element
    – No VR (Nikon VR is designed for *still* images)
    – no good microphone

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