Adorama predictions for Photokina – new Nikon digital rangefinder

At least two digital rangefinders will be introduced. I'm putting my money on Nikon and Olympus to unveil interchangeable-lens rangefinder cameras based around DSLR sensors. Olympus has already laid the technical groundwork with its announcement of the Micro Four Thirds system, which allows for smaller camera bodies and no room for optical mirror prisms. While the obvious direction is EVFs (see item #3, above), they could drop a bombshell and create a digital rangefinder and a few fixed-focal-length, manual-focus lenses for a lot less than the $5K Leica M8. What do I base my Nikon prediction on? Nothing...I just like to dream. 

Via Adorama
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  • Bryce

    Dear heavens yes please. No mirror slap, super quiet and unobtrusive. I’d sell a kidney for it. Pair it with the 35 f/2. However… it better have a real finder and not just some lcd crap or an evf.

    I find this a little far fetched however I would believe it as a competitor to the impending micro 4/3’s. Beside it’s always been Oly does it first, and everyone else does it better.

  • Renato

    There’s Leica and Panny too, with this new M43 mount.

    I’m betting on Canon, not Nikon, no inside info, just reading from Thom’s remark that Nikon has done a survey on that but adding “another brand” is also bringing a compact APS-C.

    Real rangefinder? I doubt it, unless it’s a compact Leica. All others will go with EVF or a crappy OVF like G9.

  • Renato

    About a Nikon RF, it says it’s only a “dream”.

  • RobJ

    “Oly does it first, and everyone else does it better.”

    I disagree with this. I’ve yet to see anything that works as well as Olympus’ dust reduction system. And yes, Nikon finally has Live View, but it took them a good two years to catch up to Olympus on that front.

    And let’s not forget that Konica Minolta were the first with a sensor based shake-reduction system.

  • nv

    Damn it’s getting pretty fun these days. LX3, P6000, G9 replacement, mFT’s and the distant hope of a Nikon APS-C compact (I can live without a viewfinder if that’s what it takes! Please just do it Nikon!). So many choices! The most amusing thing is just a few days ago I was eagerly awaiting the LX3 and P6000 and with the news of mFT’s and the rumored Nikon d-Rangefinder those compacts just seem so much less interesting. I’m sure we are a ways of from a great compact system but things are going to be really interesting a year from now when we have a selection of bodies and lenses from mFT’s at the very least.

  • Bryce

    Nikon and Canon, Sony all have sensor dust reduction system. And seeing as there’s no real scientific way to test it, it’s only an opinion (yours) that Oly’s is better. Sure konica developed the tech, but Oly was the only one with an actual camera on the market using it.

    And as far as live view it’s now a common feature. Every manufacture of a digital SLR has a model that provide this (except Sigma).

  • RobJ

    Sorry, but check your facts. The Konica Minolta 7D was first to market with a sensor based anti-shake system, in 2004.

    Saying that Live View is a common feature is not the same as saying that other manufacturers are doing it better than Olympus.

  • This would be a great way for Nikon to save face after the P6000 blunder. I had money for the P6000 in my sweaty little hand, but will hold out for something better (Canon G10……)

  • Otto von Peemyer

    Vas ist? Vas ist?

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