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Several readers have emailed us about few YouTube videos with all kinds of weird Nikon rumors (all from the same author). We will not publish those, since they are completely fake. The author is very well known liar in the photography community.
I know it is funny to hear this on a rumor site but it is true. For those who are not familiar with this individual, we can direct them to this site:
Does anyone still believes that he works for the National Geographic magazine?
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  • Z

    My initial impression was that this kid was a jerk. Then when I saw he had the sb900 shortly after it was released I thought maybe he was associated with some photographic institute at the minimum. However, I’m pretty much convinced this kid is a schmuck at this point.

  • AZ

    I’m not in favor of his YouTube channel, neither I’m not gonna say he is a jerk. We have freedom of the speech, and let it stay that way. On the other hand, it’s great that we have other sources, i.e.

  • Zeb

    More of a fantasist than a liar, IMO.

  • HDZ

    Haha. 🙂

  • Bruno

    100% agree. he is mostly a rich jerk wanting to show off, but he must have some contacts somewhere.

  • HDZ

    You forget Ken Rockwell?

  • Blog Admin

    Sure we have freedom of speech – he can say whatever he wants. I just had to warn our readers, since some of them were taking him seriously.

    Actually, I do like the video where he uses a D3 as a hammer to put a nail on the wall
  • AZ

    Hehehe, that video is quite fun indeed 🙂 – although would prefer to give D3 as an example :), but You know Canon could not withstand the test 🙂

  • AZ

    sorry, was typing fast – of course I meant not to give a D3 as an example 🙂

  • The funny part is that both Nikon NPS as well as National Geographic corporate are investigating this guy. I would guess his youtube site will get shut down sooner or later. I think he is already banned from DPReview on multiple accounts…

    It takes all kinds!

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