Nikon D90: 12, 4.5, 3, 11, 90, 105, 1080

Thom Hogan sent another cryptic message about the upcoming D90:
> Can you also suggest 6 numbers I can use on the next MegaMillions 
> Lottery? I have a good feeling these may be the ones! 

Sure. Try something like 12, 4.5, 3, 11, 90, and 105. For the bonus number use 1080.

Those numbers apparently reveal some of the characteristics of the upcoming D90.
Some guesses:
12mp, 4.5FPS, 3" LCD, 11 point AF, D90, 105mm lens and 1080 video recording.

I think the 1080 is pretty clear.
Thom Hogan is basing all this on one source:
Be happy to spill the beans. However, since my run-in with Nikon after divulging the D70 specifications early, I've since used the more journalistic practice of using multiple sources before divulging anything. I've got a pretty good handle on the full specifications (and more) from a single source, but I haven't gotten a second source to back that up, so I'm not writing anything yet.

Thom Hogan via dpreview
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  • Hugo

    I think 1080 is more likely to refer to HDMI video output – unfortunately I don’t think video recording is likely (although it would be awesome).

  • Michael

    I agree with Hugo. There’s no way the new D80’s replacement will have video recording. It’s either video output for built-in slideshows or nonsense. My question: How many users of this level DSLR are really going to use their camera to run a slideshow on and HDTV?

  • 666

    1080 is a reference to HDMI output as in the Sony A700 “HDTV via mini HDMI socket”. The D90 will not have video recording.

  • Kit

    So can i know when the D90 is release?


  • John Smith

    Let’s hope that the 1080 is not the price of the D90. I also don’t think that 105 is the focal length of a lens. What, a DX-only macro?

  • Anonymous

    Why not video out put?

  • Thanos

    …105… …or 1005-pixel RGB sensor

  • Dragos

    I think 90mm and 105mm lenses (why would they put the camera’s name in the midle of a specs list anyway?). Unless it’s a funny 90-105mm F1.0 beast 🙂 And 1080 is too strange for being the price (normally rounded, say 1100 or 1000, at least MSRP). So this should have to do with HDTV.

  • MarkDphotoguy

    The 1080 video recording makes sense with what Thom was hinting at wrt Nikon doing something first on the D90 before anyone else does, HDMI output has been done so why not video there is no technical limitation other than the speed of the contrast based AF.
    The 105 leaves allot of room for speculation. If I had my wish it would be a new AF-S 105mm f/2.0 G DC to replace the AF D version since there are issues with the calibration of the spherical aberration on digital bodies. This doesn’t make much sense to me as there would be many more lenses they could release that have more sales appeal (although the lens sells well in Asia apparently) Europe and North America don’t buy the DC lenses in huge quantities which is too bad since they are really sharp and nice for portraits (too long on DX though). Nikon’s justification if they did release such a beast is that on for the FX bodies there is no really good portrait lens (the 85 is too short at 6 ft with its internal focus design) and the old 105 f/2.0 has DC employed when the dial is still at 0 due to the differences between film and the way digital handles the spherical aberration inherent in the lens’ DC design.
    The only other thing I could see is an AF-S 105mm f/4 G macro (maybe with VR, probably not) as a smaller lighter less expensive (notice I did not say cheaper) macro lens for the masses. Although with the new 60 being so fantastic and priced relatively well I can’t see Nikon killing the sales of the new 60.

  • jwylie

    Video recording on a DSLR? Don’t make me laugh. That is some way off just now, if it happens at all. The quality would be worse than a P & S. It will surely be an HDMI output socket.

  • Anonymous

    Why should the qulity be worse than P&S? HDTV Video with the DX sensor should be much better quality than all P&S.

  • MarkDphotoguy

    I’m a bit of a purist myself and I sincerely hope than video is not introduced on an SLR. I have a hard enough time explaining to my customers (I work in a camera store) why they should not use live view except as a tool for special situations. The market for camera sales is such that features that don’t make sense to photographers wind up on cameras anyway. The 1080 could very well mean 1080 HDMI output but in my mind with Thom having stated that the D90 will beat the competition to the punch on a major new feature I was taking a guess that maybe video will wind up on the camera. My true opinion on the new feature that will beat Nikon’s competitors to the punch is an integrated (or inexpensive accessory) GPS tagging system that will embed GPS right into the exif for both RAW and jpeg which would be a worthwhile feature although if it’s built in why it wouldn’t it have been introduced on the D700 kinda makes me pause for thought and think it’ll be an external device.

  • Anonymouse

    I don t need Video on a DSLR, but Nikon don t ask me. I m sure there will be video on the D90

  • anonyMouse

    you are not anonyMouse.

    A new 105 could be the third lens that my source was talking about, however i have not gotten any new information from him. After Photokina I may reveal myself to blog admin.

  • dv

    the 105 may refer to a longer DX kit lens like 16-105mm or more likely 18-105mm rather than the outgoing 16-85mm; this makes sense for the 18-200m maybe too long, too heavy and too expensive for some; as to video, it’s nice to know it’s there but I’m not sure i have to resort to it….we may find out in a few days …viva Photokina …cheers ;-))

  • Crabby

    Nikkor 16-85mm DX VRII has been on sale no more than six months and you say it’s “outgoing”?

  • Blog Admin

    No need to reveal yourself – you can post info here or by emailing me. Privacy is guaranteed.

  • ananymaus

    sorry, I didn t know there is another mouse

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