Nikon scored a home run with the D700

This apparently is an email from Adorama to a D700 buyer.

If you have ordered one already - stick to your order, they "will be shipped in the order in which it was received".

Apparently even Nikon didn’t know just how big a homerun they scored with the new D700. Initial demand for the D700 far outstrips Nikon’s ability to build it, one of the most sensational new cameras in a generation.

As one of Nikon’s biggest dealerships, Adorama’s allocation of D700’s is way up there. But ‘way up there’ doesn’t even come close to the number of orders we’ve received.

We know this is small comfort to all of you who are champing at the bit. Just imagine how we feel. You’re waiting for a single D700. We’re waiting for lots of them.

All we can ask of you is what Nikon is asking of us – for a bit of patience. As soon as they can deliver they will. As soon as we can ship to you we will.

Every single D700 will be shipped per the order in which it was received. NO ONE IS skipping to the head of the line.

All we can tell you at this time is that we value your business and regard your professionalism very highly. We know how important your equipment is to you, and we understand why a Nikon D700 is a ‘must-have’.

Rest assured that as we receive shipments from Nikon, we will be forwarding each of these precious cameras. You will receive yours as quickly as Nikon can build it.
We know it’s tempting to call Customer Service for updates on your order. But there is nothing they can tell you, as our entire inventory and order-fulfillment process is state-of-the art and completely automated. You will get your D700 right after the customer who ordered before you, and right before the customer who placed their order after you.

We thank you for your patience. More importantly, we thank you for your trust. Rest assured that your account will not be charged until your camera is ready for shipment to you.


Your friends at Adorama 

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  • Dan

    Just curious who else got this e-mail? I pre-ordered at around 11 AM eastern time and didn’t get this e-mail.

  • Blog Admin

    I got several readers emailing me about it, so the email is real. It went out today @ 5:30 PM. I m not sure if all emails were sent at the same time. There are also several discussion at dpreview about it.

  • Dan

    Oh I have no doubt it’s real. I saw the discussions over at DPR also. I’m wondering if it only went out to people who ordered after a certain time?

  • nr

    Check your spam filter – the email was sent from

    good luck!

  • Bruno

    I just hope that nikon doesn’t start force the production to speed up to supply the demand. if that happens, the quality control of every component might suffer, and that is big problem.

    the best thing is to do is be patient. not being patient waiting for your placed order, but i mean wait for the “boom” goes away, and then place an order. it prevents a lot of pressure over the retailers, and obviously over nikon, wich is good to everyone. the world won’t end before you get your D700 anyway..

    apart of that, if that is happening to the D700, just imagine how it will be with the D90??? honestly, even i am waiting for photokina, i have lots hope that they will announce it there, and can’t wait to put my hands on one.. but with that happening, i already see that D90 won’t appear here (south america) before Q1 2009, and when it comes, will be a hell overpriced thing.

  • Blog Admin

    Your family member – got any rumors? Email me please!

  • jacob smith

    Surprisingly, nope, she doesn’t. lol

    I wish I had known about the D700, then I wouldn’t have purchased the D300 3 months ago. But that’s not to say I hate the camera, because I love it.
    I just wish Nikon came out with a FF sensor a couple of years ago – at the VERY least, a year (would have been nice).

    If I get a scoop of any kind, I’ll be sure to let you know. 😛

  • Blog Admin

    Thanks – that’s one of the reasons Nikon is so secretive – they do not want to miss a sale. 

    That’s why this site exists – we are trying to provide rumors, so you can make up your mind.
  • jacob smith

    Of course they can’t keep up with demand, they’re not building a whole lot initially to keep the hype up. Look at the Nintendo Wii and its success.
    Did they actually think a cheaper version of a D3 would be a flop, so “let’s only make a certain amount”???
    It took them YEARS to catch up to Canon…

    BTW, I’m a Nikon shooter of 10 years, not a Canon fanboy. Just not pleased with how Nikon has done business.
    Reason why I’m a Nikon guy, I got a family member who works at NikonUSA head office.

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