Nikon Coolpix P6000

Ok, let's start over again:

Full size image available @
And here is the poll:

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  • Z

    I busted this one. I’m a graphic designer, so I know a few techniques that most others don’t when analyzing photo-chops such as this. Rest assured this is about as fake as they get. Next rumor please.

  • Anonymous

    This camera is very much real and is on the way! Will be announced shortly and likely available by Photokina…

  • Anonymous

    Lot’s of folks in the know (I’m not one of those folks…) are leaning towards true – what remains to be seen is:
    -has Nikon addressed shutter lag & focus issues of previous models
    -raw write times
    -if the above picture is accurate, 5.9 at the long end of the lens seems pretty dark – hopefully i’m wrong, the picture is wrong or both…

  • Doctor D

    Again, another high-powered camera without threads for a lens filter 🙁

    A lens scratch makes the camera worthless

  • Clive

    In over 40 years as a professional photographer, using dozens of cameras, I have never had a lens scratched, and I do not use any filters unless for a special effect.

  • Adrian

    This is the same as all the other ‘P’ range. An adapter screws in around the lens and you attach filters / teleconverters etc to that.
    DOes that text say ‘LAN connection’ ? I very much doubt a P&S would have a LAN connection – maybe WLAN though.

  • Anon

    That is a Nikon powerpoint slide and is very much real. It is a slide used for pre-release meetings and they always look like chopped up crap. Very Real.

  • Blog Admin

    You got some more of those? Send them over.

  • Looks good to me – but 13.5?! What is the point?

    What a decent compact needs to fast focusing, and tiny shutter delay – Then Nikon would get my cash for one of these… About $400?

  • guillofot

    see YODOBASHI.COM it’s here¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • ChrisL

    “rest assured” that this photo looks exactly like the camera announced a few days ago. Its always amusing to go back after the event and compare what people said to the eventual truth.

  • Anonymous

    har har har

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