Best camera bag for DSLR

Few people have asked me what is the best camera bag. In my opinion it is the Think Tank Urban Disguise 40. I am sorry, this has nothing to do with Nikon rumors, but I am very sensitive on organizing my equipment and would like to voice my opinion.

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  • NL_Apex


    “Best camera for DSLR” –> “Best camerabag for DSLR” i suppose?

  • NikonRumors

    You are correct. I was trying “remote blogging” – submitting a post trough email and did not pay much attention. At least someone is reading!

  • I have the LowePro Stealth Reporter 650. I use this bag to hold my gear and transport it between locations but it is far too big to carry around. I’ve been looking for a bag to use while I’m out shooting but I have not found the right one yet. My local shop doesn’t carry the Think Tank line and they do look interesting.

    Have you ever used a backpack style bag. I’m thinking I might like a small backpack type bag to use while out shooting. Currently I keep my bag in the trunk and just bring the camera with one lens and I’m always wanting a different lens.

    I would think that I would want my shooting bag to hold my 70-200, a flash and the 17-55, being the bigger lens. I would have the camera and one lens in my hands so this would enable me to carry three lens total. This gets pretty close to the full bag so what am I gaining?

    What to do?

  • NikonRumors

    This is my opinion (and I am in no way an expert here): you cannot take all the equipment you have with you all the times. I have a large bag, but it never leaves the house. What I like about the ThinkTank Disguise is that no one knows that you are caring a camera. You can easily fit the equipment you mentioned and even more (check their website for more details on  that model). You can carry this bag also as a backpack with an addition strap (I do not like backpacks, because of the limited access, but this is just me). The quality of the bag is excellent. The also have larger models, where you can fit even a laptop, but there are too big for me.

  • 7 Million Dollar Home

    Slow day for rumors today, so I will talk about the 7 Million Dollar Home. No, not bad real estate news again. I am talking about a photo bag:Crumpler 7 Million Dollar Home Photo Bag(check the 5 stars customer review)My last post about the ThinkTank Urban Disguise 40 photo bag triggered some questions/comments, so I will allow myself to create another post on this topic.The Crumpler 7 Million Dollar Home Photo Bag is similar to the ThinkTank Urban Disguise 40 in the sense that it is a “disguise” bag – no one will know you are caring few thousands dollars …

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