Nikon D4 instead of Nikon D3x?

We report, you decide (the original source is here):

Model name: Nikon D3x (may change to D4)
Specifications (where different from those of the Nikon D3)
Maximum resolution: 5960 x 3964 (23.6 MP)
Sensor details: 35.9 x 23.9 mm FX full-frame CMOS, RGB, made by Nikon, Inc.
AF: Nikon Multi-CAM4000 DX (provisional name)
ISO range: 100-6400 in 0.5 or 0.33 EV steps (50 - 12800 in menu mode)
Maximum speed: 6.5 fps @ 23.6 MP and 11 fps @ 10 MP (almost up to the D3)
Movie mode: Yes (may be withdrawn because of import duty rates in US/EU)
LCD pixel count: 1080000
Weight with batteries: approx. 1.4 kg
MSRP: USD 6750 (or google it this got taken down once)
Comments: Sensor noise performance is only marginally below that of the D3,
so D3x noise at say 200 ISO = D3 noise at 400 ISO. Expected release date
April 2008 but if likely to be delayed I predict it will be announced as
the Nikon D4.
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  • Nicolas

    There is almost no chance for a D4.
    4 in japanese sounds (when pronounced) like death. Which is why Japanese do not like to use this number (standalone)

  • Maik

    Not reasonable as the F4 had been released as well many years ago.

    I expect that Nikon will use the name D4 as soon as a body/sensor combination will have similar features as the F4 body had in former days.

  • colouredwolf

    Well, 4 sounds like death only in Chinese – not i Japan. And China won’t the the biggest market for a D4.
    Price is interesting as converted to € it’s just the same price as the D3

  • Sorry, but if in May they suppose to reveal it in April there’s clearly something wrong !!!

  • BOB

    Hogwash, so quickly have you forgotten that there was an F4 so no reason why there should not be a D4………….

  • Alan

    Actually, the number 4, when pronounced “shi” in Japanese, does sound like death. The verb for die is “shinu”. Death is abbreviate simply as “shi” when used in compound Japanese words like “karoushi”, which means to die from overwork.

  • Jelani

    4 can be either shi or yon depending on use. and Death or die is Shi-ne

  • Steve

    I suppose the decision to use the number 4 lies with Nikon, but if I may mention the C word? Canon jumped from their Powershot S3is to the powershot S5is. Whatever Nikon call a new model I’m sure it will be interesting.

  • Too much delays from Nikon side to release something with reasonable mp..

  • bill nelson

    The D-3 and D-700 come up short in the resolution department for the FX format. The D-300 DX functions at 178 pixels / millimeter while the two FX cameras come up short at 110 pixels / mm.. The D-700 is also lacking the 5:4 (8X10, 16X20, etc) format of the D-3… Why waste pixels that you will have to crop off the FX(35mm) image? We need a 24.2 Megapixel FX/DX model and the D4 designation is a logical progression… The continuous frame rates on the D3 are more than adequate(don’t waste money on speeding up the continuous frames/second… We need resolution and don’t worry about storage, high density hard drives (above 500 gigabytes) are not yet a “dime a dozen” they are now cheaper than 20 MEGABYTE hard drives were when IBM released the PC/XT more than twenty-years ago….

  • I just came here looking for news, but found the last post, instead. I felt I needed to respond to it.

    It is not a matter of coming up short for the format. The lower the pixel density, the better. The d3/d700 are about the best there are for density which is why they have the cleanest files. AS for the 5:4, I use it all the time, but it is a convenience; you’re cutting pixels off when you use it.

  • Ali

    I don’t understand why people go STUPID over simple things!!!

    After the D2.. there’s a pattern.. D2.. D2h/D2x… D3.. and obv. now a D3x. Why would Nikon come up with a D4 and skip on the nomenclature D3x ??

    Also, they ALWAYS bring out a small brother with the big brother… for a Consumer market and a Prosumer market. I am sure there is going to be a D400… and following the footsteps of D700, later on a D900.

  • steve1734

    It will be D3x, 24.4mpix and the sensor is made by Kodak. Early December 2008. The D3 will drop in price as will the D700. The D300 may get an upgrade as the D90 is better than it now.
    This will make the 13mp D3 outstanding value as it is already hurting sales of Canon 1Ds Mk3. For Journos and sports the D3 will consolidate at US4$k and blow Canon away. The main reason is that the 24mp file sizes are just too large for pj’s and unnecessary. They have what they need at 13mp.

    • Do you have some insider info, or this is just your guess? Let me know – email me and I will keep your name private.

  • Jim

    I just spoke to a buddy @ Bel Air Camera who said the D3X uses the Sony chip from the A900. Due out soon, but Sony required a no-compete requirement for a few months to jump start their A900 sales.

  • Ali Zaidi

    Ha!!! Told ya’ll… it was NEVER gonna be a D4… a D3x ?? Yes!!

    (read my post above)

  • Mithaq naaem

    I think the Nikon D4 is the top camera with out tha EOS 1Ds MARK III so as to the speed and ISO and fox

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