Another picture of Nikon D3x

I think this one looks more realistic - to me at least:

Camp, what say you?

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  • Triggerhappy

    Not so clever to make an fake D3x pic with an DX lens on the camera…stupid!

  • pz

    Just to clarify – I found this picture online. Maybe you can elaborate why do you think this is a DX lens. I did not like the background – if this is an official picture from Nikon, they would have found a better background for their top model DSLR. Again, this sites deals with rumors – just like FOX News “We report, you decide”

    Thanks for your input.
  • Mo

    Looks to me like a retouched D2X – note the smaller prism head compared to D3 and the now defunct white “window” for reading white balance. Anyway, still quite realistic in the sense that a D3X will most likely look just like a D3.

  • David

    Hmmm, seems to have regained the white balance sensor from the D2X/H, that doesn’t look right.

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