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Nikon at Photokina 2014

Tomorrow is the first day of the 2014 Photokina show. This is Nikon’s schedule of presenters/events:

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Nikon D750 full frame DSLR camera announced

The Nikon D750 full frame DSLR camera is now officially announced (price: $2,299.95, $3,239.96 with 24-120mm f/4 lens, see all re-order options here). Additional information:

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Nikon invitation for press conference on September 12th in Thailand

Nikon already sent out press invitation in Thailand for an event on September 12th at 10:30 (Bangkok time). For US readers, the official announcement will be around midnight on September 10th or 11th. I am surprised that Nikon decided to do the press event on a Friday (maybe this is a post-announcement event).

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What to expect from Nikon for Photokina

A quick recap on what to expect from Nikon for Photokina. First, an updated list of Nikon D750 specifications: 24.3MP full frame sensor (99% sure) EXPEED 4 imaging processor (some rumors suggested dual EXPEED 4 processor, but I doubt it) 51 AF points (some rumors suggested a new 79 points AF system, but I don’t think Nikon will […]

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Rumors for a new Nikon 20mm f/1.8G lens with Nano coating

This rumor is based on a tweet from somebody that works for a camera shop in Japan. I have a reason to believe that his information is correct: Nikon is rumored to release a new Nikkor 20mm f/1.8G lens with Nano coating (see patent). Here is the translation:

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Nikon will also announce a new SB-500 Speedlight flash

In addition to the D750 DSLR camera, Nikon will also announce a new SB-500 Speedlight flash. The SB-400 has already been listed as discontinued (previously reported here and here) and I think the new SB-500 will be its replacement. If you make a search on nikon.com for “SB-500″, you will see that at some point the flash was […]

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The upcoming Nikon full frame DSLR will be marketed as an “action” camera

The upcoming full frame Nikon DSLR camera will not be a replacement for the current D610 model (the D610 was not an upgrade for the D600, just a fix for the sensor oil/spot issue). Nikon will continue to sell the D610 after the new camera is announced. What I am hearing is that this new DSLR will not be […]

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