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Nikon in space: new NightPod intelligent tripod compensates for motion when taking images from space

The European Space Agency published the article “Tracking cities at night from the Space Station” where they describe a new NightPOD intelligent tripod head used to take long exposure photographs by eliminating the motion blur from the International Space Station: “To help astronauts take better pictures, ESA developed a motorized tripod in collaboration with Dutch company Cosine. Called NightPod, this device […]

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Nikon D3 on the ISS

The above video is an interview with astronaut Mike Fossum about the images he took on board of the ISS with a Nikon D3 camera. Here is the actual timelapse video:

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More on the white housing NASA uses on their Nikon cameras *UPDATED*

On several occasions NASA has published pictures of Nikon cameras covered in special white housing. Few days ago, I tweeted the picture above but did not know much about it. PopPhoto contacted NASA and got some more details: “What is all of that extra equipment under the white shroud? The equipment under the thermal blanket is […]

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New video: Nikon cameras chosen for use in outer space


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New images from space captured with Nikon D3S

You can see the rest of the images here (credit: NASA). The full press release after the break:

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Card #2: “I am Neil Armstrong”

Nobody got this one right – card #2 is “I am Neil Armstrong” in reference to Neil Armstrong, the first person to land on the moon (thanks Romain Heuillard for the pictures). A nice reminder for the fact that NASA is using Nikon equipment. Pictures after the break:

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Nikon DSLR with a 800mm lens used as an accelerometer

It is always slow on rumors after an official announcement. While waiting, I have a series of interesting Nikon related posts. Depending on the ratings of this post, I will continue (or not) with the series. If you are impatient, just skip to 02:19 mark. Also, take a look at this picture of the Golden […]

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