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Nikon 50mm f/1.4G AF-S lens in stock, but for a price

Ritz has it in stock now! Update: the price just dropped to $439 at Amazon. Second update: Adorama just got a large shipment of AF-S 50mm lenses and is shipping it to existing pre-orders.

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Nikon D3x ad = Nikon MX ad?

I was watching this video about the Nikon D3x (btw they mention again the release to be December 19th) and I noticed the screen in the background. Does this Nikon D3x promotional video remind you of something? Remember the Nikon MX leak from two months ago – a Nikon mount emerging from the dark with […]

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“Might or might not be called Nikon DM1”

Pure speculations here, do not expect any real rumors and feel free to skip this post – more of an analysis of a potential Nikon MX camera from David Bush (author of books on digital photography). Here is his blog entry. I personally find the name DM1 interesting.

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Thom Hogan’s 2009 Nikon predictions

Here are the main points: “Something not called D3x” – in late 2008 or early 2009. Oops, I just wrote in my last post that the next D3 will be called D3x. I still stand behind my sources. New Nikon D60 in spring of 2009. “A limited edition Nikon: likely a D3 sensor in an […]

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Nikon support rep reveals the secret of MX?

There is this post on dpreview, which is very hard for me to believe. Apparently, a Nikon tech support rep revealed a lot of info about the release of a new MX camera this month: November 20th announcement Bigger than FF sensor Available two weeks after announcement The body will be the size of D700 […]

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