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Nikon support rep reveals the secret of MX?

There is this post on dpreview, which is very hard for me to believe. Apparently, a Nikon tech support rep revealed a lot of info about the release of a new MX camera this month: November 20th announcement Bigger than FF sensor Available two weeks after announcement The body will be the size of D700 […]

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Sony will not release the 24 MP sensor to other brands

Interesting post on dpreview from someone who talked to the Sony Alpha 900 team at PhotoPlus last week: “They claim that they convinced the sensor division at Sony (the folks at PhotoPlus were camera designers) NOT to sell the A900 sensor to anyone, in order to build Sony’s camera market share.” Canon has been doing […]

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Pentax may be entering the medium format digital camera market

Pentax filed a patent for a “relay finder optical system, of a single-lens reflex camera”. I know it is not Nikon, but this means that the idea of a Nikon medium format digital camera is a realistic possibility. More info on Nikon MX can be found here. Via PhotographyBay

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Nikon press conference got moved to November 20th, now a world-wide event

From “Kamera & Bild” magazine: the initially scheduled for October 22nd event has been moved to November 20th and it will be a world-wide press conference. No details were given about the reasons for the delay but I am sure we will be getting some good leaks soon. “Why the date of the press conference […]

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What is it going to be on October 22nd?

This is what I am getting through the grapevine for the October 22nd release: A new Software suite, something in between NikonView and Capture NX2, in between Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. An advanced suite, that will take into account your ‘program’ setting on your Coolpix or low-end DSLR when processing pictures – something that so […]

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Nikon ready for another news on October 22

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New Nikon ad from Japan (updated)

Update: the ad says “Big” in Japanese. My first D700 picture was… weird and I updated it. I will create a different post for that story. Is it just me again, or this mount looks to big? Can anyone translate the text? My observation is that the red grip and the mount are different from […]

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