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How can Pentax do it?

Price increases, economic worries… but not for everyone in the DSLR industry. If you have missed the news from few weeks ago, Pentax reduced their prices (Pentax K20D & Pentax K200D models) and today they announced plans to revive its long-awaited 645 Digital medium format camera: Are they nuts or we are all being taken for a […]

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No Nikon MX today

For everyone that missed this post: there will not be a new Nikon MX announcement today @ WPPI.

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Nikon medium format again (MX)

I got this email from a reader and after a brief investigation of the source I feel comfortable to post it here – I have no way to confirm the validity of the rumor, but I have a reason to believe that the source is trustworthy: Hi, Whilst surfing the web I came across your […]

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Another reason why we may not see a medium format Nikon

Flashback: “The D3x gave medium-format looking files with all the flexibility of the Nikkor Lens system” Dxomark tested sensors from several medium format cameras: Mamiya ZD Back, Leaf Aptus 75S, Hasselblad H3DII 39, and Phase One P45+. Now medium format can be compared to the D3x (in theory): Related article: “Especially at low ISO, the Nikon D3x offers […]

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The Nikon BIG event at WPPI is a…

… free Blues Traveler concert – WPPI confirmed this in an email today: “We told you something BIG is coming to WPPI! Something so BIG that we had to rent out the MGM Grand Arena. We promised—and we delivered. Please join us for a private WPPI performance by Blues Traveler! This is a free concert […]

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