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Thom Hogan working on a “special surprise book”

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Is this a publicity stunt or Thom Hogan does know something we don’t? His books are all about Nikon hardware (and two Fuji books).

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The end of Nikon D400 book story

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Out friends from canikon.de sent us this update from Markt und Technik publisher regarding the previously reported Nikon D400 book: Nikon D400 camera book Please note that a recent announcement on this website of a title accompanying a possible Nikon Corporation product D400 was purely speculative, and was in no way based on information from Nikon Corporation. The title in question […]

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First Nikon D5000 books

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The first Nikon D5000 book showed up on Amazon – available for pre-order: There are two more D5000 books, also available for pre-order: Nikon D5000 Digital Field Guide Nikon D5000 For Dummies

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Two new Nikon books

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The Nikon’s Hands-on Guide to Creative Lighting DVD was a hit (unfortunately in the US only). Here is some very educational behind the scene footage: (source) Now, we also have a printed guide (by a different author) which hopefully will be available world wide: The Nikon Creative Lighting System: Using the SB-600, SB-800, SB-900, and […]

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