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Build your own Nikon F model with this nanoblock kit


The nanoblock Nikon F camera model that was on display at the new Nikon Museum is now available for sale in Japan:

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DIY solution for using Nikkor G lenses on Nikon film SLR cameras


A reader sent me this DIY solution for using modern Nikkor G lenses on manual Nikon film SLR cameras like the FE or FM2 (it solves the lack of aperture ring problem):

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DIY Nikon 1 hot shoe adapter

Nikon1 Hotshoe Adapter 14

Robert build his own Nikon1 hot shoe adapter based on the Nikon AS-N1000 for a fraction of the price of a new V1-F1A: two wires are going from ground-ground at pin#8 (on the left) to the center pin of a regular hot shoe. Here are the detailed steps:

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Clever DIY rig for shooting aviation by Jim Winters from NikonMiami

TRIAXEZ triple axis shooting system from NikonMiami 2

Jim Winters from NikonMiami sent me few pictures of his clever invention that he calls TRIAXEZ: a shoulder mounted “triple axis” shooting system that also has built-in remote triggers and a 12V battery used as a counterweight and power source. The wheels  make the whole rig easy to transport. His first version had a lead diving weight and […]

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High magnification macro photography


This article on high magnification macro photography is written by Junaed Rahman (website | flickr): Quite sometime ago I wrote an article on macro photography, which explained how to modify a regular short zoom lens for macro photography. This time I’ll explain how do I achieve high magnification. For most of my close-up work I use AF Micro-Nikkor 60mm f/2.8D lens. To […]

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DIY: “shaving” a Nikon teleconverter to work with old Nikkor lenses


Ken DePue wrote a detailed step by step instructions on how to “shave” a Nikon teleconverter and make it work with a wider range of F-mount lenses: For those who shoot with Nikon, you may have noticed that their current lineup of teleconverters only work with certain lenses. This is due to the fact that the […]

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