Weekly Nikon news flash #372

→ The Venus Optics Laowa 105mm f/2 lens for Nikon F mount is currently in stock.

Aquatica-AD500-underwater-housing-for-Nikon-D500-camera Aquatica-AD500-underwater-housing-for-Nikon-D500-camera-2
→ Aquatica released a new AD500 underwater housing for the Nikon D500 camera.

Nikon poster 2 Nikon poster 3
Nikon poster Nikon poster 4
Nikon F box design Nikon F catalog Nikon SP catalog
→ New special exhibition "Walk with Yusaku Kamekura" to open in the Nikon Museum on July 4th:

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A wedding photographers take on aviation photography with the Nikon D5

March_Air_Fest (26 of 36)
March_Air_Fest (30 of 36)
March_Air_Fest (29 of 36)

A Wedding Photographers take on Aviation Photography with the Nikon D5

My name is Eric Williams and I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in Southern California. My work can be seen at www.WattPakStudio.com or on my Instagram account @ericwilphotog. Please click on photos for larger view.

I am a frequent reader/stalker of Nikon Rumors and just recently had the chance to put my new Nikon D5 through its paces at a regional air show. I, like many believe, was fraught over whether to upgrade or not to the new Nikon D5. My decision was not formulated like many others; I was not deeply entrenched in Nikon at the very moment I decided to make the purchase. I was just freshly off the heels of dumping my Samsung NX1's and in the middle of testing a Nikon D750. I started out an avid believer in mirrorless camera systems having worked with Olympus EM1, Panasonics GH3 then 4, and then the Panasonic NX1. I struggled with software glitches, poor low light AF performance, lack of a third party accessory market, along with rapid equipment depreciation. So I decided it was time to make the jump to full frame and put my clients first. What to buy, though, was the question I pondered.

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Nikon D500 camera tested at DxOMark

DxOMark published their test results for the Nikon D500 camera:

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Grey market Nikon D500 lens kit now $470 (15%) off

Grey market Nikon D500 camera + 16-80mm lens kit is currently listed on eBay for $2,599. This is a $470.95 (15%) savings from the original MSRP of $3,066.95.

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Nikon can get in trouble for D500 Wi-Fi false advertising in Germany

Nikon-SnapBridge-app Nikon-SnapBridge-app-3
The German website heise.de reports that Nikon has received a “cease and desist order” (?) from a German D500 camera owner for falsely advertising the camera as Wi-Fi enabled. The WLAN only works with Bluetooth but not as a standalone Wi-Fi device as the advertisements suggest (Bluetooth connection to SnapBridge needed). Here is the translation:

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