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Nikon’s 2015 financial results are out: sales down 15%, income down 12%


Nikon published their financial results for the year (ended on March 31, 2015). Here are the Imaging business details: Sales and income declined 15% and 12% respectively, year on year due to delayed market recovery in China and Europe. Operating income ratio posted 9.7%, exceeding the previous year ratio (9.4%) and the revised forecast (9.0%). […]

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Nikon AF modes explained

“Hard Turn”

    “Nikon AF modes explained” is a new article by Steve Perry (website | YouTube | Facebook). You can check also his previous [NR] posts here: Have you ever wondered if you’re getting the most out of Nikon’s AF system? Sure, AF modes may not generate the kind of anxiety that keeps you up till the wee hours of […]

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Cambo Actus and Nikon D810 (part 2)


This is Laurent Thion’s second post on using the Nikon D810 with the new Cambo Actus (part 1 can be found here, see also his Cambo X2 Pro review): Macro, APO & EL – NIKKOR with Cambo Actus and Nikon D810 I use many Macro, APO and EL – NIKKOR lenses for a very specific reason (see the end of the article). […]

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NikonRumors is 7 years old today


NikonRumors is turning 7 today. I started this blog on May 1st, 2008 and have been posting almost daily ever since. Today the blog has 4,063 posts and 385,900 comments! Some of you have been with me since the beginning and I thank you for that. Here is a flashback how the blog looked back in […]

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Nikon NPS Canada consolidation: all but one service depots will be closing


  Nikon NPS Canada just sent this email to their current members – all but one service depots will be closing:

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Photographing in Iceland – overcoming limitations

Mountain Range somewhere NE of Reykjavik

    Chris from www.amateurnikon.com will share some tips on photographing in Iceland, particularly from the perspective of overcoming limitations (of equipment as well as weather/environment): Although our world is filled with unique, intriguing places, Iceland is arguably a true photographer’s paradise. From its sublime mountainous vistas to its active volcanoes, and from its deep blue glacier lagoons […]

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New Nikon full frame mirrorless camera on the horizon

Nikon mirrorless camera concept4

Nikon is rumored to be currently working on a new full frame mirrorless camera. Here is what I know so far: full frame camera mirrorless / mirrorless-styled the camera will be small (about the same size as the Olympus E-M1) no EVF regular F mount currently being field tested the official announcement is expected in late 2015 […]

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