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Nikon’s Video Remote Control System from 1962

In 1962 Nikon produced the Video Remote Control System that could capture images on film and record video signal. This was a combination of a still and video camera into one (similar to the modern DSLRs today). The system even had an early type of ‘live view’ system with 800-line high-resolution 2:1 interlaced closed-circuit television system:

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NikonRumors is 6 years old

I almost forgot – yesterday NikonRumors.com turned 6 years old – the first blog post went live on May 1st, 2008 (you can see more old [NR] screenshots at web.archive.org). Since then we had another 3,535 posts and 336,949 comments! Stay tuned – we will have an interesting Photokina summer ahead of us and thanks for […]

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The new Nikon Quick-Draw Strap is now shipping

The new Nikon Quick-Draw Strap is now shipping and is currently in stock at B&H. The strap was announced with the D4s in February and was developed in cooperation with BlackRapid. Product description:

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Nikon USA adds four new brand ambassadors

Nikon USA added four new brand ambassadors: Bambi Cantrell, Tamara Lackey, Blair Bunting and Doug Gordon:

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What to expect from Nikon in the next few months

This is an updated post on what to expect from Nikon in the near future - the next Nikon announcement will most likely be in May for new Coolpix cameras with 1″ sensors (P8000 and P700):

Nikon Rumors
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The Kodak Hawkeye II / Nikon F3 was one of the first electronic stills cameras used by NASA in space

Here’s a video that shows footage of the very first electronic stills camera used by NASA in space during the last months of 1991, the Kodak Hawkeye II. Using a standard Nikon F3 body; the system was the forerunner to the Kodak Professional DCS-DC3, the world’s first professional digital SLR camera system:

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Nikon at the 2014 NAB show

Nikon is taking part in the 2014 NAB show (booth #C8825) that is currently ongoing in Las Vegas. Here is full schedule of events for the next two days (can also be downloaded here):

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