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Nikon D95, Coolpix P7000

Some interesting information came in today – basically more details on the already existing rumors: The Nikon D90 replacement will probably be called Nikon D95. Magnesium body. Previous reports indicated that parts of the body will be aluminium. My guess here is that the body will be magnesium-alloy, just like the D300s. 16MP sensor (expected) 1080 HD video. 6 fps (FYI: Nikon D90 does […]

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Every once in a while, I have to remind everyone that this is a rumor site. Everything written here should be considered as fiction and you should not make any decision based on the information provided on this blog (selling/buying equipment, changing schedules to accommodated potential new product, etc.). I am trying my best to give a numerical […]

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Don’t forget the “G11 killer”

Few months ago Nikon’s UK Senior Product Manager Kevin Egan told AP that they planned to release a Canon G11 competitor with the last batch of Coolpix cameras back in February, but the camera was not ready. Expect this new “G11 killer” to be released with the next batch of Coolpix camera somewhere in the […]

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I am Nikon dot com

If you go to you will get a blank page, but if you go to you will get a redirect to Nikon is definitely preparing a new website. The question is whether there will be a real product behind the marketing campaign in France and the “Press Morning” in the UK or […]

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Card #3: “I am Hollywood”

Card #3 probably indicates built-in video capabilities:

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