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Canon’s advantages (1080p video in DSLR and G11) will end soon

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KameraBild (translated) published a video interview with Johan Kling, the head of Nikon Sweden. Some interesting comments: He think that it is “highly likely” that future Nikon DSLR cameras will have both 720p and 1080p video. He also talked about the gap in the high-end Nikon compacts segment (think Canon G11 or EVIL). The Nikon P5000 and P6000 has not […]

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New Nikon Coolpix cameras on February 2nd

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I know many readers here do not care about Coolpix cameras. I expect that Nikon will deliver at least one unique and innovative point and shoot camera – maybe built-in GPS, email, etc. – they have filed multiple patents applications in this area. The interesting part of this announcement will be the high end Coolpix […]

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Nikon P6000 starting to disappear – is Nikon P7000 coming soon?

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Today Canon announced the PowerShot G11 – the surprise: 10MP sensor, lower resolution than the previous G10 model. Maybe the pixel war is over and finally Nikon will get some serious competition Back to Nikon Rumors: the top of the line Nikon P6000 p&s camera is starting to disappear from online retailers, even from Nikon’s […]

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D60 replacement in “early August”

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Got a report from large camera retailer: in their internal documentation the Nikon D60 was labeled with a replacement due in “early August”. This information match the previously reported Nikon announcements on July 30th and August 4th. Nikon D60 has already been discontinued and a D4000 is expected as a possible replacement (a strip-down version of […]

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