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New rumors: Nikon D820 with 46MP

Here is one possible scenario for the Nikon D810 replacement: a new D820 with a 46MP sensor. This is the only interesting rumor I heard recently worth sharing online. I am still not 100% confident with that information since it is coming from a single source. Hopefully this blog post will trigger some more tips and additional info on […]

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Rumors: Nikon D810 no longer in production

I received some information that the Nikon D810 camera will no longer be in production in 2017. Given previous release patterns, Nikon tend to announce cheaper cameras first (D610/D750) and then follow up with a higher-end, more expensive model (D810). The Nikon D810 body is currently $200 off. I expect another price drop in February/March. […]

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I still have no clue what Nikon will announce at the CP+ show next month

I took a few days off from [NR] to cover Leica’s big announcement this week, but now I am back. I still have no clue what Nikon will announce at the CP+ show in Japan at the end of February. The general list of expected products I did back in December is still valid, but […]

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